Bernard Moya – Best You Expo – Promotes Pervert Mas Sajady – Despite Being Warned about Alleged Pedophile Symbols

Bernardo Moya has continued to promote the perverted Sajady cult — despite being warned numerous times about their penchant for perversion, and despite being warned that Sajady & Zhou post what appear to be pedophile symbols.

Mas Sajady holds himself out as a parenting expert, selling products about parenting, fatherhood, motherhood, lullabies, babies, etc. However, Sajady has no licensure or training whatsoever in the parenting field. In fact, women say their children have been harmed by Sajady.

Moya is joined in his morally questionable agenda with people like Lynn McTaggart, Bryan Hubbard, Melvyn Carlile, and Mark Becker who have also continued to host Sajady despite being warned about him.

Moya was warned a second time.

And Moya was warned a third time.  Be he continued to host Satady as late as August of 2020.

VIDEO:  Mas Sajady Admits He’s a Satanist | Posted at Bitchute • YoutubeVKFacebook

Sajady and his alleged mistress/prostitute Fei Zhou are also Satanists who do black magic.


VIDEO: Sex Guru Mas Sajady Gropes Child in Sexual Fashion | Posted at Bitchute • Minds • VK Youtube

The below video shows Sajady groping a child. At one point while groping this child, Sajady groans like he’s sexually aroused. If he is hooking into this child’s sexual energy, children don’t have the language to convey to their parents what happened.  None of this has bothered Bernardo Moya, who is happy to make money off profiting these agendas.




Here are the many problematic ties of the Sajady-Zhou cult to pedophilia:

  1. Sajady and Zhou allegedly post pedophile symbols in their cult marketing;
  2. Sajady and Zhou simultaneously target subjects of sex and children;
  3. Sajady agreed with Teal Swan’s justification for pedophilia;
  4. Sajady called abuse is “seductive” in a conversation about pedophilia;
  5. Sajady suggests justifies abuse an “attempt to heal” or as “nourishing”;
  6. Sajady places his young daughters’ heads in his groin;
  7. Sajady says he sleeps with his young daughters;
  8. Sajady posts overly intimate photos with his teenage daughter;
  9. Sajady’s teenage daughter did modeling targeted at pedophiles;
  10. Sajady testified in 2017 that he sought to lure children to his house;
  11. Sajady’s “executive director” Fei Xuan Zhou posted a picture of children and sexy lips;
  12. Sajady and Zhou’s porn star promoter Gail Thackray Harris created a sex magazine targeted at pedophiles;
  13. Porn star promoter Gail Thackray Harris worked and posed naked for a sex magazine that ran pedophile cartoons;
  14. Porn star promoter Gail Thackray Harris said she wanted to serve perverts;
  15. A pedophile profile followed my protest of Sajady on social media.

Read more here about Sajady’s ties to pedophilia.