“Church” of Sajady: Allegedly Fake Non-Profit

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To his clients and victims, sex guru Mas Sajady claims what he does is “not religious in any way.”  Sajady makes this claim repeatedly across his marketing, as seen in the screenshot below.

But when the IRS and the government come knocking, Mas Sajady claims he’s  a “minister” running a “church.” Below are screenshots from Sajady’s failed lawsuit against whistleblower Theresa Nygard, wherein Sajady claims to be a “minister.”

Mas Sajady, a Minnesota resident, filed for religious non-profit status in California, claiming he’s running a religious charity:

Mas Sajady, Inc
Type: Religous Charity
Tax Status:  Exempt – Active
Go to:  http://rct.doj.ca.gov/Verification/Web/Search.aspx?facility=Y
Enter Organization Name:  “Mas Sajady, Inc”

Sajady and Zhou post nothing publicly about being a non-profit, they never tell their clients they can write off their payments to them, they never provide receipts for cash.

If their clients received receipts — then the IRS would have an auditable record.  Instead, Sajady and Zhou do their accounting on a napkin.

Sajady and Zhou charge exorbitant fees to people baited by their fraudulent claims.  Sajady and Zhou have certainly collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.  Here are some examples.

In 2019 they were collecting $70,000 for 7 hours.

$150 for Four Minutes

$11,700 for 3.5 hours. 
While you are having your money sucked out of you, you are even supposed to dress for the occasion:  “business elegant.”
$126,000 for 32 Hours

A non-profit is “an organization which does not have profit as its primary motivation.” Non-profits and charities get special tax exemptions– they are known to be tax shelters and receive special scrutiny from the IRS for this reason. There are specific penalties “should the members of the organization engage in practices that may excessively benefit any of the organization’s members.” (Wikipedia) Most likely the IRS would not find it credible that profit is not the primary motive with this “non-profit.”


Instead of informing the public he’s a non-profit, Sajady shows off his wild spending on social media — Lamborghinis, Teslas, flying his kids to South America for the weekend.  And Sajady brags to his alleged mistress Fei Zhou about all the expensive boats and houses he plans to buy.  The family members pulled their posts about the flashy vehicles soon after we called attention to this. But we found some pictures …


In 2020 Sajady finally admitted he is a Satanist.

Prior to that Sajady admitted he works with demons, but he still pretended he was benevolent.

Sajady and Zhou preach a demonic agenda — such as there is no accountability — at the same time they are profiting from a product called “Accountability.”

Their “Accountability” product was liked by dozens of fake likes.

Mas Sajady bragged about lack of accountability on Instagram:  About getting out a a speeding ticket.

Sajady and Zhou preach about self-servitude.

Their claim to be a religious charity appears to be little more than a tax dodge and legal-liability dodge.