Gary Perisian’s Corrupt Leadership at LHSC~ Lake Harriet Spiritual Communty — Reviews

Gary Perisian is the atheist president and de facto dictator of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Under his “vision”, the church has been de-spiritualized, has consolidated power in his hands, and aggressively gone after dissenters.



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Gary Perisian’s Take Over of LHSC

Perisian’s corruption and take-over of the church and its finances dates back many years.

In 2005 Perisian bought a house willed to the church at about a 50K discount. That’s a 50K gift from a non-profit organization. Perisian told another church member the  house had been listed and wasn’t selling — but it was never listed.

Gary Perisian installed himself as the dictator of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in 2010, nixing his opposition and free speech. At that time Perisian engineered a vote dictating that members would give up their right to vote. This consolidated power in his hands. And since then he has been busy about things like counting the money alone, in violation of church policy.

Spiritual frauds like Lynn Woodland have defended corrupt Perisian.  Lynda Austin continues her association with the corrupt church.

What follows is details and evidence of Perisian’s corruption.​


Gary Perisian Engineers Vote to Consolidate Power in his Hands

In 2010 Perisian engineered a vote asking people to give up their right to vote, quite a dictatorial move.  I stood up and interrupted the voting, providing vehement resistance to such a move (famously known as the Chair Rant).  I had been connected to the church since the early 90s, when a democratic power structure had been set up whereby people voted for four rotating ministers.

When Perisian’s vote succeeded (I wouldn’t doubt there was ballot stuffing), Perisian was in charge:

  • He runs the board and committees,
  • He counts the Sunday collection alone,
  • He bought a property from the church at a massive discount,
  • He nixes his opposition and installs his favorites,
  • And for some unexplained reason, there have been many deaths at LHSC during his tyranny, in particular, deaths of board members/relatives.

Here is the truth about Perisian’s tyranny.


Gary Perisian Runs the Board and Committees

Perisian has run the board either directly or through shadow leadership for many years. Here is Gary Perisian once again the president.

Here is Gary Perisian on every committee at the church.


Gary Perisian Counts the Sunday Collection — Alone

Church policy requires that two people bring the collection to the office and count it together. However, two people have independently witnessed Gary Perisian doing this alone, in violation of church policy.

I am one witness. Since the corrupt management was always trying to run me off, on Christmas day 2011 I dropped in on the service.  I snapped selfies with three church officials, to their chagrin.  Here’s the selfie I took when I found Gary Perisian in the church office alone, where he had gone after the service to count the money.

The second witness said that on Sunday May 21, 2017 Perisian was again sited violating the church’s policy regarding counting the money.  The witness saw Gary Perisian take the offering and go into the office with the offering alone:  “I clearly saw him go into the office alone and close the door.”   


LHSC’s $50,000 Gift to Gary Perisian

In 2005 Gary arranged to buy a house that had been willed to LHSC.  A former minister told me that Tina Frontera told her that the house had been listed, but wasn’t selling.   Tina Frontera used to date Perisian, and continues to back his corruption.  However, a quick search show that house had never been listed.  The real estate market was very hot at this time, this house would have sold quickly.

Gary paid $150K for the property, when comparable properties were running over $225K.  Even if the house needed some work, the lowest it should have sold for is about $200K. That meant that Gary Perisian received a $50K gift from a non profit organization.


Gary Perisian’s Nazi-Like Leadership

Once Gary Perisian installed himself as the head of power, he unilaterally snuffed out ministerial guides who had been elected by the church members. In 2010 he fired Carol McCormick after a service. Said a witness:  “It was so bizarre, laughter yoga was roaring in the background, and they were cutting off Carol McCormick’s head upstairs in the Council Room after the service.”


Gary Perisian Little Favorite:  Theresa Rose

After Carol McCormick was axed, Gary installed his favorite, Theresa Rose.

But here is Gary Perisian’s former installee publicly stating she’s no longer affiliated.

However, Theresa Rose soon appeared in the LHSC line up again. Below she is being confronted about continuing to associate with a very corrupt organization.

VIDEO:  THERESA ROSE SUPPPORTS CORRUPT LHSC | Bitchute  •  Minds  •  VK •  Youtube 1 •  Youtube 2


Jay Peterson Continues to Support Dictator Persian Despite Being Warned

Jay Peterson is another person who believes Gary Perisian’s lies instead of taking responsibility for his choices.

VIDEO: JAY PETERSON CONTINUES TO SUPPORT CORRUPT LHSC | Bitchute  •  Minds  •  VKYoutube 1 •  Youtube 2


Gary Perisian Favorite:  Secretary Nancy Coune

Nancy Coune was the church secretary.  But it appears the church secretary is also on the Speakers/Marketing committee, according to a 2018 screenshot of the LHSC site. Why is an employee responsible for the selection of what spiritual ministry will be fed to the masses, masses?  Does Nancy Coune have a degree in religious studies that she is eligible to get paid for this? Conflict of interest?

Although Nancy Coune has denied she is still affiliated with the church, what was the secretary doing making choices that the members used to vote for?

Below Nancy Coune  laments Hitler’s similarities to Donald Trump.



Gary Perisian Favorite:  Leonard Jacobsen

Another Perisian favorite, Leonard Jacobsen, had convinced the board to spend $3,000 on speakers for him. Jacobsen wanted $3,000 from a non-profit church to support his lifestyle that included expensive apartments. Jacobsen is a failed Australian lawyer, and the passive non-professionals at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community were easily pushed around by him.

A ruckus was raised by myself and others, Leonard’s delicate ego couldn’t handle being confronted, and he hightailed it out of the state. Elitist Jacobsen has since returned to Minnesota, where he bought a  pricey $2M penthouse condo overlooking ritzy Wayzata bay.   This video has more information about Jacobsen, who continues to beg people for money to donate to his “non-profit” organization



Gary Perisian Can’t Find Volunteers

Is it any surprise that Gary Perisan complains that he can’t find anyone to volunteer at the church? Gary is a reptilian soul, which explains his lust for power and corruption.


Why So Many Deaths of Board Members While Gary Perisian is at LHSC?

While Gary Perisian has been in tyrannical control of LHSC, there have been many deaths, including about half of board members/relatives.


  • Summer 2010 (date unknown): A young man who had attended LHSC took his life (name unknown. This young man was heard saying to Gary Perisian, “Gary, you’re not awake.”
  • A Minnesota woman’s son commits suicide. Her friend attends LHSC.



  • March 2, 2014 – Board member Judie Steiner dies. Judie had been on the LHSC board as treasurer, and had served as the church accountant from approximately 2006-2013. Judie was “a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.“




SEPTEMBER 2019:  Confronting Gary Perisian

Here is another instance where Perisian was confronted face-to-face about his corruption.


SEPTEMBER 2019:  Perisian Notified to Cease and Desist Making Defamatory Statements

Perisian was verbally notified multiple times to cease and desist making defamatory comments about myself and other whistleblowers.