I Defeated Mas Sajady in Court

Admitted Satanist Mas Sajady has sued two whistleblowers to try to take away our First Amendment rights to expose him.

First he sued me, and when that failed, Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Zhou sued Tanster sued Tanster for saying Fei Zhou looked like a prostitute and ran orgies. That too failed.

This page covers the legal details of Sajady’s assault on my Constitutional rights. You can read about his assault on Tanster’s rights here.

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I went to warn Mas Sajady’s neighbors for good reason: Besides doing black magict, he’s a pervert with ties to pedophilia. I brought flyers to hand out, trekked through his neighborhood, and placed some in doors.

Mas Sajady must be quite threatened by a small, unarmed woman, because he called the Chanhassen police. Dirty cop Eric Kittelson responded. Together, Kittleson, Sajady, his wife Tracy, and a few of his kids concocted a police report that contained dozens of lies and relevant omissions, from tiny details to important. Previously Tracy Sajady has apparently lied at Sajady’s instruction, and she did so again, as did their kids.

A week later Sajady used this lie-laden police report to obtain a restraining order against me. Apparently a small, unarmed woman is a quite a threat to a macho guy like Sajady. He must have needed a week to put himself together after my visit. Either that or I really wasn’t much of a threat.

Here is Sajady’s restraining order for your reading pleasure. One of his most notorious lies is where he says I sexually assaulted him. Tracy Sajady signed the restraining order application — she signed in agreement with this and all other lies:



I would soon learn how dirty the rest of Carver County was. A few months later, after I receiving no notice of the hearing, Carver County’s Judge Janet Cain signed a modification to the restraining order that abolished my free speech rights: If Mas Sajady felt embarrassed, I could be arrested. (Janet Cain is notorious for kidnapping children as the head of Carver County CPS).



In May 2017 after the the first hearing contesting Sajady’s gag order — Tracy Sajady approached me out in the parking lot. She drove up to me and a friend as we were leaving, driving a large black Cadillac SUV. Tracy Sajady had signed a restraining order saying I couldn’t go near her — and now she was outright violating it. I was with a friend, and Tracy tried to wave the friend away with a sense of pompousness. However, I wasn’t going to talk to her without a witness.

Tracy said, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” So she supported our speaking out. But then why did she put her name on a restraining order that was used to bar my free speech? Why hadn’t she taken her name off it? Mas Sajady may have instructed her do sign it, but Tracy Sajady of her own free will signed it. She is an adult responsible for her actions.

With my friend still standing beside me, I told Tracy Sajady I felt the children needed to be protected from Mas Sajady. And Tracy responded: “Well he’s their father.” As though that entitled him to have unfettered access to do whatever he wanted to them because “he’s their father.”

For years Tracy Sajady has enabled her derelict husband, giving in to him rather than doing what was right, and this appears to have been no different: Tracy Sajady lied to a police officer and apparently signed a restraining order at her husband’s instruction; she has knowingly let a pervert with ties to pedophilia — a sex pervert, a pathological liar, an alleged cheater who she divorced — have access to her children.

Tracy Sajady has truly failed her own children in leaving them unprotected around a sick, sick man.

It’s not too hard to see who a restraining order is truly needed for.

More about Tracy Sajady’s complicity in Mas Sajady’s fraud here.



I fought that gag order and I defeated Sajady in court! For six months I was deprived of my Constitutional liberties of freedom of speech and freedom of association due to corruption on the part of Tracy and Mas Sajady, but in the end it was a slamming defeat. The judge’s order was heavily slanted in my favor, and the judge even cited a case used by Sajady’s lawyer — in my defense.



During the trial Sajady corroborated my reason for warning the neighbors. He testified that he sought to lure children to his house so he could “help” them. Sajady has no licensure or training whatsoever in anything — he is a predator. The neighbors needed to be warned.



During his failed lawsuit, Mas Sajady lied and contradicted himself many times in his attempt to assault my constitutional rights

The judge even intervened twice in disbelief at Sajady’s blatant lies. In the first instance, the judge interrupted Sajady and asked, “This is a very, very simple question. Are you aware of any police reports that have been filed against you for practicing medicine without a license?”

Sajady says no, then a few minutes later reversed his testimony.

The below video plays Sajady’s statements, and a court transcript of Sajady’s statements is available here.

The second time the judge interrupted Sajady he asked, “So is it your testimony that you’ve never read these police reports that indicated that you had some wrongdoing?” Sajady again said no then reversed his testimony, contradicting himself. The timestamp on court docunents mentioned in the below video can be seen here.



Mas Sajady’s public relations employee Kaille Padgett and her boyfriend Joseph White threatened and harassed whistleblowers. Her fine statements were read aloud by Sajady into the court transcript. Padgett threatened to “annihilate” whistleblowers, calling them “slave b*****s”, and threatened us with arrest.

Facebook censored this post exposing Padgett’s statements.

This video reads the court transcript of Padgett’s statements.



This is Mas Sajady’s lawyer Anthony Bushnell trying to make a crime out of the fact that I published Sajady’s divorce Register of Action — which is a public record.

Here is the ruling by the judge. In it the judge quotes a case submitted by Masood Sajady’s lawyer, Polinsky v. Bolton — to support my First Amendment rights! What a great lawyer he hired.

The judge asked for Sajady’s lawyer to provide legal precedent in abolishing my constitutional rights. Sajady’s lawyer provided unpublished decisions, which by statute are deemed “not precedential.”

As my lawyer said, Sajady “completely failed to demonstrate” he had the constitutional right to rob me of my freedom of speech.

Moore v. Hoff, which concerned a blogger who conveyed true information about a public figure, allowed for the truth to be communicated to a third party regardless of intent: “Regardless of the motivation of the messenger, if the information conveyed is true, it is not appropriate for liability to attach.”

So according to Moore v. Hoff’s binding precedent, I have the right to convey true information to Mas Sajady’s clients, employees, promoters, publicists, etc.
Not only do I believe all information I am conveying is true, it is to warn the public about someone who I believe is endangering people’s lives.

Mas Sajady soils people by their association with him, and he cons people into letting him soil them. For example, he gets a “Christian Lawyer Society” attorney to defend him, an avowed Satanist.

His lawyer contradicted himself numerous times in his defense of Mas Sajady and made false statements about me. Here is one example.

Bushnell made the false statement that I published the “papers filed” in Sajady’s divorce. I published the Register of Action.

Bushnell contradicted his false statement here, saying I published the Register of Actions.

This attorney has been soiled by his association with Mas Sajady.

Here’s Mas Sajady essentially whining in court because people are posting “30 – 40 times a day” about him. Mr. Tough Guy can’t handle the women speaking out about him, so he harasses them. Every one of us has a tangible story of harassment by Mas Sajady.

My favorite point from my lawyer’s memorandum was where he put Sajady in his place: “Yet, by conflating criticism and negative opinion with harassment and defamation, it is Petitioner who fails to observe the constitutional line that protects Ms. Nygard’s freedom of speech – particularly in this public controversy involving Mr. Sajady, a limited purpose public figure.”

I can’t imagine a better Friday the 13th — a new court order halted Mas Sajady’s assault on my civil liberties. What kind of woman would defend a man like this — a man who is a sub-human species who makes a living from black magic.

Kaille Padgett’s boyfriend Joseph White harassed us as well, or perhaps this is just Padgett herself.

Mas Sajady pretended in court he didn’t know who Joseph White is.



Here is a letter that was sent to me by the Chanhassen city attorney, the city where Mas Sajady lives. Sajady filed a police report saying I criminally defamed him. However, the Chanhassen city attorney dismissed Sajady’s police report as being unfounded. I have never heard of a city prosecutor sending someone accused information about police report filed about them.