Mas Sajady is an Admitted Satanist


Mas Sajady has admitted he’s a Satanist.  Sajady has said:

“Satan is actually the good guy, we just misunderstand it.”

“Satan, turning back into its original intent to help humanity.  Yes you heard me correct, it’s to help humanity.

Sajady has also admitted he works with demons:

“I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe.”

Source: Podcast 75 at 57:5 or listen here or watch this video.

Propaganda for Hitler

Hitler talked about the New World Order in a 1941 speech. Since then many politicians have also promoted the New World Order.  Sajady promoted it in 2020.


Dark Agenda Propaganda:  “Dark Sources”

Sajady has also praised “dark sources.” His statements are propaganda for the dark side, attempting to dupe people into allowing themselves to be enrolled in the dark agenda. Sajady basically says, “I’ve sold my soul to the dark side, why shouldn’t you?” Sajady is actually trying to sell your soul to the dark side for you.

Also, God/the Light, is not a “dark source.” But demons, Satan, Lucifer, etc. are. When Sajady says he has “dark sources that help” him — he is saying he has contracts with dark energy and is working with dark energy (demons, black magic, dark leagues, Anti-Christ, whatever you term for it is). By his own admission, Mas Sajady is Satanic and does black magic.

While novices might dismiss Sajady’s statements or accept justifications for working with Satan or “dark sources”, anyone with a brain in their head knows this is a massive red flag. There is no need for anyone working with the Light to ever call upon Satan or demons for assistance.

It is important to note that while Sajady admits he works with demons, he simultaneously condemns doing so. Mas Sajady has the proverbial forked tongue. So when he suggests “dark sources” are not good — he has in essence condemned his own conduct:

“Internally when we talk about being sucked into a cult, an ashram, or a a church group, or say healers that are bad. And again they might not be of bad intent. They have good intent for you, but they don’t know their power or abilities come from dark sources. So in the podcast and the medi-healing we’ll help you identify that.”

Source: “Podcast 62. Healthy Devotions” at 12:25 or listen here.


Prostitute Fei Zhou Runs Sajady’s “Healing” Scam

Sajady runs his cult with alleged mistress/handler Fei Zhou, who is also believed to do witchcraft, sticking needles into voodoo dolls in the attempt to solve her life problems. The fact that Fei Zhou would dress up as a devil is no accident.



  1. Mas Sajady Admits He’s a Satanist (see video above)
  2. Mas Sajady Worships Hitler’s “New World Order” (see above video)
  3. Mas Sajady Admits He Works with “Dark Sources”
  4. Mas Sajady Admits He Works with “Dark Energy”
  5. Sajady Claims he Entered a “Blood Contract” with Jesus
  6. Sajady Refers to God as “Them” (Meaning his demons)
  7. Sajady used a Baphomet Saying (Baphomet is Worshiped by Satanists)
  8. Speaking Well of Sorcerers
  9. The Devil is Good for You
  10. Dark Energy is Good for You
  11. Abuse is Good
  12. Truth is Irrelevant
  13. You’re not Accountable
  14. Don’t Care about Anyone Else
  15. Suffering is a “Beautiful Gift”
  16. Sajady Cites a Known Demonic Group of ETs

3. Mas Sajady Admits He Works with “Dark Sources”

This video below plays Sajady’s statement, “I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe. And they honor me, not because I’m dark, but they honor me because they know I’m going towards the right path. ” Find the original statement at Podcast 75 at 57:50. In yet another example of doublespeak, Sajady has condemned “dark sources”, saying:

“Internally when we talk about being sucked into a cult, an ashram, or a a church group, or say healers that are bad. And again they might not be of bad intent. They have good intent for you, but they don’t know their power or abilities come from dark sources. So in the podcast and the medi-healing we’ll help you identify that.”

Source: “Podcast 62. Healthy Devotions” at 12:25 or listen here.


4. Mas Sajady Admits He Works with Dark Energy

People who work with God/the Light don’t “tap into” dark energy. They connect with God.

Mas Sajady affirms he works with the anti-Christ here, saying he “uses his unique abilities to tap into the dark and light energy that circulates the Vatican…”


5. Sajady Claims he Entered a “Blood Contract” with Jesus

Sajady clients have heard Sajady say he had entered a “blood contract” with Jesus. The fact is, Jesus does not do “blood contracts.” That is a Satanic practice — which also usually involves Satanically sacrificing a human or animal.

From Mas Sajady Program Review


6. Sajady Refers to God as “Them” (Meaning his demons)


7. Sajady Quotes a Baphomet Saying, “As above, so below”

Baphomet is worshiped by Satanists. Sajady quoted a Baphomet saying, “As above, so below” in his podcast Mas Sajady | Exponential Intelligence® 106 Ask and It Will Be Answered Part 2 – Duration: 30:26.

Definition of Baphomet in mainstream Wikipedia.

Sajady has done events at the Sedona Creative Live Center, which prominently displays the Baphomet “as above, so below” quote.


8. Sajady and Zhou have Spoken Well of Sorcerers

Sajady and Zhou have spoken well of sorcerers, claiming that sorcerers “access divine inspiration, insight and vision.”


9. Mas Sajady Says the Devil is Good for You

Here Sajady advises a customer, who says the devil appeared in her meditation: It is “there to help you get stronger. Much like a coach that pushes you past your limits.”


10. Sajady and Zhou Say “Dark Energy” is Good for You — Will Inoculate You

Here are Sajady and Zhou selling dark energy by saying it’s good for you: It can “strengthen your spiritual immunity” and “strengthen your spirit rather than weaken you.”

They also advocate for brainwashing, saying it’s a “good thing if you ‘blank out.'”


11. Sajady and Zhou Say Abuse is Good

Sajady and Zhou sell abuse as a good thing, saying “What destroys you nourishes you” and “Turning abuse into homeopathic medicine.”

Sajady has also suggested abuse is “an attempt to heal”, called it “seductive”, and agreed with Teal Swan’s justification for pedophilia.


12. Sajady and Zhou Say Truth is Irrelevant

Fitting right in with being pathological liars, Sajady and Zhou have deemed truth irrelevant, saying “Truth is not good and not bad.” This completely contradicts every non-criminal tradition on the planet.


13. Sajady and Zhou Sell Accountability Concurrent with Buying a Plethora of Fake Likes

As another example of Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou’s pathological lying, they buy millions of fake likes, and sell “accountability” at the same time.


14. Sajady and Zhou Say You’re not Accountable

Right after pathological liars Sajady and Zhou sell you “accountability” — they turn around say you’re not accountable. That is a very convenient excuse for this scammer couple to absolve themselves of their limitless wrongdoings.


15. Sajady and Zhou Don’t Care about Anyone Else

Truly a statement befitting two sociopaths, Sajady and Zhou proclaim “Life: enjoy it and don’t give a damn.”


16. Sajady and Zhou Promote Suffering

Once again displaying their sociopathic and sadistic nature, the Sajady-Zhou cult recommends suffering.

This Sajady client is worried about her 82-year-old mother suffering from Sajady’s juju.

Fei Zhou responds as one of her fake accounts, Kamila Kam, extolling suffering, calling it a “beautiful gift.”


17. Sajady Cites a Known Demonic Group of ETs

Sajady’s latest claim is that he works with a set of entities, “The Counsel”, which have been identified as demonic. It appears he has dropped his claims to work with Jesus.




Mas Sajady claims he’s a “minister” of a “church”, however that appears more to be a tax dodge than anything else as he promulgates his demonic agenda, one of his limitless lies.

In reality, Sajady and Zhou are running a black magic death cult. Sajady has boasted that his black magic kills people. There are numerous alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady and Zhou, which includes deaths of clients.

Sajady and Zhou are also anti-Semitic, encourage suicide, have ties to pedophilia, and post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.



Former customers of Sajady have spoken about having demonic experiences, everything from the devil appearing to experiencing spirtual rape by Sajady and/or his demons. This former customer says she was “raped for energy non-stop by his beings.”

This former customer says that Sajady and his demonic system “strip you of your life force soul energy, then he puts his dark programs into you.”

This former customer describes how she has been harassed with Sajady’s black magic while exposing him.



Many customers have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by Sajady’s demonic system. Even after being warned, they choose to believe their demonic master. Here is a high-paying Healing Mastery customer saying she’s going to place her faith in dark entities. That is just the dark side wants.

Cult publicist Kaille Padgett denies Sajady works with the devil, and again fails to identify herself as a paid agent, violating FTC law.



As evidence of their sadistic demonic agenda, Sajady and Zhou’s cult has generated innumerable complaints from clients. Here are just a few we have catalogued:



This is what Mas Sajady says about people who sell their souls for power. It sounds autobiographical:

“This is what happens to a lot of people in powerful positions. They get so egotistic, that momentum gets so strong, they start to feel, they start to taste… At first it’s from a righteous cause. Again it happens to lesser people as well, people not in powerful places. They get to start from a righteous cause, say they start to for example heal.

“They start to get magical results. You’ve known some healers that are this way. And then that ego starts to set in, and they want more power and more power and more power, much quicker, much faster. Then something comes in, something brilliant comes in, and it does feel brilliant because anything from the higher side that can give you those abilities, those powers, will feel brilliant to you, no matter how dark it is.

“Depending on where we’re at, in comparison to where that dark source is at, it’ll feel brilliant to you, it will feel exhilarating to you. In fact many people think that it’s the source of God, the source of Jesus, the source of Buddha, whoever, that you guys think it’s enlightened, and it’s not. And they’ll tell you, and you’ll feel that power, and they’ll actually give you that power as if you were already, in this case, elected, or if you already had those fantastic beyond-belief healing abilities. They give you that power before, and then, it’s kind of like that puppy dog clause: they give you that power, and you want it so bad, you don’t even consider the price.

“It’s like, ‘Yes I’ll have it.’ And then it consumes you.”

Source: “Podcast 75: Post-Election Game Plan”

At 9:18

Many reports are surfacing about Mas Sajady ripping the souls out of people’s bodies. Here is another comment from the same podcast:

“People get consumed on the dark side… The dark side needs people. So if you flip into the dark side, what happens that, since it needs other spirits to control or consume to sustain itself, it just wrenches, pulls your spirit out of you. And that’s why you always need to need more, you always need to consume more spirits, more people, through food, through religion, through spirituality, through control. And what happens is if you fall into that space, it’s a slow death. People start to go crazy, people start to get addicted. People start to, say, become unstable. It won’t kill you because you’re worth more as a living being, ‘cause you create energy, you create sustenance, you create density. Your spirit is worth more. If you die over, you just get consumed, well, then your done. But if you’re living, and then distorted, right, mentally unstable, you’ll keep generating food source, and that’s how the dark side, or why the dark side needs you.”

Source: “Podcast 75: Post-Election Game Plan”

At 43:30

Only the dark is afraid of the light. This comment shows the propaganda from the dark side designed to instruct people to fear the light:

“This is how people get consumed. You’re on this path, as you keep going deeper and deeper, the path gets thinner and thinner. If you fall over, fall into the brilliant side, like many of you want to go towards, the white, the white light, the pure light, that many of you think you want to go towards, that will immediately consume you and you will basically evaporate, basically say you will commit suicide ‘cause you’ll get so distorted. You’ll immediately cross over. If you don’t believe me, there’s alot of people who are say brilliant, they contribute to the world brilliantly through inventions, composing, something like that. Next thing you know they commit suicide and die. You think their life would be great.”

Source: “Podcast 75: Post-Election Game Plan”

At 40:45



I have found three key ways to protect myself while systembusting Mas Sajady. The first is constantly calling upon the Light/God/Source, persistently keeping myself in direct connection with the Universal Source.

The second and third ways involve protecting my spiritual contracts. First I reset all of my spiritual contracts through God/the Divine Source, and then I made an arrangement that the Divine Source is in charge of all my contracts. I call this a “Contract with God.”

Learn more about spiritual agreements, and what you can do it detail to protect yourself from the tactics and effects of dark energy.

Video also posted at:


In conclusion, I have seen so many souls, relationships and even soul family relationships destroyed by Mas Sajady and the dark system he has chosen to perpetrate. Start taking responsibility now for yourself and any harm he has propagated, you will help many others in the process. It will take more than a few people to heal the damage he has done.