Fei Zhou: Mas Sajady’s Handler

Sleazy sex guru Mas Sajady characterizes his handler, alleged mistress Fei Xuan Zhou, as just an employee. Many people have described Zhou as having quite a repelling personality. Either that or she has a saccharin facade.

Fei Zhou is just one of many alleged affairs attributed to sex pervert guru Mas Sajady.  Is Mas Sajady embarrassed to admit his alleged affair with Fei Zhou?

Sajady didn’t marry Fei after his divorce, like he promised her. Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute.

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  • TIES TO PEDOPHILIA:  Like Mas Sajady, Fei  Zhou has ties to pedophilia.
  • ALLEGED PEDOPHILE SYMBOLS:  Fei  Zhou and Mas Sajady post what appear to be pedophile symbols in their marketing.
  • ALLEGED ORGY MISTRESS: Besides promoting sexual perversion and creating online masturbation sessions for Sajady to sell to his clients, Fei Zhou appears to host orgies.
  • LYING ABOUT WHERE ALLEGED ORGY WAS HELD:  Zhou and Sajady hotly denied where her alleged orgy was held — despite architectural detail proving them wrong.
  • SELF-DESCRIBED PROSTITUTE:  Fei Xuan Zhou advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute — yet she presumes to be qualified to help Mas Sajady run his “healing” business.
  • FAKE LIKES:   Zhou has been instrumental in purchasing over a million fake likes for Sajady’s Facebook page and to harass whistleblowers.
  • PLAGIARISM:  Fei Zhou plagiarizes to promote the Sajady-Zhou cult.
  • NUMEROUS FAKE ACCOUNTS: Fei Zhou has numerous fake accounts, despite marketing products called “Accountability” and “Honesty.”
  • NUMEROUS ALIASES: Fei Zhou has numerous aliases, even more than we have cataloged.