Alienated, Isolated, Depressed, Foggy, Dizzy, & Robotic Clients

Mas Sajady has admitted he’s a Satanist who works with demons.

Sajady and his handler Fei Zhou do black magic and are voluntarily part of a black magic system.  This black magic system systematically alienates and isolates people, in order to control them take advantage of them.  “Divide and conquer” is the modus operandi. These control techniques include manufactured alienations, flashpoints, and calculated betrayals.  Love is vaporized or frozen, relationships are sooted, enmity is created artificially.

For example, all the sudden there can be flashpoint, and a relationship just instantaneously comes to and end.  These flashpoints can also happen financially – leaving you with nothing as supportive financial connections vaporize abruptly.  There may be such a  pervasive feeling of betrayal, it can be an insurmountable canyon to restore the connection.

The purpose of all these alienation techniques is control through deprivation.  If the dark system can limit and isolate you, it can more easily control you and make you dependent upon it, owning your soul.  Once the dark system lays over a person and takes ahold of the person, they typically become depressed and suicidal.

The black magic system also drives people out of their bodies, so their bodies can be used by the dark system.  Clients report feeling “out of their body”,  dizzy, and foggy.

Here is Mas Sajady saying it is good if his clients are vacated from their bodies.  From a demonic possession standpoint, an empty vessel is perfect for possession. And at the bottom he reminds them it’s good to work with demons, saying “how dark energy can strengthen your spiritual immunity.”

Below are a comments from Sajady clients, some his high paying Healing Mastery clients,  describing feeling isolated, alienated, depressed, out of their bodies,  foggy, and robotic.



“I have felt very isolated and alone.”

– T.,Connecticut

“I am always tired and in pain and became lost and isolated.  Everything goes wrong in my life.”

— Anonymous  November 1, 2016 at 11:49 AM

“I isolated myself to do the program but I didn’t understand why. I actually told my best friend I only wanted my kids and Mas’s program.  Now I see how crazy that was. I had so many close personal relationships before Mas.”

— Former Mas Sajady Client, California

“He does something disrupts all relationships, especially the ones close to you. Very hard for anyone to read Mas that is not very advanced, they create a huge overlay so people would experience distortion.  My first psychic teacher and counselor did not want me to come near her until I got cleared. We emailed so about it. That’s when I really got how screwed all the energy is.”

— Former Mas Sajady Client, California







This person has been working with Mas Sajady for 3 years, and she’s having problems staying in her body.

This person is so out of her body she nearly hit someone.


“I feel more exhausted, tons of brain fog, very poor sleep patterns and my eyesight has gotten noticeably worse.”

       – L ., California

“I was drained and confused after his program. My energy level never really came up again and I still have same have the same head congestion he worked on.”

-RH Sebastopol, CA

“When I first started with Mas, my husband and I were dizzy for weeks.”

— Former Mas Sajady client, CA

Hopefully the woman below realizes feeling dizzy is not normal or good — and also chooses to protect her child.

“I  have had a very hard time focusing on work, and financially things have gotten worse.”

— T., Connecticut.

Comments by the person above, after she did my Reset Meditation:

“I also, for the first time in over a year was able to get up early and get to the office at 8:30!  I was rolling in at 10 am or later!! before this just could never get going—and feeling so foggy and depressed and disorganized!! Not like me at all.  Thank you again for the healing work for myself, my son and my daughter. I’m feeling so much brighter after just 2 meditations. Love and Gratitude, T.”


Here are descriptions of Mas Sajady clients as robotic, brainwashed.

I had stopped working with mas for over a year because i just knew something wasn’t right and then the last month I got pulled back in only to have this feeling that he was reprogramming everyone and not in a good way. And I had this whole realization one day about it possibly being artificial intelligence/alien work. Your blog confirmed this.  I’m extremely depleted much like you and my nervous system is shot and I’m quite sick. I am going back to my pranayama/meditation practices, but do feel very unhuman right now.