WordPress: Anti-Semitic, Pro-Pedophilia, Pro-Crook

WordPress joins many other Nazi-inspired tech platforms in censoring free speech.  WordPress has banned this entire site you are at right now, which exposes the perverted Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou cult.   WORDPRESS WARNED ABOUT SAJADY-ZHOU CULT WordPress was warned that the perverted Sajady-Zhou cult has ties to pedophilia Continue Reading

Spiritual Protection

 There are many false prophets out there, their purpose is to mislead sincere seekers, and lure them into darkness.  First, always call upon your Higher Power for Divine Protection and to lead you to people you cantrust. Then there are a few steps you can take to clear your Continue Reading

Mas Sajady’s Perverse Sexual Preachings

In his failed 2017 lawsuit to aggressively silence a whistleblower, Sajady claimed he was a “minister” running a “church.” However, this so-called “minister” preaches for sexual perversion: Sadomasochism, cheating, orgies; that abuse is “seductive” and an “attempt to heal”; and that pedophilia is justified. Minister Sajady and his alleged mistress Continue Reading

Susan Shumsky Promotes Sex Perverts Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou — Who Post Alleged Pedophile Symbols

Self-appointed spiritual authority Susan Shumsky has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the perverse nature of sleazy sex guru Mas Sajady and his handler Fei Zhou, and instead continues to promote them. Shumsky has been extensively warned — by emails, Twitter, Facebook. In the screenshot below Shumsky is being warned Continue Reading

Mas Sajady & Fei “Fay” Zhou’s Ties to Pedophilia

Mas Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilia, and his self-described prostitute Fei Zhou is his handler, promoting their diabolical agenda. Sajady and Zhou apparently post pedophile symbols in their marketing. Mas Sajady holds himself out as a parenting expert, selling products about parenting, fatherhood, motherhood, lullabies, babies, etc. Continue Reading

Death Cult: Mas Sajady Admits He Kills People

Mas Sajady and his handler/alleged mistress Fei Zhou are running a death cult, which seeks to drive people to their deaths. Sajady and Zhou’s cult glorifies death, calling it “beautiful” and “euphoric”; their cult encourages suicide to their followers; and Sajady and Zhou do black magic with the intent to Continue Reading

Shady Associates

Sociopaths Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou always seem to select from the bottom of the barrel. The following people promote their demonic agenda, despite being warned Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilia, that Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute, that Sajady is anti-Semitic, a pathological liar, Continue Reading

Fei “Fay” Zhou: Orgy Mistress?

Does this look like an orgy to you? Fei Zhou is one of Mas Sajady’s alleged mistresses.  Below are photos from her Mistress Fei page.  After the photos were discovered by Sajady-Zhou cult whistleblowers, Zhou hastily removed the ones of topless women. She also changed the title of the page Continue Reading

Home: Sajady-Zhou Cult

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia running a sex cult that preys primarily upon women, vulnerable adults, and the most vulnerable of all — children. Sajady and Zhou’s cult is demonic, their goal is to recruit people for the dark agenda, and their cult Continue Reading

Deaths of Clients

Given that Mas Sajady works with demons and encourages suicide, it is no surprise clients of his have taken their lives or mysteriously died. There are also deaths of loved ones of Sajady clients. This is because Sajady routinely asks people to bring their loved ones to him, claiming he Continue Reading

Do Drugs with Mas: The Sajady-Zhou Cult Pushes Drug Use | “Useful Tips”

There are many disturbing aspects of Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou cult, such as being avowedly demonic and posting alleged pedophile symbols. In addition to all of those aspects. Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou advocate for drug use. They have written instructional manuals and done podcasts on how to take Continue Reading

Mas Sajady is an Admitted Satanist

Video:  Mas Sajady Admits He’s a Satanist | Bitchute• Youtube • VK • Facebook Mas Sajady has admitted he’s a Satanist.  Sajady has said: “Satan is actually the good guy, we just misunderstand it.” “Satan, turning back into its original intent to help humanity.  Yes you heard me correct, it’s Continue Reading

I Defeated Mas Sajady in Court

False prophet Mas Sajady has sued two whistleblowers to try to take away our First Amendment rights to expose him. First he sued me, and when that failed, Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Zhou sued Tanster sued Tanster for saying Fei Zhou looked like a prostitute and ran orgies. Continue Reading

Alleged Pedophile Symbols in Cult Marketing of Mas Sajady & Fei “Fay” Zhou

The cult run by Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou is known for its moral turpitude: Deception; evidence of investigations; avowed demonic engagement; encouraging suicide; promoting anti-Semitism; advocating for drug use; advocating for orgies, sadomasochism, and cheating; having ties to pedophilia, and more. Finding what appear to be pedophile symbols in Continue Reading

Mas Sajady: Lies & Fraud

Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou are a limitless source of lies and allegedly fraudulent activity: From lying in court to lying to customers to lying to the wife etc. Here is a short list of the lies and alleged fraud attributed to Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou. Outline and links: Continue Reading

Mas Sajady’s Divorce

Mas Sajady claims he is a “loving husband” and holds himself out as a relationship expert. However, this relationship expert has failed at his own marriage. Mas Sajady has now been divorced by his wife of nearly 2 decades. Apparently, cavorting with numerous alleged mistresses and posting it on his Continue Reading

Mas Sajady’s Alleged Mistresses

Mas Sajady profits off loads of products holding himself out as a sex, love, and relationship expert. Here is Mas Sajady, Mr. “Transparent Self Image”, making a business claim that he is a a “loving husband … with a sincere desire to heal and evolve.” However, Sajady’s wife divorced him Continue Reading