Do Drugs with Mas: The Sajady-Zhou Cult Advocates for Drug Use

Apparent reference to a cocaine party by Fei Zhou’s fake husband, Pierre Huguet. The post was hastily deleted when called out.

There are many disturbing aspects of Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou cult, such as being avowedly demonic and posting alleged pedophile symbols. In addition to all of those aspects. Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou advocate for drug use. They have written manuals and done podcasts on how to take drugs.

From his statements, Sajady sounds like a drug user himself, and he and Zhou have evinced sociopathic behavior that is similar to that of drug addicts. Sajady advocates for orgies, Fei Zhou appears to be an orgy mistress, and drug use is known to accompany orgies. Sajady has denied he is involved in drug trafficking. However, Sajady is known for his prolific lies.

Drug use is also known to make the aura more permeable, facilitating demonic possession, which is the goal of the Sajady-Zhou cult. Among many other problems associated with experiencing Sajady-Zhou black magic, many Sajady clients have had demonic experiences while under Sajady’s influence.

What follows is an analysis of statements from the Sajady-Zhou cult regarding drug use.


Sajady and Zhou routinely mix pro-drug and pseudo anti-drug statements. They do this so they can pretend they are not promoting drug use.

However, a quick review of their statements shows that they are advocating for drug use.


In the below video Sajady makes his “Do Drugs with Mas” recommendation. This is followed by a pseudo anti-drug statement, which is followed by another pro-drug statement:

“And alot of people actually, I hate to say it, they do drugs with a meditation in the background, my meditation, it will keep you safe as you do it. But I’m not condoning that you do drugs. Although great people have used that to say get, create intuition, creativity.”

Mas Sajady presents himself as an expert on drug use, claiming if you do it right you don’t get addicted. He sounds like a druggie:

“But what happens is if they didn’t do it right, they get addicted.”

Video also posted at


The below advertisement for pot extols drug use, saying their event is “a celebration – in honor of the legalization of marijuana….” The next part of the sentence is pseudo anti-drug, saying, “[P]lease come get high with Mas with a potent Medihealing, substance-free.” However, the very next sentence extols drug use again:

For those that are strong enough, drugs can open your pathways and allow the ego to dissipate so you can connect on a higher level. This allows you to grow.”

In the same advertisement, they again make the “Do Drugs with Mas” recommendation” immediately followed by a pseudo anti-drug statement:

“According to our clients who have played Mas’ Medihealing in the background while ‘getting high’, the Medihealing takes their high even ‘higher’ and makes it last even longer while creating a much cleaner and safer experience than usual.

“Mas Sajady does not condone illegal drug abuse.”


Continuing their pro-drug use agenda, in the below marketing Sajady and Zhou provide tips for taking hallucinogenic South American plant ayahuasca. Again Sajady denies he’s advocating for drug use — but the entire page is an instructional manual for drug use.


  1. “Some useful tips to help keep you aware and protected so you may have a successful journey.”
  2. “how you can guide yourself to use ayahuasca properly”
  3. “your mental and physical bodies need to be primed and hydrated before the ceremony”
  4. “What are the different side effects of taking ayahuasca”
  5. “Are all shamans professional”
  6. “Is it the purity of the ayahuasca or the shaman/guide that is most important”
  7. “At what level would so-called medicine men need to resonate to be a pure guide”
  8. “How can EI [Mas Sajady product] help you before going into an ayahuasca ceremony”

Notice that the last tip about EI is Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou again saying, “Do Drugs with Mas.”


The following statements made by Sajady and Zhou indicate recommendation for ayahuasca drug use:

  1. “it can be beneficial for … disorders such as, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression and PTSD”
  2. “resets you into precision with time or connects you with the present moment”
  3. “how is ayahuasca a potential cleansing agent”
  4. drug use is a “means to effect that change”

At the beginning of their ad, Sajady and Zhou claim they are inducing drugged-out states, just like drug dealers claim:

“WARNING: This podcast episode contains high-level frequencies that come with ayahuasca and may induce abnormal states of consciousness.”


The below advertisement again extols ayahuasca use. In particular it hits the “Do Drugs with Mas” theme four times, pushing his EI meditations to get people to hook into his demonic energy system while they do drugs:

  1. EI cleans out your sphere of influence in place of success patterns for hallucinogens to benefit you.”
  2. “How can you use EI to circumvent the charlatans and disingenuous products claiming to heal you.”
  3. “There is a difference between the more sustainable way via EI or something less than. That is not to say you can’t do it on your own or you’re not already tapping into EI as you’re going about your ceremony.”
  4. “When Mas sees a spirit or vital force pixelated as a result of doing ayahuasca, can the spirit become solid again by practicing EI.”


In this advertisement, Sajady and Zhou provide more instructions on taking the drug ayahuasca:

  1. “you’ll find many detrimental effects if used improperly.”
  2. “speak more on the mechanics of the effects of using ayahuasca”
  3. “separate the wheat from the chaff.”
  4. “Do shamans take you into the bowels of hell”
  5. “The purer the shaman, the purer the medicine.”
  6. “Can you put on headphones to create your own space during a ceremony”


In this second round, Sajady and Zhou also provide more recommendations for ayahuasca drug use:

  1. “How you can use ayahuasca to take you to higher heights in your awakening.”
  2. “A great tool to help expand yourself from your current consciousness rather than as a crutch to prop up or find yourself”
  3. “How can something so healing be so toxic for you”
  4. “How can doing ayahuasca be similar to taking another personality after receiving an organ transplant.”
  5. “How does ayahuasca purge”


Sajady’s handler Fei Zhou appears to have links to cocaine use. Zhou’s sham husband Pierre Huguet made this post on Facebook in 2014, entitled “Party time.” The snow on the boar’s noses refers to cocaine use, the acronym MDR means “die laughing” in French.

Zhou appears to host orgies, cocaine use being common at orgies as well.



Flerida Todorovski is a Sajady-Zhou cult promoter who has gone to great lengths to continue to promote the Sajady-Zhou perverted sex cult. Todorovski admits to “daily drug use.” It is no surprise she is associated with Sajady and Zhou.



This alternate version of their pot ad asks, “Is it wrong to smoke weed?”

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