Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou Cult

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia running a sex cult that preys primarily upon women, vulnerable adults, and the most vulnerable of all — children.

Sajady and Zhou are admitted Satanists.  The goal of their cult is recruit people for the dark agenda, and it may be a front for other activities. Their unsuspecting customers have been lured in by fraudulent claims that Sajady “heals” and is an expert on virtually everything. It is no surprise these customers soon become sick and experience many problems, even deaths and disasters.

Invisible spiritual assault is the main tactic of his demonic system, which can be validated through symptoms, many testimonies of former clients, and clairvoyants.  This invisible spiritual assault includes alleged spiritual sexual assault.  Sajady is believed to be an incubus, and many women have come forward with reports of spiritual rape and telepathic love fraud.

Sajady and Zhou also promote an anti-Semitic platform, promote drug use, encourage suicide, lie pathologically, and have harassed whistleblowers with failed lawsuits and frivolous police calls.

We are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit. If you are a dissatisfied client, we would like to hear from you.



Sajady and Zhou’s most salient tie to pedophilia is posting alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.  Pedophile symbols are explained in a 2007 FBI document, available courtesy of Wikileaks.  According to the document, “[P]edophiles are using various types of identification or logos or symbols to recognize each other and distinguish their sexual preferences.”  Read more here.



Along with Teal Swan, Mas Sajady has justified pedophilia.  This video plays their statements.

VIDEO:  Teal Swan and Mas Sajady Justify Pedophilia | Posted at BitchuteMinds •  YoutubeVK



Mas Sajady is a self-proclaimed “minister”, who advocates for sexual perversion.

"Minister" 'Mas Sajady, sex cult leader

Sajady advocates for orgies, cheating, and sadomasochism. He hires women who appear to host orgies and who dress dress like and call themselves prostitutes. Sajady hosted what can be called online masturbation sessions, the advertisements for which featured a demonic sexual depiction by Zhou.

Fei Zhou, sex cult handler.

Sajady advertised himself as a “loving husband” — while cavorting with numerous alleged mistresses, including Fei Zhou, Jane Sibbett, Joy Sela, and others.

Sex cult leader Mas Sajady, alleged cheater.

Sajady’s wife divorced him in 2017 amid numerous allegations of affairs.

Sex cult leader Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Joy Sela.
Alleged mistress Joy Sela.
Sex cult leader Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Jane Sibbett
Alleged mistress Jane Sibbett.



Satanist Sajady is believed to be an incubus, which is a sexual demon.  Sajady’s focus on sexual subjects opens the door to women’s sexual energy, so his demonic system can then exploit the women.  Adult clients have spoken of feeling spiritually raped by Sajady.  Telepathic women have also reported being love frauded by Sajady.  In person, Sajady gropes women in a sexual fashion, and women have reported that Sajady routinely hooks into their energy while touching them.

It is suspected that Sajady also hooks into the sexual energy of children.  The below video shows Sajady groping a young girl in a sexual fashion at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, and even groaning like he’s sexually aroused.

VIDEO: Sex Guru Mas Sajady Gropes Child in Sexual Fashion | posted at Minds • Bitchute • YoutubeVK



Fei Zhou is another one of Mas Sajady’s alleged mistresses. Zhou acts as Sajady’s handler, together they run their predatory cult.

Zhou appears to host orgies, an allegation for which she and Sajady sued whistleblower Tanster in 2017. This apparent orgy appears to have happened at the Sajady escape house in San Diego.

Apparent orgy hosted by Fei Zhou at sex cult leader Mas Sajady's escape house in San Diego.

Zhou and Sajady hotly denied that alleged orgy happened at the Sajady escape house in their lawsuit against Tanster, claiming it happened at the Colony Hotel. However, architectural features obviously disprove their claim. Why would they lie about where Zhou’s alleged orgy was held?

Zhou markets herself as “Mistress Fei” on her Google+ account.

Sex cult handler Fei Zhou markets herself as "Mistress Fei."

Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute on her dominatrix-titled website For some reason, Zhou felt the need to deny to the police that she’s a prostitute, despite the fact she markets herself as such. Her statements are played in the below video.

VIDEO: Fei Zhou Denies She’s a Prostitute to the Police | posted at Minds • Bitchute • VKYoutube 1   Youtube 2

Prior renditions of Zhou’s website featured herself advertising her “services” with a naked or straightjacketed woman in boots.

Drug use is known to correlate with prostitution. Zhou’s former “husband” Pierre Huguet hastily deleted this post referring to a cocaine party when called out.

Zhou made this depiction, which has themes of prostitution and cocaine use.



The Sajady-Zhou cult advocates for drug use. They have made podcasts and posts instructing people how to take drugs. Sajady has also said drugs have helped “great people” to achieve great things; drugs “allow you to grow”; and that his products will help “keep you safe” while doing drugs. This video plays his statements.

VIDEO: Sex Guru Mas Sajady Says Do Drugs with Mas | Posted at:  BitchuteVKYoutube

Sajady and Zhou have many ties to pedophilia Posting alleged pedophile symbols is the first in a long list:

  1. Posting alleged pedophile symbols;
  2. Mas Sajady calls abuse “seductive”;
  3. Sajady suggests that abuse can be a form of “healing”;
  4. Sajady takes overly intimate photos with his teenage daughter and posting them online;
  5. Sajady’s teenage daughter does modeling targeted at pedophiles;
  6. Sajady takes photos of his young daughters faces pressed into his crotch and posting them online;
  7. Sajady sleeps “in bed” with his young daughters;
  8. Sajady and Zhou hire porn stars to promote their sex cult;
  9. One porn star is Gail Thackray, who makes a living off promoting accused pedophiles, perverts, and rapists. Thackray also has made millions peddling pornography, and made a sex magazine targeted at pedophiles. Thackray said it was her purpose to “satisfy every pervert on the internet”;
  10. Sajady and Zhou have made unnecessary trips to Thailand, child sex trafficking capital of the world, and Singapore, also known for sex trafficking;
  11. Sajady testified in court in 2017 that he sought to lure underage children to his house, claiming he could “help” them, despite the fact he has no licensure or training in anything;
  12. Sajady and Zhou have hosted events seeking to lure children to them at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, thanks to corrupt church president Gary Perisian. At these events Sajady gropes children in a sexual fashion, and can be heard groaning as though sexually aroused.

This video shows Sajady groping children of all ages in a sexual fashion at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

VIDEO: A Pervert and Prostitute in the Sanctuary | Posted at  Bitchute • MindsVK • Youtube



Mas Sajady cites Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”, from

Sajady and Zhou are also running an anti-Semitic cult:

  • Sajady has said he “studied” Hitler; in that same interview Sajady says the host can “delete this part if you want.”
  • Sajady expressed admiration for Hitler’s “ability to connect”;
  • Sajady has condoned Hitler’s crimes;
  • Sajady cited Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”;
  • Sajady routinely refers to Hitler, and he displays a working knowledge of Hitler’s modus operandi: Hitler’s use of “group consciousness”, how Hitler got people to surrender power to him, Hitler’s mechanism of breaking people down, etc.
  • Worst of all — Sajady and Zhou generate anti-Semitic clients.
VIDEO: Mas Sajady’s Anti-Semitic Agenda | Posted at Minds • Bitchute • YoutubeVK

Sajady and Zhou are running a demonic death cult. Sajady has admitted he is Satanic, admitted he works with demons, and boasts that his black magic kills people. Sajady takes pleasure in death. Sajady also encourages suicide, and tragically, clients of his have taken their lives.  There are many alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady. This video plays Sajady’s statements boasting that he helps people “cross over faster” — boasting that he kills people.

VIDEO: Death Cult Guru Mas Sajady Admits He Kills People | Posted at Bitchute • Minds • VK Youtube

It is no surprise that numerous former customers have come forward with a myriad of complaints:



Both Sajady and Zhou are essentially pathological liars, and act like sociopaths when it comes to defrauding the public.

Sajady’s long list of lies includes: Claiming to do “healing” when he is demonic; being sued by his bankruptcy trustee for lying and hiding assets in 2009; magically having $400,000 in cash to buy a house in 2011, when two years before he claimed he was bankrupt; claiming he graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1986, when the U of M has no record of any such graduation.

Zhou’s long list of lies includes: Having an alleged affair with Sajady; lying about where her alleged orgy was held; suing a whistleblower for calling her a prostitute when she markets herself as one; promoting a demonic agenda as beneficial; operating out of numerous aliases and fake accounts; plagiarizing material to promote their fraud; buying over a million fake likes for Sajady’s Facebook page; using these fake-like farms to harass the whistleblowers.



Sajady and Zhou have sued whistleblowers in two failed lawsuits, abusing legal process in the attempt to rob the whistleblowers of their Constitutional rights of free speech. Other whistleblowers have talked about being harassed by Sajady and Zhou’s black magic in retaliation for speaking out.

Below is a video where Sajady again calls the police. His voluntarily brainwashed employee Alina Janssen basically pleads with the police trying to get a protester arrested for exercising her First Amendment rights.

VIDEO: Alina Janssen Defends Pervert Mas Sajady to Police | Posted at Bitchute • Minds • VK Youtube

When abusing legal process has failed to silence the critics, Sajady and Zhou have resorted to harassing them on social media, continually abusing censorship flagging systems in the attempt to get the information exposing them taken down. Here’s a humorous rap video that Zhou and Sajady got banned off Youtube. Doesn’t Mas Sajady want to be called “not a pedophile”?

BANNED VIDEO:  Mas Sajady is Not a Pedophile  — That’s What He Says | Posted at: Brighteon •  Bitchute  •  VKMinds



Sajady and Zhou have conned an extensive assortment of shady associates into promoting their perverted cult. Most notable is Gary Perisian, of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Perisian has insisted on continuing to promote this perverted scammer couple, long after being warned and aware of the nature of their cult. This video covers some of the facts about Gary Perisian and his corrupt dictatorship at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

VIDEO:  LHSC President Gary Perisian’s Dark Secrets | Posted at:  BitchuteMindsYoutube



Mas Sajady has been lurking at the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis several times, posting about it on social media. Sajady pretends he’s there to “help.”

However,  Sajady is avowedly demonic, takes pleasure in death, and even admits his black magic kills people.  There has been a cloud of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding him.

Was George Floyd a death sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady to pay his demons?

VIDEO:  Was George Floyd a Death Sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady? | Posted at:  Bitchute  •  Minds  •  Youtube 1 •  Youtube 2



There are multiple adverse news articles about Sajady and Zhou’s cult. Here are a few:

Star Tribune Article: Complaint puts New Age healers on Minnesota regulators’ radar

  • March 2017. Information about the investigation of Mas Sajady by the MN Department of Heath

City Pages Article: How Mas Sajady’s Believers Healed his Bank Account

  • March 2017. Information about Mas Sajady lying to the court.

City Pages Article: ‘A breast man, from what I’m seeing”: 7 moments from Mas Sajady’s podcast after Prince’s death

  • March 2017. News article revealing the creepy nature of sex guru Sajady.


Just in case you have any remaining questions as to Mas Sajady’s character, here are excerpts from Mas Sajady’s profanity-laced sermon at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, July 26, 2019.

VIDEO: Cracker-Jack Minister Mas Sajady’s Profanity-Laced Sermon | Posted at Minds • Bitchute • VKYoutube