Shady Associates

Sociopaths Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou always seem to select from the bottom of the barrel. The following people promote their demonic agenda, despite being warned Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilia, that Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute, that Sajady is anti-Semitic, a pathological liar, Continue Reading

Home: Sajady-Zhou Cult

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia running a sex cult that preys primarily upon women, vulnerable adults, and the most vulnerable of all — children. Sajady and Zhou’s cult is demonic, their goal is to recruit people for the dark agenda, and their cult Continue Reading

I Defeated Mas Sajady in Court

False prophet Mas Sajady has sued two whistleblowers to try to take away our First Amendment rights to expose him. First he sued me, and when that failed, Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Zhou sued Tanster sued Tanster for saying Fei Zhou looked like a prostitute and ran orgies. Continue Reading

Mas Sajady: Lies & Fraud

Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou are a limitless source of lies and allegedly fraudulent activity: From lying in court to lying to customers to lying to the wife etc. Here is a short list of the lies and alleged fraud attributed to Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou. Outline and links: Continue Reading