Confronting Alina Janssen about Recruiting for the Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou Sex Cult

Alina Janssen has continued to promote the cult of con man Mas Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Zhou, despite being warned.  Janssen has also acted as a cult handler, love-bombing people in as they arrive, offering hugs and attempting to down play the protest of Sajady’s events that is occurring. Janssen  has even defended Sajady to the police.

Despite her role in helping recruit more victims for the Sajady cult, Janssen plays the victim, denying responsibility for her choice to recruit for the Sajady-Zhou Sex and Death Cult

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Below are clips and videos that show Alina Janssen being confronted over and over again about her choice to serve the diabolical agenda of Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou, which includes:

  1. Lying
  2. Black magic
  3. Anti-Semitism
  4. Sexual perversion – Orgies, Sadomaschism, cheating
  5. Suicide programming and deaths of clients
  6. Harassment of whistleblowers, including frivolous lawsuit


Like self-described prostitute Fei Zhou, Alina Janssen has dressed in a sexual fashion for spiritual events: Mini-skirts, cocktail dresses, extremely tight-fitting clothing, clothing with holes. It seems everything she wears is intended to elicit a sexual response from men.  Janssen’s public sexual demeanor, in particular in the context of a claimed spiritual organization, makes her conduct fair for public discussion.

SEPTEMBER 2019:  Alina Janssen Defends Pervert Sajady to the Police

Below is a clip of Alina Janssen defending pervert Mas Sajady to the Minneapolis police, in the attempt to get an American citizen arrested for exercising her Constitutional rights of free speech.  The Sajady Cult has routinely made frivolous calls to the Minneapolis police for protesting, and the Minneapolis police are jaded by their calls.

On this day, Sajady actually comes outside to talk to the police officer, where his lies can be documented on camera. Sajady lies profusely, yet fails to get me arrested.  Fei  Zhou’s aggressive nature comes out, as she harasses me by touching and blocking my filming of Janssen’s statements.

Janssen manipulatively talks like a 7 year old girl in the attempt to con the police officer. Janssen tosses her hair while talking to him.  At one point Janssen asks the police officer if children could be “emotionally damaged” by a protester warning the parents they were bringing their children to a sex cult.  The officer responds, “I can’t give that advice.”  Janssen also tries in a sideways fashion to get the police officer to write a report or arrest me for protesting, which he refuses to do.

SEPTEMBER 2019:  Janssen Comforts Sajady Intimately

After Sajady fails to get me arrested for lawfully protesting, Janssen intimately gropes Mas Sajady, desperate to comfort the cult leader. Is this how you would comfort your boss?

No normal boyfriend would put up with  their girlfriend working for a pervert like Sajady, always having him lurking in the background of their relationship.

September 2019:  Janssen Confronted Again and Again

Janssen appears to have no moral dilemma about recruiting fresh victims for Sajady’s death and sex cult — which also preys upon children.  Sajady and Zhou are perverts with ties to pedophilia.  Below are clips of Janssen being confronted again on recruiting and defending two sexual deviants.

Why would Alina Janssen work for such a filthy organization?

DECEMBER 2018:  Janssen Runs Camera Filming Protester

At this Sajady event Alina Janssen stood outside and ran a camera on a tripod. She is clearly able to hear my statements warning her about the nature of the Sajady-Zhou cult. But Janssen chooses to remain a loyal employee, helping promote their agenda.

Janssen can also be seen in this video out front of a Sajady event, on the right side of the screen starting at around the 1:40 mark.

SEPTEMBER 2018:  Janssen Hugs Event Attendees

At this event Janssen acts as a cult handler, welcoming and even hugging event attendees as they arrive, attempting to do damage control.

MARCH 2018: Janssen Defames Whistleblower

While Mas Sajady groped women inside, Alina Janssen and another woman stood out front of a Mas Sajady cult event, defending Sajady.  They acted as cult handlers:  Welcoming people into the cult, encouraging them as they came in, and attempting to block my message.

While I was informing a potential visitor that Sajady admires Hitler, Alina Janssen interrupted and defamed me, saying, “Send her love. She has issues and challenges…”

Janssen Violates FTC Laws

Like other Sajady employees, Janssen has even violated FTC laws in order to help promote the Sajady cult, posting supportive comments on his social media without identifying herself as a paid employee, essentially lying to the public to promote the Sajady and Zhou Sex and Death Cult.


This video clip shows Sajady alleged “sister wives” being confronted about their anti-American, anti-free speech, salacious agenda.  They are leaving the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community after a day of recruiting more children for pervert Sajady to prey upon. Note the child screaming in the video, who has been enlisted by his cult member parent Sunil Doe to defend adults running a perverted, diabolical cult.

Janssen’s Public Sexual Demeanor:  Makes Her Conduct Fair for Public Discussion

Alina Janssen’s sexual demeanor as a recruiter and agent for the Mas Sajady cult is fair for public discussion.  She is basically behaving like the prostitute(s) she is surrounded by and works for:

  1. She has posted provocative photos on her Facebook page, in public forum, which makes her conduct in that regard fair for public discussion.
  2. She has worn provocative clothing to so-called “spiritual” events hosted by Sajady and Zhou, again in public forum.
  3. And she chooses of her own free will to work for two sexual deviants and promote their perverted agenda to children.

In these clips Alina Janssen is confronted about publicly selling herself in a sexual fashion and recruiting brainlessly for the Sajady sex cult.  Janssen appears to be happy to recruit for and defend two sexual deviants.