Spiritual Protection

There are many out there, their purpose is to mislead sincere seekers, and lure them into darkness.  First, always call upon your Higher Power for Divine Protection and to lead you to people you can trust. Then there are a few steps you can take to clear your spiritual contracts.

How Are You Getting Into Agreements?

You were born with spiritual contracts.  Incarnational spiritual contracts often concern life purpose and expectations for you given the choice by your soul to incarnate.   The family line you were born into may carry contracts that you are required to accept, but are not necessary for you.  While traveling through your life, you can enter into additional spiritual contracts, and some of these can be to your detriment.  You can be blissfully unaware of what you have agreed to, even when calamity strikes.  Spiritual contracts can be unfair and predatory; they can also be rightful and balanced.

There are simple steps you can take to clear and protect your spiritual contracts.  The process of clearing your spiritual contracts will clear those contracts which are not Divinely appointed and lift burdens which do not belong to you.  This process will create a significant shift in your life and that of the people you are connected to.

Clearing your spiritual contracts does not absolve you of responsibility.  Assignments and responsibilities which belong to you will still be yours.  For example, the responsibility to refuse consent to dark intentions is still yours.

You will still have your free will and the right to choose which route you want to go in any given situation.  Using your free will to develop a strong connection with your Higher Power is the best way to shepherd the use of your free will in the future.

To help you clear your spiritual contracts there are a variety of steps you can take:

  1. Reset your Soul Meditation:  A free meditation to help you start reviewing your spiritual contracts.
  2. Written Exercise to Clear your Spiritual Contracts:  A free exercise to help clear your spiritual contracts on your own.
  3. Guided Process to Clear your Spiritual Contracts (MP3s):   Guided meditations you can purchase to walk you through the process.
  4.  If you feel there are issues you are not able to shift on your own, I also offer Private Sessions.


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Spiritual Contracts