Cari Murphy Promotes Sex Pervert Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou — who Posts Alleged Pedophile Symbols

Cari Murphy has promoted Mas Sajady dating back to 2012, promoting his cult on her online radio shows, called the Cari Murphy Radio Show and Straight Talk for the Soul.

As of 2020, her website proudly broadcasts, “Unleash your potential!”

However, it appears that Cari Murphy’s definition of “potential” includes sexual perversion, ties to pedophilia, alleged pedophile symbols, anti-Semitism, and many other sordid values.

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia running a cult that preys primarily upon women, vulnerable adults, and the most vulnerable of all — children.  But that doesn’t bother Cari Murphy

Furthermore, Sajady and Zhou’s cult is demonic.  Their unsuspecting customers have been lured in by fraudulent claims that Sajady “heals” and is an expert on virtually everything. It is no surprise these customers soon become sick and experience many problems, even deaths and disasters.

Yet Cari Murphy continues to promote the Sajady-Zhou cult online.

Cari Murphy has been warned numerous times about the nature of Sajady and Zhou’s cult. Yet she continues to back their fraudulent, predatory agenda.  That makes her complicit in their corruption. Here she is being warned again via Twitter.  At this time we have not heard back from her.