Mas Sajady’s Alleged Mistresses

Mas Sajady profits off loads of products holding himself out as a sex, love, and relationship expert. Here is Mas Sajady, Mr. “Transparent Self Image”, making a business claim that he is a a “loving husband … with a sincere desire to heal and evolve.”

However, Sajady’s wife divorced him amid numerous allegations of affairs. Below is the register of his divorce, which was filed by his wife in October 2016.


Here is a video about Sajady’s most enduring alleged mistress — Fei Xuan Zhou.


Did Mas Sajady have sex with prostitutes? This video examines his body language while he answers that question.



Fei Xuan Zhou arrived on the scene in 2012, and soon after is treated to a holiday trip to China. Where’s the wife? It appears that Zhou pushed out another alleged mistress, Joy Sela, who left shortly after Fei Zhou arrived.

Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute. A few months after the Thanksgiving trip, Fei’s demonic “art” is featured on an advertisement for a Valentine’s day online masturbation session with Sajady.

Is this a portrait of a “loving husband”? Zhou is pushing her breasts into Sajady, with her leg wrapped around him — in the presence of his teenage daughter? What is this teaching his teenage daughter — to be in a harem?

This is how Mas Sajady’s repays his wife’s kindness after being a surrogate for his sister.

Was this an orgy that Fei Zhou held at Mas Sajady’s father’s house in San Diego? In their failed lawsuit against whistleblower Tanster, Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady hotly denied that an orgy happened at his escape house in San Diego, even suing her for that allegation. However — architectural details confirm that it could not have occurred at the Colony Hotel, where they claim it was held.

Why are Zhou and Sajady trying to hide something?

Fei Zhou has asserted Mas Sajady is “PURE.”
She has called him a “good man.”

Here is Sajady’s mother-in-law shaming him on the Facebook page of Fei Zhou, calling her a mistress.

Here is Tracy Sajady liking a post on Tanster’s page, which calls Fei Zhou a dupe.

Here is Tanster’s eyewitness account of Mas and Fei in person:

The whole time I was near them, Mas and Fay behaved like they were lovers putting their hands all over each other. I saw Mas put his hands on her lower back. He felt up her leg. She caressed his arms and legs. She went through his bag, drank his water bottle, ate off his plate. She stood so close to him it looked like he was wearing her. They spent a long time putting sunblock all over each other. On the speedboat Fay wiggled her butt in his face and danced on the seat like a stripper for him.

More information about Fei Zhou here.



This charming young lady appears in Mas Sajady’s advertising as early as July 2011. She is approximately 30 years younger than Sajady. Like many other women Sajady associates with, Sela posts strumpet-type photos of herself online.

About seven months after Sela arrives on the scene, she starts a new company “Creative Blueprint” –Mas Sajady appears to be the first customer.

A few days later, Sajady and his young employee make a trip to Diana Maxwell’s Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. They are conveniently in Los Angeles over Valentine’s Day. What did Sajady’s wife think about that?

About six months later, July 2012, it appears that Sela and Sajady start a company together, called C4 designs, which made Iphone cases. Where was Sajady’s wife?

Fei Zhou begins working for Sajady in the fall of 2012, and soon after Joy Sela hands her job working for Sajady off to a friend, Vanessa Feils. Witnesses have reported that Fei Zhou is quite repelling in person; it is likely drove Sela away.

Feils appears to leave six months later, leaving Mas Sajady Inc. in Fei Zhou’s hands. However soon after, in August 2013, Mas Sajady’s next alleged mistress Jane Sibbett appears.

Sela endures many years with Sajady. In below photo from July 2017 Sela comments, “Love you Masty!” Joy Sela is Jewish. Doesn’t it bother her that Sajady is anti-Semitic?

It appears that in Sela dumped Sajady later on in 2017, likely tired of dealing with the bad press that comes from associating with perverted fraud. Sela was heavily warned about Sajady, but it took her quite a while to do anything about it. In fact, it appears Sela still has some loyalty to Sajady, saying she still shares a “deep soul connection” with him, sociopathic con man who lies pathologically, encourages suicide, runs around with numerous alleged mistresses, and has ties to pedophilia. Sela has never retracted her support for Sajady’s cult or apologized for her role in helping recruit more victims for Sajady’s predatory fraud.



Alleged mistress Jane Sibbett arrives on the scene in August 2013. Sibbett promotes Sajady for a few years, then departs. Sibbett has never retracted her support for Sajady. In fact she has continued to defend him as late as 2017, despite being warned about him and despite the alleged mysterious deaths in her family. Onlookers have speculated this is because Sajady has blackmail on Sibbett, so she will not do what is right.

Jane was pretty excited to go on a “Primoridal Passion” sex retreat with Sajady. His wife was nowhere in sight.

Here’s Jane doing a “Primordial Passion” sex retreat with Sajady. Where’s the wife?

Former clients witnessed Sajady and Sibbett’s behavior.

What do you suppose could have happened to go from Ms. Cozy to Ms. Hostile?



A former Sajady client recalls seeing someone named Sonya “hugging all over” Sajady at an event in California, when Jane Sibbett was promoting Sajady, and when his wife was not there. The below post from Jane Sibbett refers to a Sonya.

This appears to be Sonya Sheik, whose resume said she worked for Sajady in 2013 to 2015. Is Sonya Sheik another alleged mistress?



Maari first appears in Mas Sajady’s marketing in July 2011, although she may have been working for Sajady before that. Joy Sela first appears in Sajady’s marketing that same month, starting a Facebook page for him. A few months later Maari disappears, only to reappear for one post in 2013.

Was Maari another alleged mistress? Did she leave seeing a new affair budding that she didn’t want to see?

Archived here.



Many people have speculated that Mas Sajady is gay. Will Allen gave Mas Sajady two interviews, despite being warned about him and Zhou. Will Allen — who has make a big to-do and profit from his claims to have exited a cult in his film “Holly Hell” — has been warned about Sajady, yet he continues his association with him. Is Will Allen a Sajady mistress?




The alleged Sajady mistresses are the ones who refuse to tell the truth the most. Shad Groverland, Unity Las Vegas reverend, not only refused to listen to warnings about Sajady — he went to bat for him. Groverland went the censorship route, flagging truthful reviews about his church and Sajady to the Facebook Gestapo, and tried to get a Youtube video pulled with a “privacy” complaint. There is no privacy for your public figure position and choices as a reverend, Shad. Why would Rev. Shad fight so hard? Does he have a secret to keep?

Video is also posted at:

The below comment to Unity warned them about Sajady’s anti-Semitism.

Groverland unsuccessfully attempted to ban video about him from Youtube.



Alan Steinfeld has been warned heavily about Mas Sajady, yet he continues to promote him. Here are Sajady and Steinfeld in quite an intimate pose.

Steinfeld appears to be Jewish, and Sajady admires Hitler. Sajady and his most common alleged mistress Fei Zhou have been sited by numerous people behaving indiscreetly in public while Sajady was married. Alan Steinfeld no doubt saw this behavior — and couldn’t care less. Zhou apparently hosted orgies on the west coast — what was happening between Steinfeld and Sajady on the east coast?



No surprise Mas Sajady is getting divorced. Why has he gone to great lengths to try to hide this and other facts about his scam — using the legal system in the attempt to rob whistleblowers of their constitutional rights to speak the truth. Mr. Fabulous Love-Sex-Relationship Expert is not who he claims to be.