Joy Sela: Alleged Mistress & Cult Employee

This charming young lady appears as an employee in Mas Sajady’s advertising as early as July 2011. She is approximately 30 years younger than Sajady. Like many other women Sajady associates with, Sela posts strumpet-type photos of herself online.

About seven months after Sela arrives on the scene, she starts a new company “Creative Blueprint” — Mas Sajady appears to be the first customer.

A few days later, Sajady and his young employee make a trip to Diana Maxwell’s Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.  They are conveniently in Los Angeles over Valentine’s Day.  What did Sajady’s wife think about that?

About six months later, July 2012, it appears that Sela and  Sajady start a company together, called C4 designs, which makes Iphone cases.  Where’s the wife?

Fei Zhou begins working for Sajady in the fall of 2012, and soon after Joy Sela  hands her job working for Sajady off to a friend, Vanessa Feils. Witnesses have reported that Fei Zhou is quite repelling in person; it is likely she drove Sela away.  Former Sajady clients have speculated that Fei Zhou is deeply jealous of Joy Sela.

Feils appears to leave six months later, leaving Mas Sajady Inc. in Fei Zhou’s hands, which is what Zhou certainly sought. However, soon after, in August 2013, Mas Sajady’s next alleged mistress Jane Sibbett appears.

Sela endures many years with Sajady.  In below photo from July 2017 Sela comments, “Love you Masty!”  Joy Sela is Jewish. Doesn’t it bother her that Sajady is anti-Semitic?

Like many other Sajady employees, Joy Sela violates FTC laws by posting endorsements for Sajady without identifying herself as a paid employee.  This endorsement is from Itunes. Above her comment appears to be a comment from Sajady’s teenage daughter. Below her comment, another former Sajady client who acted as a promoter.

This Joy Sela endorsement if posted on Sajady’s site.

In the below post, Joy Sela may be referring to ending her connection with Mas Sajady. If so, it appears that Sela dumped Sajady later on in 2017, likely tired of dealing with the bad press that comes from associating with perverted fraud.  Sela was heavily warned about Sajady, but it took her quite a while to do anything about it.

In fact, it appears Sela still has some loyalty to Sajady, saying she still shares a “deep soul connection” with him — a sociopathic con man who lies pathologically, encourages suicide, runs around with numerous alleged mistresses, and has ties to pedophilia.  Sela has never retracted her support for Sajady’s cult or apologized for her role in helping recruit more victims for Sajady’s predatory fraud.