Deaths of Clients

Given that Satanist Mas Sajady works with demons and encourages suicide, it is no surprise clients of his have taken their lives or mysteriously died. There are also deaths of loved ones of Sajady clients. This is because Sajady routinely asks people to bring their loved ones to him, claiming he can “help” them. However, the only type of “help” Mas Sajady and his handler Fei Zhou offer is black magic. Sajady takes pleasure in death and has actually bragged that his black magic kills people.

The Satanic system behind Sajady and Zhou is not content to limit itself to Sajady clients and their loved ones. This demonic system is highly predatory, and seeks to move out and prey upon the networks of all connected to Sajady. Even watching a Sajady video, for example, is a way to connect yourself into and become victim to the Sajady-Zhou death cult. Even strangers can get sucked in without knowing Mas Sajady.

The reason why Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou want to use black magic to kill people is to pay debts to the demons doing “favors” for them. These are called “death sacrifices.”

Below are some deaths we know of.


Approximately 2017: Sajady Client Dies

The sister of a Sajady client died, after she was brought to Sajady for “help.” This deceased woman appears to be another in a long list of alleged mysterious deaths connected to black magic Sajady and Zhou. Sajady admits in this video that he is killing people, causing them to “cross over faster.”

The video below plays the statements of the Sajady client about her sister, and Sajady’s justification for her sister’s death (excerpts from a Sajady event at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 9-8-17.).


May 15, 2017: Sajady Client Commits Suicide

In May 2017 a vulnerable Mas Sajady client committed suicide. The family had begged Mas Sajady to leave their family member alone — he was a vulnerable adult and they could see him controlled by the Sajady-Zhou cult and taking tens of thousands of dollars from him. But Sajady didn’t leave him alone, instead driving him to his death.

Sajady has no licensure or training in anything — yet he holds himself out as a mental health expert, preying upon the vulnerable. The family has asked to remain anonymous at this time, while they prepare information for a lawsuit.

Below: Obituary for the Sajady client, followed by his father posting his son’s death on his Facebook page.


August 8, 2015: “Ghost Adventurers” Debby Constantino was assaulted and nearly strangled to death by her husband Mark Constantino and daughter Raquel Constantino. A client of Mas Sajady had asked Sajady to remotely work on Debra Constantino approximately one week prior.

This is precisely how Mas Sajady’s black magic system works: He gains consent from someone to affect their loved one, then proceeds to lure the other person’s soul into spiritual contract with the dark side. These spiritual contracts aim to create death and disaster. There is a spiritual war going on between light and dark, and the dark side always seeks to destroy people.

Debby Constantino Murdered in a Three-Person Murder Suicide

September 22, 2015: About six weeks later, Debby and Mark Constantino were killed as part of a murder-suicide, which also involved Mark murdering one other person. While Mark and Debby had a history of domestic abuse, Sajady’s dark system takes any situation and makes it worse, if not tragic. Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou do not help anyone.



September 29, 2014: Sister of a Sajady Client Commits Suicide

This woman took her life after a Mas Sajady client went to a Sajady event and asked him to work on her remotely. Her relative has posted more information here.

Sajady and Zhou’s demonic system drives vulnerable people over the edge. They help no one.


Fall 2016: Friend of a Former Mas Sajady Client Commits Suicide

Another former Mas Sajady clients talks about a friend’s suicide in her website exposing Sajady and Zhou, Demasified: NO MAS NO MORE!

There has also been a rash of suicides at Sajady’s kids high school, and at his relatives school in another county. See more at the Alleged Mysterious Deaths page.


Former Sajady Promoter Jane Sibbett: One Death in 2017 and Two Suicides in her Family

Below is an excerpted comment from former Sajady promoter and alleged mistress Jane Sibbett from 2017. At the end of her statement Sibbett refers to the recent death of her step father. In light of the many other deaths surrounding Sajady — this appears to be yet another death sacrifice.

In her statements Sibbett continued to defend Sajady, despite numerous primarily female clients coming forth saying he has harmed them. You can read Sibbett’s full comments here.

Sibbett had previously legally threatened a whistleblower who started raising allegations of her affair with Sajady.

In a message to whistleblower Tanster in 2017, Sibbett refers to two suicides that have happened in her family. While the dates of these deaths are unknown, they appear suspicious in light of Jane Sibbett’s connections to the Sajady-Zhou cult.


2018: Death of a Father Connected to a Sajady Devotee

Sajady client Karen Lagrange posts a comment in September 2019 on Sajady’s page that a young child’s father died last year.


Fall 2019: Death of a Sajady Devotee

A Sajady devotee died. This comment on Sajady’s page says, “On of my dearest friends loved you, she passed away last month.”


September 2020:  Death of Two Family Members of Sajady Devotee

Heavily brainwashed cult member Jackie Bean reports two recent deaths in her family.  She also indicatesthe failure of Sajady’s scam to help her, “My blood pressure is high and anxiety.


“Imagine being dead.”

Besides doing suicide programming, Sajady encourages people to think they are dead. This is part of his Satanic agenda to get people to vacate their bodies so demonic energy can take them over, and/or kill them.



Former Sajady Client Believes Sajady Tried to Kill Her for Speaking Out

This former client nearly died after leaving Sajady’s program. Read her story here.


Are these mysterious deaths surrounding Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou somehow connected to their black magic demonic system?

There have been many deaths surrounding Sajady, his network, his clients, and even his family. The image below shows deaths of Sajady family members during his black magic period. We believe this is a result of Sajady and Zhou’s black magic, and that a statistical analysis would bear that out. This page catalogs more mysterious deaths surrounding the Sajady-Zhou cult.