Mas Sajady & Fei “Fay” Zhou’s Ties to Pedophilia

Mas Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilia. Self-described prostitute Fei Zhou is his handler, promoting their diabolical agenda. Mas Sajady holds himself out as a parenting expert, selling products about parenting, fatherhood, motherhood, lullabies, babies. However, Sajady has no licensure or training whatsoever in the parenting field. In Continue Reading

Mas Sajady is an Admitted Satanist

VIDEO:  MAS SAJADY ADMITS HE’S A SATANIST | Bitchute• Youtube • VK • Facebook Mas Sajady has admitted he’s a Satanist.  Sajady has said: “Satan is actually the good guy, we just misunderstand it.” “Satan, turning back into its original intent to help humanity.  Yes you heard me correct, it’s Continue Reading