Mas Sajady’s Divorce

Mas Sajady claims he is a “loving husband” and holds himself out as a relationship expert. However, this relationship expert has failed at his own marriage. Mas Sajady has now been divorced by his wife of nearly 2 decades.

Apparently, cavorting with numerous alleged mistresses and posting it on his social media doesn’t build a healthy marriage. Here is Mas Sajady making intimate contact with his employee, Fei Xuan Zhou, and posting it on his business social media. Fei Zhou is pressing her breasts into him, while his teenage daughter is right in the room. What is he teaching his daughter — to be a subservient woman of a harem?

Fei Zhou is just one of Sajady’s alleged mistresses. Even though Sajady’s wife divorced him, he refuses to marry her, despite leading her on. The below video plays photographer Tanster’s eyewitness account of how Zhou and Sajady behaved when she was on a cruise with them, when his wife wasn’t around.

Here is Tracy Sajady’s mother shaming Mas Sajady on the Facebook page of his alleged mistress Fei Zhou, calling her a mistress.

Fei Zhou markets herself as a “mistress” and a “concubine.”

Mas Sajady has made his sexual conduct fair for public discussion by holding himself out as a love, sex, and relationship expert, and posting about his sexual conduct publicly on his business pages. Any doubts, read this catalog of public Sajady claims to be a love, sex, and relationship expert. Furthermore, a judge’s order affirmed my right to talk about Mas Sajady’s business, which includes his sexual conduct — by his own design.

Here are more publicly posted pictures that show Mas Sajady in intimate contact with other women, most of them posted by Sajady himself.


Divorce Filing

Tracy Sajady filed for divorce 10-28-18.

It was becoming a very messy divorce, with Tracy sending subpoenas to various banks and making discovery requests of secretive Sajady, whose business he called “Transparent Self-Image.” It is believed that Sajady nearly ended up in jail. To head that off he bullied his wife into bringing the divorce to a hasty end by June 2017.

Currently, when you look up their divorce in the online Minnesota records system, it doesn’t come up. It appears that Sajady does not want the public finding out about his divorce and got his records sealed. The Star Tribune got Prince’s divorce records unsealed. It is likely at some point the same will happen for Sajady.


Likely Marital Lien on Sajady’s Property

As part of the divorce, it appears that Sajady shares custody of the kids, so he doesn’t have to pay alimony. It also appears that Sajady retained control of the homestead. The homestead is the house that Sajady bought in 2011 with $400K in cash, despite claiming to be bankrupt two years before. Like Sajady had torn apart the previous house they walked away from, he has done the same thing to this house.

For her part, Tracy Sajady was tired of living in third-world zones created by her husband’s perpetually unfinished houses. She bought her dream home for $625,000 in in nearby Victoria:  A new construction 5-bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4111 sq. ft. house squished into a .32 acre lot.

But despite the fact that Sajady brags how wealthy he is, Tracy only had a $205,000 down payment on the house. The 2017 City Pages article reported that divorce papers said Tracy Sajady “does not have information as to [Mas Sajady’s] income but believes it to be approximately $1 million per year.” But it looks like Tracy Sajady didn’t get much of that.

And Tracy Sajady appears to be in arrears. In June 2019 she took out a second loan for $75,000. Doesn’t the self-proclaimed family expert Sajady care about the financial welfare of the mother of his children?

Sajady appears to be in arrears as well. The Carver County property tax records page shows he hasn’t paid his fall 2019 taxes of $3815. The page also shows the property tax statements for the homestead being sent to his wife’s new address in Victoria, instead of the homestead property. It is likely that as part of the divorce, Tracy Sajady has a marital lien on the homestead.


Relationship Expert has Terrible Marriage

Here is Mas Sajady testifying he’s had a bad marriage for 15 years.. The below transcript is from his 2017 lawsuit to abolish a whistleblower’s rights.

Below is commentary about Sajady’s claims.

Here Mas Sajady is complaining in court because his divorce, a matter of public record, was made public. He was trying to make a pity play to take away my Constitutional rights. He was acting like a victim, when the fact is he is the one who was making intimate contact with other women and posting it on his social media.


Other Alleged Mistress: Jane Sibbett

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Other Alleged Mistress: Joy Sela

Joy Sela is another alleged Sajady mistress. For more alleged mistresses, including possible men, visit the Alleged Mistresses page.


How Mas Sajady is with the women in his life according to his social media. It kind of tells a story.

Posted by Tanster on Thursday, July 6, 2017