Confronting Ella Davis-Suggs: Promotes Sajady-Zhou Cult

Ella Davis-Suggs has, of her own free will, drunk the grape Koolaid proffered by corrupt church president Gary Perisian for many years. Now she is continuing to help promote the perverted sex cult run by Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou, who post alleged pedophile symbols and have ties to pedophilia.

Suggs is helping this cult prey upon children.

JULY 2019:  Suggs Introduces Sajady at LHSC

Here is Ella Suggs introducing Sajady in July 2019, helping him troll for more victims of his predatory fraud.

A few days later, this girl was groped by Sajady in a sexual fashion in the sanctuary. Sajady even groaned like he was sexually aroused while touching her.


SEPTEMBER 2019: Suggs Confronted about Sajady-Zhou Cult using LHSC to Prey Upon Children

Ella Suggs even supports giving Sajady the sanctuary of the church so he can prey upon other people’s children.

Here is Ella Davis-Suggs being confronted on her corrupt conduct.

DECEMBER 2019: Suggs Confronted about Continued Support for Sajady-Zhou Cult

Here is Ella Suggs being confronted again about continuing to endorse cult leaders Fei “Fay” Zhou and Mas Sajady running their perverted sex cult out of LHSC.