BANNED & CENSORED! FB, Youtube, WordPress, Et Al Protect & Enable Sajady Cult

WordPress joins the many other Nazi-inspired tech platforms in censoring free speech.  WordPress has banned this entire site exposing the perverted Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou cult, which was posted on WordPress, essentially taking a pro-pedophilia, pro-crook, pro-Satanism, anti-Semitic position.  The perverted Sajady-Zhou cult also posts alleged pedophile symbols, in addition to advocating for drug use, anti-Semitism, and an endless list of moral turpitude.

But WordPress has defended this diabolical cult.

Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou failed in their abuse of legal process to silence critics, and instead have resorted to aggressive manipulation of social media censorship systems. WordPress was contacted three times regarding banning the site, and informed of the predatory nature of the Sajady-Zhou cult, in particular that it posts pedophile symbols.

However, WordPress, based in San Francisco, appears to be afflicted with moral turpitude as well.

WordPress failed to respond directly to three requests, only responding to another contact about another site exposing Sajady and Zhou.

Below is WordPress’s response to that page, claiming that exposing crooks and perverts with ties to pedophilia doesn’t “align with our Terms of Service.” By forbidding the sites exposing the Sajady-Zhou cult, WordPress essentially is taking a pro-pedophilia, pro-crook position. WordPress has acted to protect and defend a perverted sex cult that preys upon children.

The fact they call these censors “Community Guardians” shows you how delusional they are.




In addition to WordPress, these platforms have all protected and enabled Sajady-Zhou cult at one point or another:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Meetup
  4. WordPress
  5. Instagram
  6. Daily Motion
  7. Vimeo
  9. Reddit
  10. Linked In



Here are a few of the censored posts for your viewing pleasure.  There are also many censored videos. Such as this one, banned off Youtube:  Mas Sajady is Not a Pedophile.

Facebook routinely banned satirical or critical materials of public figures Sajady & Zhou.

Because of this cartoon, the first Healing Mas Sajady Clients Facebook page was banned and deleted in 2017.  The uncensored cartoons are posted here.

Facebook banned the the WordPress site mentioned above when Fei  Zhou and Mas Sajady went after it with their paid fake accounts. Facebook later unbanned it.

Facebook banned this post for saying that Sajady employees violate US law.

Facebook banned first Healing Mas Sajady Clients page. Appeals failed, and the page had to be restarted.

Cult promoter Flerida “Medium” Todorovski, under Fei Zhou’s guidance, has been particularly aggressive in her war against free speech, even convincing US companies to censor American citizen’s content. Todorovski was particularly triggered by this video, “Flerida Medium – Oozing All Over Con Man Mas Sajady.”

Only once have whistleblowers been able to convince the tech anti-free speech monopolies to not ban a page.

The banning of our material that we are know of is actually quite small — compared to the ongoing comprehensive shadow banning we don’t. We have seen our personal profiles quarantined and blacklisted:  any posts we make are not searchable on Facebook by other accounts; our IP addresses and computers blacklisted; searching our videos on Youtube finds them down four or five pages if at all.

Hitler was anti-free speech — and so are the unbalanced tech companies.

Mas Sajady Class Action Lawsuit page was banned, and had to be restarted as Mas Sajady Class Action Lawsuit 2.

Blocked for 28 days from Facebook. These bans forced us to get fake accounts so we could continue to warn the public about the Sajady-Zhou cult.

The Sajady-Zhou cult has desperately convinced to forbid posting any events about protesting Sajady. This event below and several others were deleted, with Meetup harassing and bullying me for exposing the Sajady-Zhou cult, threatening to delete my account and pages that have been in good standing for nearly 10 years.  (CEO Adam Neuman was warned about Meetup’s conduct — and even starred in a few videos exposing him.  However he did nothing, and WeWork, which bought Meetup, has crashed to the tune of billions of dollars.   So you have to laugh.)

Video exposing sleazy promoter Flerida Todorovski banned in Australia –where she does most of her business.

30-day ban.

Post exposing Mas Sajady’s public relations employee Kaille Padgett banned.

Padgett’s Facebook information, which says nothing about working for sex pervert Sajady, who she has had no hesitation to use profanity to defend.

Facebook once again protect cult agents Fei Zhou and Flerida “Medium” Todorovski.

Facebook protects corrupt church president Gary Perisian, who continues to host and promote the Sajady-Zhou cult, despite being heavily warned..

New age fake Susan Shumsky wants to be able to promote crooks without accountability, getting this video exposing her banned. Watch the banned video here:

Is Youtube Illuminati? Diana Maxwell, Susan Shumsky, Mas Sajady, Hitler, & Dirty Sex 

Video directly exposing Todorovski’s role in promoting fraud is banned from the country where she lives and does business.

Todorovski says she was a druggie — but is triggered when someone asks, “What’s the definition of a druggie?”

Flerida “Medium” Todorovski is a public figure as a new age scammer — but here she attempts to manipulate Youtube with her “privacy complaint.”

Banned, then reposted.

Facebook banned a post exposing Sajady employee Kaille Padgett for calling whistleblowers obscenities.

Youtube bans channel MS Class Action Lawsuit, deleting all videos.

One of Mas Sajady’s porn star promoters, Bridgetta Tomarchio, complains about being compared to a prostitute, even though she dresses and acts like one.

Mas Sajady’s second porn star promoter, Gail Thackray, who has made millions peddling pornography — attempts to harass my DNS provider with a DMCA takedown request. I had nothing about her posted on those sites, and what I had posted elsewhere was done so according to fair use. Thackray also lied, saying I had published a picture of her when she was a minor. It was all harassment from women who act like whores trying to assault liberty.

Video exposing porn star/porn peddler Gail Thackray, deleted from Facebook.

Facebook forbids saying “It’s one skanky Memorial day at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.”

Posting about Mas Sajady’s divorce is “spam.”

7 day block.

Sajady promoter and alleged mistress Shad Groverland tries and fails to get his video banned, citing “privacy.”

Yet another video banned from anti-liberty Youtube.

Video exposing Flerida Todorovski’s fraud banned in Australia — where she is running her corrupt business.

Sajady cult member Jackie Bean complains about being exposed.

Video exposing Sajady promoter Diana Maxwell banned off Youtube. Maxwell helped Sajady in his failed lawsuit to abolish my First Amendment rights.

Video exposing Sajady promoter Diana Maxwell banned from Youtube.

24-hour block.