Confronting Cult Leader Mas Sajady

While protesting the cult of sexual deviants Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Fei “Fay” Zhou, I had the opportunity to confront Mas Sajady and Fei  Zhou face to face several times.  The perverted scammer couple have been at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community  many times to run their perverted fraud. And corrupt church president Gary Perisian has been happy to help them.  Here are a few of the confrontations.

DECEMBER 14, 2019:  Confronting Mas Sajady Face to Face

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to confront Mas Sajady face to face.

For a week after I started publishing about Sajady and Zhou’s alleged pedophile symbols — Sajady was tyring to strangle me with his black magic. Then it suddenly quit. Why?

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019:  Mas Sajady Gets Confronted before Police

Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou make yet another frivolous police call in the attempt to get me arrested for lawfully protesting. During that police call, Sajady felt the need to deny he’s a pedophile.  Here is the entire video for you to enjoy, where all of them get confronted by me.  The officer is trying to keep from laughing.

JULY 28, 2019:  Sajady and Zhou Confronted about not Condemning Pedophilia

Sajady and Zhou were confronted about their failure to condemn pedophilia and just about everything else in this short clip.

The police arrived towards the end of the clip. They again affirmed my right to protest.

September 20, 2019:  Sajady and Zhou Confronted about Being Sexual Deviants

In the filing of their lawsuit against Tanster, Sajady denies having a “close professional relationship with a sexual deviant.” Here are Pages 10-11 from Sajady and Zhou’s court filing.

However, besides his association with Zhou, Sajady himself is a sexual deviant, advocating for sexual perversion, including orgies, cheating, and sadomasochism. He also has ties to pedophilia.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019:  Confronting Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou about Groping Other People’s Children

Here Sajady and Zhou are confronted about why they think pervert Sajady is entitled to grope other people’s children.
Sajady and Zhou are initially on the right side of the screen, talking to a cult member in the black SUV.  Cult recruiters Sunil Doe, Barbie Doe & Esther Berman Kielty run interference.

Notifying Sajady and all Cult Agents to Cease and Desist Making Defamatory Statements

Zhou and all cult agents were notified to cease and desist make defamatory comments about myself and other whistleblowers. Here they are being verbally notified once again.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019:  Confronting Mas Sajady, Fei Zhou, Alina Janssen, Flerida Todorovski about Using Children as Shields

After a day of groping children in a sexual fashion, the cult members are confronted about continuing to abuse children.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019:  Confronting Mas Sajady about Justine Damond:  Alleged Death Sacrifice

Justine Damond is believed to be yet another death sacrifice linked to demonic guru Mas Sajady.  There are many alleged mysterious deaths connected to Sajady and the church that Justine Damond spoke at, the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. This church is run by corrupt president Gary Perisian, who insists on continuing to promote Mas Sajady.

Mas Sajady and his handler Fei Zhou are running a death cult that seeks to drive people to their deaths.  It is believed Sajady is seeking death sacrifices to pay his debts to the dark side.