Fei Xuan Zhou: Alleged Mistress & Cult Employee

Fei Xuan Zhou is one of Mas Sajady’s alleged mistresses.  In addition to having ties to pedophilia and posting alleged pedophile symbols with Sajady, Zhou has the corner on moral turpitude:

  • FEI ZHOU DENIES SHE’S A PROSTITUTE TO THE POLICE:  Despite advertising herself as a“concubine” aka prostitute.
  • ALLEGED ORGY MISTRESS: Besides promoting sexual perversion and creating online masturbation sessions for Sajady to sell to his clients, Fei Zhou appears to host orgies.
  • LYING ABOUT WHERE ALLEGED ORGY WAS HELD:  Zhou and Sajady hotly denied where her alleged orgy was held — despite architectural detail proving them wrong.
  • SELF-DESCRIBED PROSTITUTE:  Fei Xuan Zhou advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute — yet she presumes to be qualified to help Mas Sajady run his “healing” business.
  • FAKE LIKES:   Zhou has been instrumental in purchasing over a million fake likes for Sajady’s Facebook page and to harass whistleblowers.
  • PLAGIARISM:  Fei Zhou plagiarizes to promote the Sajady-Zhou cult.
  • NUMEROUS FAKE ACCOUNTS: Fei Zhou has numerous fake accounts, despite marketing products called “Accountability” and “Honesty.”
  • NUMEROUS ALIASES: Fei Zhou has numerous aliases, even more than we have cataloged.
  • ALLEGED MISTRESS FEI ZHOU:  Zhou is just one of Sajady’s alleged mistresses, and acts as his  handler.

Fei Zhou has taken the filth that was already there at Mas Sajady Inc. and amplified it.

However, apparently being an concubine and orgy mistress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Below is a video that plays Zhou’s statements, where it appears that that Zhou is speaking about her own jealousy.

What follows are more details and the timeline of Zhou and Sajady’s alleged affair.

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2008: Alleged Mistress Fei Zhou’s Apparent Orgy at the Sajady Family House

Fei Xuan Zhou may have arrived on the scene as early as 2008. In the late 90s, just a few years into his marriage, Minnesota resident Sajady bought a house in San Diego and placed it in his father’s trust. In 2008 it appears that Fei Zhou hosted an orgy at this house — although both she and Sajady hotly deny this, to the point of suing whistleblower Tanster for saying so.

In the court documents of their failed lawsuit, Sajady and Zhou claim the alleged orgy was held at the Palm Springs Colony Hotel. However, architectural features clearly show the alleged orgy was not held at the Colony Hotel. Why would they see fit to lie about where the alleged orgy was held?

The photos of the women and men above come from Fei Zhou’s “Mistress Fei” Google Plus page. Some of the other photos showed what appeared to be strippers and topless women in intimate contact with men, including Zhou’s supposed husband Pierre Huguet. (The photos with nudity have been deleted from Zhou’s page, but we have preserved copies.) Was Zhou’s Mistress Fei page a n advertisement for orgies?


2012: Fei Xuan Zhou Starts Working for Mas Sajady

In the fall of 2012 Fei Zhou begins working for Sajady. At that time, alleged mistress Joy Sela was working for Sajady. But soon after Zhou arrives, Joy Sela hands her job off to a friend, Vanessa Feils. Witnesses have reported that Fei Zhou is quite repelling in person; it is likely she drove Sela away. Former Sajady clients have speculated that Fei Zhou is deeply jealous of Joy Sela.

A few months after Zhou first appears on Sajady’s website, she is treated to a holiday trip to China. Where was his wife Tracy?

And just three months later in February 2013, Fei’s demonic depiction is featured in an advertisement for an online explicit sex session with Sajady, which sounds like an online masturbation session.

Feils appears to quit in May 2013, leaving the cult in Fei Zhou’s hands, which is what Zhou certainly sought. However, soon after, in August 2013, Mas Sajady’s next alleged mistress Jane Sibbett appears.

Read more about Joy Sela, Jane Sibbett, and other alleged mistresses here.


Fei the Self-Described Prostitute

Fei’s presence at Mas Sajady Inc added a decidedly sexually demonic bent to the guru’s offerings, selling products with names such as “Spiritual Sex”, “Love in Lust”, “Seduction”, “Divine Ecstasy”, etc. Here she is selling herself as a concubine aka prostitute.

Zhou also dresses like a prostitute. The below photo is posted on the Facebook page of her sham husband, Pierre Huguet. In court documents, Zhou said Huguet was her former husband, although we have been able to find no evidence they were ever actually married.

Here is Zhou calling the police to complain about a protester, then denying to the police she’s a prostitute.

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Zhou’s Suggestive Photographs with Sajady

Fei Zhou also regularly featured herself in intimate physical contact with Sajady.

Is this a portrait of a “loving husband”? Zhou is pushing her breasts into Sajady, with her leg wrapped around him — in the presence of his teenage daughter? What is this teaching his teenage daughter — to be in a harem?

Sajady’s wife Tracy was a surrogate for his sister. This is how he repays his wife’s kindness.

Was this an orgy that Fei Zhou held at Mas Sajady’s father’s house in San Diego? In their failed lawsuit against whistleblower Tanster, Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady hotly denied that an orgy happened at his escape house in San Diego, even suing her for that allegation. However — architectural details confirm that it could not have occurred at the Colony Hotel, where they claim it was held.

Why are Zhou and Sajady trying to hide something?


Fei Zhou Defends Sajady

Fei Zhou has asserted Mas Sajady is “PURE.”

Fei has called him a “good man.”


Tracy Sajady Files for Divorce

In late 2016 Tracy Sajady filed for divorce. She must have been in quite a bit of denial to stay as long as she did.

In mid 2017, Sajady brought Zhou to Minnesota for a weekend event. Zhou hadn’t been in Minnesota for several years. But Sajady brought Zhou to Minnesota to flout what remained of his marriage. During that weekend, Tracy’s mother Dale Cox posted a comment to Zhou on Zhou’s Facebook page, shaming Sajady.

Here is Tracy Sajady liking a post on Tanster’s page, which calls Fei Zhou a dupe.


Comments from Former Clients

“Fei was clearly dressed like a prostitute on more than one occasion in public with Mas and Mas was intimate with Fei.”

This video is a photographer’s eyewitness account of Zhou and Sajady when his wife wasn’t around. Says eyewitness Tanster:

“The whole time I was near them, Mas and Fay behaved like they were lovers putting their hands all over each other. I saw Mas put his hands on her lower back. He felt up her leg. She caressed his arms and legs. She went through his bag, drank his water bottle, ate off his plate. She stood so close to him it looked like he was wearing her. They spent a long time putting sunblock all over each other. On the speedboat Fay wiggled her butt in his face and danced on the seat like a stripper for him.”


Fei Zhou’s Prostitution/Drug Use Depiction

Fei Zhou not only dresses and acts like a prostitute, she markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute. Zhou and Sajady advocate for drug use. The below depiction is by Zhou. It’s entitled “Breakfast in Vegas.” Prostitution is legal in Vegas. The woman lying in bed with a blindfold on has her legs spread in a provocative way and there is a wad of money on her nightstand. Also notice the white powder, suggesting cocaine. Self-portrait?


Fei Zhou Helps Recruit Children for Sajady to Prey Upon

This video shows Sajady groping this young girl in a sexual fashion. Fei Zhou helps recruit children for pervert Sajady. Both of them  have ties to pedophilia and posts alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.


 Fei and Mas are Donating Together — Where is his wife?

Twice Mas Sajady and Fei  Zhou have been found donating together. His wife’s name was nowhere to be found, just Fei’s.


Transcript of Fei Zhou’s Apparent Statements about Jealousy

Here are statements made by Zhou, played in the above video, three clips of Fei asking Mas questions on a sex forum. They sound autobiographical. Sajady gives his usual gibberish answers. Listen to Fay’s questions here:

Listen to the whole “Sensual Forum” here”


Fei: I have a really good question here.
Mas: This is Fei, she is my director of operations. She controls pretty much everything and she does a fantastic job. Thank you Fei.
Fei: If we are at a different spiritual level than our a spouse, what is the best way to help us align sensually and sexually as a couple so we can enjoy the spiritual intimacy?
Fei: How do we deal with the distortion obviously from distorted love relationships, jealousy, insecurity, when one is empowered, one is awakened?
Fei: We come to this physical state and we’re here to achieve spiritual height and the love and everything. But there’s a different kind of love in intimacy and sexualty. There’s lust, physical lust, and there’s romantic love. And they’re attached as well. So what if you don’t feel,for example, maybe you feel this deep attachment with someone that you’ve been together for a long time, while you’re feeling intense romantic love for somebody else. And at the same time you’re feeling a strong sex drive for somebody maybe you don’t even know.
Mas: Very interesting question. From what I’m sensing, from the individual who wrote that, it’s really not about the question, it’s about understanding yourself really… It seems just like you’re a fledgeling individual who’s getting into understanding love, the deeper concepts of love…

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92c64AN9Wag


Former Photographer Speaks

Former Mas Sajady client Tanster met Zhou and Sajady in person. Tanster did photography for Sajady.  She has an abundance of sordid information. This video recounts what Tanster witnessed.


From her post on Facebook

I have said truly awful things about Fei but unfortunately, in my opinion, they’re all True.

In my opinion:
“She” runs a fake church fake charity scam online cult that targets painfully lonely women.
In my opinion:
It seems she used to run orgies. We have pictures where it looks like Fei coordinated at least one orgy for “her” “husband” and it appears that she also participated in this orgy. The pictures appear to show Fei intimate with multiple partners of both genders.
We also found an obvious cocaine party joke in the middle of Fei’s then “husband’s” Facebook page.
Before we found this cocaine joke, I had suspected Fei might have had a problem with cocaine because “Maya” says she saw Fei with a nosebleed. When Fei was around me, her behavior was so atrociously bizarre that I actually hope for her sake that the reason for her comportment was something like cocaine.
Sajady’s extremely short and frequent trips to Peru (specifically to a city known as a major cocaine hub) when he’s the furthest thing from Hispanic seemed to go along with the cocaine THEORY.
Cocaine distribution is also known for making it easier to control the person addicted to cocaine.
When I was around Sajady and Zhou, it looked to me as if the two of them are obsessed with controlling each other. They seemed toxic to each other and to whomever else they encountered. In my opinion, Sajady treated me with such contempt, I started to view him as a deceptive a**hole.
It is also interesting to notice that the obvious cocaine joke disappeared from Facebook soon after we posted about it.
In my opinion:
Fei Zhou is in a public position to influence people now that she’s partnered up with someone who really seems to have a gift for hypnotizing extremely lonely women into believing they are twin flames with him. When a woman thinks a man is her twin flame, she’ll do truly anything for him.
This is a cruel most monstrous & diabolical scam in my opinion.
I feel that Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou deliberately break the hearts of extremely lonely women for various self serving sadistic reasons.
They did this to me in my opinion.
According to Sajady, he has been contacted by 1,000s of people thinking they’re his twin flames.
The alleged lewd behavior and cruelty of Sajady and Zhou is relevant. People have a right to discuss it openly when two alleged predators are prowling in our midst.
Trying to silence us is showing that Sajady probably likes Hitler because – who knows – maybe they have a spirit in common or something?
These facts and opinions are relevant to the public welfare.
Them suing me for telling my honest heartfelt, ultra sincere story really gives me that Nazi Germany feeling that I’ve been getting since September 11, 2001.
Enough is enough.