Children and Pets Harmed

Former Sajady customers have come forward saying he harmed their children with his black magic, and that many pets have died while under his influence.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Sajady is avowedly demonic.  Sajady has also preached about the virtues of sadomasochism, cheating, orgies, that abuse is “seductive” and an “attempt to heal”, and that pedophilia is justified.  Minister Sajady even has ties to pedophilia.  Along with his handler Fei Zhou he posts alleged pedophile symbols.  Sajady has groped children in a sexual fashion, as can be seen in the videos below.  No parent should be bringing their child to see this perverted scammer couple.

This page catalogs just a few of the instances we have heard of regarding Sajady’s harm to children and pets. There are many more instances which aren’t cataloged here.


Experienced healers know that you can touch someone’s sexual energy without physically touching the person.  Here is one recipient of Sajady’s touch reporting that Sajady was hooking into her sexual energy, even though not directly touching her sexual organs.

If Sajady is sexually touching adults — what is to stop him from doing the same to children?

Here are photos of Sajady groping children, including his own daughter, whom he uses as a surrogate spouse.

Screenshot with daughter standing cooking.jpg

girl - brown hair pinky.jpgkid Girl long brown hair pubic grope.jpgkid Emme sister look alike 223.jpgKid - white shirt girl ovarian grope.jpggirl grope near ovaries & spencer eddy.jpgboy - butt grope w text.jpg

Video: Sex Guru Mas Sajady Gropes Child in Sexual Fashion

This video shows Sajady groping a young girl in a sexual fashion at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, and even groaning like he’s sexually aroused.

Video: A Pervert and Prostitute in the Sanctuary

This video shows Sajady groping children of all ages in a sexual fashion at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community,  thanks to corrupt church president Gary Perisian.


A former client of Mas Sajady says her children were deeply harmed by him.  



An email comment received from former client in India said:  “In last one year nothing has changed. Things are only getting worse.”

Unfortunately I have been playing this thing on a loop so my baby heard it too and I asked him to work on my little one as she was giving me a tough time. Each and everything was a struggle with her and I didn’t have the patience to deal with it and was loosing my sanity. I was already tormented and stressed out by my partner.

Mas also has some frequency lullaby’s for children which he says keeps them protected and safe from spirits around and I got one on spiritual protection for my daughter. But I haven’t really seen any change in me or her for the better. Things are only getting worse. I didn’t find a negative review of him and I went in thinking it’s meditation what could go wrong. I prayed yesterday for a solution a way out of chaos and I came across the blog review which I had not found all this while. It was a sign. I have stopped playing his recordings. When he was working on me and my daughter in the online session my little one was very scared and came running and clung to me and then Mas said she’s scared as she is aware of me working and removing the entities surrounding your family. Now when I think back if it was pure source connection she should have felt more secure rather than scared. But in last one year nothing has changed I still get angry and lash out at my little one. My hubby is more abusive than before. Mas said everything will stop and turn around for the better. It didn’t.


One former Sajady client contacted me upon realizing Sajady works with the dark side. She said, “I am so…SO, very abhorrent of any person who uses gifts for personal or dark purposes. I have lived my life absolutely in the opposite direction.. Yes, we all deserve abundance, but not by the manipulation of others.”

The client asked about her children. When I clairvoyantly looked at her child’s soul, it was trembling, horrified. It said to me:  “I was mercilessly shredded to bits. They took me down one night, into a world that looked like light, then to a dark world. Then they shredded me, tore me up into bits and pieces. I could hardly survive, I didn’t know what happened me me, then they put me together in false way, it wasn’t me they put me together as. They brought me back and I’ve never been the same.”

The dark energy beings working with Sajady admitted to me: “We took her right away. We wanted to rip every part of her soul out of her being and use it for ourselves. She has a very nice sweet genetic coding of kindness. We want to occupy this space as a part of our illusion, false front, so we can manipulate and bring more people in.”

I looked at the former client’s son, and he had shields of energy around him, protecting himself from Sajady’s dark system. He wanted to help his sister, but his hands were tied. I did healing work on all three of them to free them and restore them from Sajady’s demonic influence.


Another Sajady client came to me for healing. I worked on her and her family. I was shown that her son’s soul had been ripped out of is body by Sajady and his dark system.  Then they would use the young man’s body to channel darkness through, all the while appearing innocent.   There were thick copper-like cables coming into her son that were cleared. These were used for Mas to anchor his energy into his soul, and to anchor hervson to Mas’ dark matrix.

When I brought the son’s soul back in, he said, “Mom I’m here! I’m finally back! It took me about two years, but I’m back! I couldn’t believe what happened to me. Just like that Mas took me out, just like that I was gone, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen this before myself. It’s like I was signed out to another dimension. I was stuck there. Mom I’ve come back, thank God. Don’t know what happened, what he did to me, but I’m back now.”

I was shown that there were several souls of male children that had been ripped out of their bodies.  We freed them from Sajady’s evil stranglehold.


We have seen many pets mysteriously disappear or die.

This pet owner appears to be yet another vulnerable adult preyed upon by Sajady and Zhou’s black magic.  She is suicidal, appears to have a mental health diagnosis, and other postings of hers indicated she was sexually obsessed with Sajady. Sajady was probably telepathically perpetrating telepathic love fraud on her.

Ultimately, she is giving consent to Sajady’s black magic. There is nothing done by Mas Sajady Inc. to discourage this.

Her cat died right at the beginning of her obsession with him. Many former Sajady clients have talked about the large number of deaths of pets while under Sajady’s influence, which, like people, are also presumable death sacrifices.

Apparently in love with Sajady.


A dog who had apparently been put to sleep was posted on the Facebook page of Sajady employee Kaille Padgett. Padget has also experienced many alleged mysterious deaths in the time she has worked for Sajady.

Cat dies.


Here is one pet who got sick through Sajady’s dark system preying upon his client’s pets:

“He made my dog sick with detox during the 21-day program. My dog suddenly could barely move, was in pain, had dark energy all over him, and would not let me comfort him right after the AM session.”



Here are some videos about Sajady’s ties to pedophilia. More information here.