Fei Xuan Zhou’s Secrets & Aliases

Whistleblower Tanster did some research into Mas Sajady’s alleged mistress/handler Fei Zhou and found she has has dozens of aliases. Here are a few aliases Tanster found, she says there are many more variations.

Feix Zhou
Fei Huguet
Fei Dhou
Sei Dhou
Dei Dhou
Feifei Zhou
Sei Zhou
Zhou Fei Xuan Huguet
Faye Z.
Fei Fei
Mistress Fei
Fay Mia
Fei Zhoi Huget

Kay Tan

Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute, it appears that she hosts orgies, may be involved with drug use, has ties to pedophilia and posts alleged pedophile symbols in Sajady’s marketing.  What secrets could she possibly have to hide?

  • TIES TO PEDOPHILIALike her boss, Fei  Zhou has ties to pedophilia.
  • ALLEGED PEDOPHILE SYMBOLS:  Fei  Zhou and Mas Sajady post what appear to be pedophile symbols in their marketing.
  • ALLEGED ORGY MISTRESS: Besides promoting sexual perversion and creating online masturbation sessions for Sajady to sell to his clients, Fei Zhou appears to organize orgies.
  • SELF-DESCRIBED PROSTITUTE: Fei Xuan Zhou advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute — yet she presumes to be qualified to help Mas Sajady run his “healing” business.
  • FAKE LIKES:  Zhou has been instrumental in purchasing over a million fake likes for Sajady’s Facebook page and to harass whistleblowers.
  • PLAGIARISM:  Fei Zhou plagiarizes to promote the Sajady-Zhou cult.
  • NUMEROUS FAKE ACCOUNTS: Fei Zhou has numerous fake accounts, despite marketing products called “Accountability” and “Honesty.”
  • NUMEROUS ALIASES: Fei Zhou has numerous aliases, even more than we have cataloged.



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