Christine Day Defends Pervert Mas Sajady

New age guru Christine day has defended sex guru Mas Sajady — a pervert who has ties to pedophilia, posts alleged pedophile symbols, runs around with a prostitute, does black magic, and many many other problems.

Christine Day stated in an email dated December 1, 2019:

“I have experienced the energy of Mas Sajady first hand and there has always been an inbalance [sic] with his ego however I do not see any pedophilia or sexually twists. As a victim of sexual child abuse I can readily pick up this energy in people.”

Day had been contacted a few days earlier about her continued association with the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, which promotes Mas Sajady.  Day was warned about Sajady and church president Gary Perisian, who is an atheist:

LHSC’s corrupt church president Gary Perisian continued to promote Sajady — despite being warned about him repeatedly.

Christine Day also defended Perisian saying, “Gary Persion [sic] has a pure intention and heart and does an excellent job at Lake Harriet.”

It appears that Christine Day is little more than a charlatan. She clearly cannot “readily pick up” on sexual abuse energy, and has actually defended a perverted sex cult that preys upon children.