Alleged Pedophile Symbols in Cult Marketing of Mas Sajady & Fei “Fay” Zhou

The cult run by Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou is known for its moral turpitude: Avowed Satanism; Deception; evidence of investigations; encouraging suicide; promoting anti-Semitism; advocating for drug use; advocating for orgies, sadomasochism, and cheating; having ties to pedophilia, and more.

Finding what appear to be pedophile symbols in their marketing is no surprise.

Pedophile symbols are explained in a 2007 FBI document available courtesy of Wikileaks. According to the document, “[P]edophiles are using various types of identification or logos or symbols to recognize each other and distinguish their sexual preferences.” The FBI document makes a point of saying that pedophiles can be male or female.

  1. One common pedophile symbol is a “Boy Lover” symbol, a triangle within a triangle, which is used by pedophiles that prey upon minor boys.
  2. A second common symbol is the “Girl Lover” symbol, a heart within a heart, which represents pedophiles that prey upon minor girls.
  3. A third common symbol is the “Child Lover” symbol, which resembles a butterfly, for pedophiles that prey upon boys and girls.
  4. A fourth common symbol is the “Childlove Online Media Activism” symbol, a general purpose logo for people who use online media such as webcasts or blogs.

The FBI document discusses variations among pedophile symbols:

“Identical or similar jewelry and symbols as described in this intelligence bulletin should raise suspicion of possible pedophilia activity when found during searches.”

With that in mind, below are several alleged pedophile symbols posted in the Mas Sajady – Fei Zhou cult marketing.


1. Heart inside a heart


2. Heart inside a heart


3. Heart inside a heart


4. Heart inside a heart

This heart inside a heart is more subtle. But if you look closely, you can clearly see a second heart outlined inside the first.

The image made me think of this sadistic depiction owned by Tony Podesta, which shows a child being tortured by being hung by his arms.


5. Heart inside a heart

This image is also more subtle. But if you look inside the outline of dandelion fronds forming the heart, you see a series of shorter dandelion fronds, which can be connected to form a rough outline of a heart inside the heart.


6. Hybrid Symbol: Heart over a Triangle

This symbol shows a heart laying on top of a triangle. Using the same logic as the other symbols, this may mean an adult woman (heart) seeking to prey upon minor boys (triangle). Or perhaps it meant Sajady’s dominatrix alleged mistress Fei Zhou fancying herself as the adult, him as the boy.

Note the blue theme, which matches the blue used in the “Boy Lover” pedophile symbol. In the same newsletter this blue symbol was emailed out, was the pink dandelion symbol. It appears that both the “Boy Lover” and “Girl Lovers” are covered in that newsletter.

Looking more closely, at the top of the symbol is a concave mark with a dot on top. Given Fei Zhou’s propensity to modify symbols, this may be resembling any of a variety of symbols, from the Bavarian Illuminati symbol, to the Hindu Om symbol, to the Satanic Black Mass Indicator (Noted on p. 46 of the Satanic Cult Awareness Manual, which was prepared in 1993 by the US Dept of Justice). The parenthesis-type symbols to the left and right of the circle may be coping Illuminati owl imagery.

Continuing our investigation, a 2009 post entitled Pedophile Symbols and Codes: An Update discusses some modified versions of pedophile symbols. Apparently a pedophile commented in about some alternate versions of pedophile symbols. The Jane Seymour necklace and Roxy surfer girl logo could be used to indicate pedophiles that prey upon minor girls; the wiccan triple knot and pagan Vaulknot could be used for pedophiles that prey upon boys.

The Jane Seymour necklace stands out — it has an open heart formed in the same fashion as the this blue alleged pedophile symbol.

Jane Seymour also sells a double heart necklace. Is she is selling these items deliberately, or if she is unthinking enough to simply listen to her “advisors”?

In yet another coincidence … When we look at the page where the fourth alleged pedophile symbol is — we see it sits right next to an image of a crown with the same type of inlaid stones as the Jane Seymour necklace. If the crown were vertical, you could see a three formed by it. Intentional? Maybe Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady can tell us. After all, he is marketed as “Transparent Self-Image.”


7. Hybrid Symbol: Triangle inside a Heart – “Poop Mandala”

There is much more going on here than meets the eye. This is our best interpretation, based on online research. Perhaps those who have experience are welcome to comment.

This appears to be anal sex symbolism, we refer to it as the “Poop Mandala.” The red color is the anus, possibly bloody. The bright burning colors around the red color and the symbol burned into the flowing lava would symbolize the burning pain common with anal sex.

There may be S&M symbolism to the box in the center of the mandala.

Inside the box there appears to be another modified pedophile symbol: A triangle inside a heart, which again would indicate a female pedophile who seeks to prey upon boys, or perhaps Fei Zhou’s dominatrix fancy.

On top of the heart there is a symbol that resembles a “penis plug”, which is a sadomasochism device. (Sajady and Zhou’s cult does push S&M.)

One of the most perverted things about this symbol, is the timing of its use. It was used for an event that was scheduled the same day Sajady was groping children.

Sajady was groping children in the morning — then he was at an event in the afternoon advertised with an apparent pedophile symbol, the “poop mandala.”


8. Heart inside a heart

This image was apparently sent to Mas Sajady by a cult follower who sounds like she was being telepathically love frauded by Sajady.  While it is not certain if this was intended as a pedophile symbol on her part, it was intentionally posted by Sajady and Zhou for their part.

The cult follower also talks about being suicidal — a common result of Sajady’s suicide programming.


8. Butterfly Symbolism

According to the FBI document, the “Child Lover” logo resembles a butterfly and symbolizes pedophiles that prey upon both boys and girls.

The Sajady-Zhou cult routinely uses butterfly symbolism. Here are a few instances.

It appears the Sajady-Zhou cult also uses butterflies to symbolize mind control. Project MK Ultra and Project Monarch were secret CIA programs that tortured people in order to make them mind-controlled slaves and/or sex slaves. Project Monarch is a subset of Project MK Ultra, and it is often symbolized with a monarch butterfly.

The marketing images below feature a butterfly actually in the child’s eye. The MK Ultra analysis would consider this a form of predation by mind-control programming.

The image below on the left shows a butterfly embedded in the brain — the epitome of mind control. On the right is some looping over the third eye, reminiscent of dragonfly wings; its location would again suggest control of the mind.

The use of this type of symbolism within the Sajady-Zhou cult reinforces its purpose of mind control, enslavement, and sexual enslavement.