Mas Sajady’s Perverse Sexual Preachings

In his failed 2017 lawsuit to aggressively silence a whistleblower, Mas Sajady claimed he was a “minister” running a “church. However, this so-called “minister” preaches for sexual perversion: Sadomasochism, cheating, orgies; that abuse is “seductive” and an “attempt to heal”; and that pedophilia is justified. Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Continue Reading

Susan Shumsky Promotes Sex Perverts A& Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou — Who Post Alleged Pedophile Symbols

VIDEO: Susan Shumsky Promotes Pervert Guru Mas Sajady – Who has Ties to Pedophilia, Advocates for Drug Use | Posted at Bitchute • Youtube • VK • Minds Self-appointed spiritual authority Susan Shumsky has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the perverse nature of sleazy sex guru Mas Sajady and his handler Continue Reading

Mas Sajady & Fei “Fay” Zhou’s Ties to Pedophilia

Mas Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilia. Self-described prostitute Fei Zhou is his handler, promoting their diabolical agenda. Mas Sajady holds himself out as a parenting expert, selling products about parenting, fatherhood, motherhood, lullabies, babies. However, Sajady has no licensure or training whatsoever in the parenting field. In Continue Reading