Diana Maxwell & LA Consciousness Expo Endorse Mas Sajady, Hitler Student and “Dirty Sex” Aficionado

Diana Maxwell has gone to great lengths to promote and endorse Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou’s cult at her New Life Expo in Los Angeles, California.  Besides encouraging suicide, admiring Hitler, and lying pathologically — Sajady and Zhou have ties to pedophilia, post alleged pedophile symbols, and are admitted Satanists.

VIDEO:  Mas Sajady Admits He’s a Satanist | Posted at Bitchute • YoutubeVKFacebook

One email Maxwell sent back to me said, “Well Susan Shumsky thinks he’s okay.”  Susan Shumsky is a new age fake, a con herself. She is spiritually corrupt, profiting off her claims to be a spirituality expert — when she promotes other cons like Sajady and Zhou.

Those of us exposing Sajady sent Diana Maxwell emails warning her about Sajady.

But Maxwell completely disregarded the warnings she received.  In fact, Maxwell actually turned against the whistleblowers, helping Sajady get an unconstitutional gag order against me, which I victoriously got overturned.  Maxwell had sent Sajady my emails to her warning her about Sajady, which Sajady then tried to use in court to justify the abolition of my free speech rights.  Diana Maxwell helped a con man assault a whistleblower.

When Maxwell continued to host Sajady and  Zhou, I posted a video exposing her promotion of the Sajady-Zhou cult.  Maxwell must have not liked being exposed — because she got it banned on Youtube.  But you can enjoy it below.

Several other videos about Maxwell and Shumsky have been banned, because these crooked spiritual fakes want to refuse to take accountability. They are perpetrators acting like a victims.

To date, it appears that Maxwell is no longer hosting Sajady, but she has never publicly retracted her support, instead trying to just sweep her complicity under the rug.

Susan Shumsky, however, continues to host Sajady, despite being heavily warned.


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This video discusses how Susan Shumsky promotes Sajady’s agenda right along with Maxwell, and how Youtube’s censorship smacks of Illuminati influence.


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