Financial Lack

Clients of Mas Sajady are reporting financial lack, not the “360 Degrees of abundance” he promises.   Just like alienation and isolation, financial lack can act as a control mechanism to make people more easily manipulated.  When people lose their home, their employment, their savings — they are destabilized and more easily controlled.  Just like flashpoints that can cause the end of relationships, financial flashpoints can end of supportive financial connections.

Here are some of the comments we have received.


“I  have had a very hard time focusing on work, and financially things have gotten worse.”

— T., Connecticut.


These are the people who pay thousands of dollars for minutes of the demonic guru’s time.



Former Client — Demasified: A few things to say about Mas Sajady (and other healers)

“After Mas I have been on disability for first time in my life. I was working when I met him so yeah abundance is not his gift. I have a hard time even writing or correcting things, extreme nerve damage after Mas.”

— Former Mas Sajady client

“In my first phone reading with Mas, he told me the women who had died in the house I lived in was on my shoulder biting ‘chunks’ out of my shoulder. He said it was the worst thing he had seen and then went on the forum and made some kind of gross comment about my reading. She had been like a grandmother to my children and confused me. I proceeded to move out of my house. She had been the previous owner and I was renting it from her son. Later, I realized Mas was distorted as I talked with someone else about her. She was actually trying to communicate to me and Mas was in a distortion. Moving out of that house at that time the the worst choice ever but I was too distorted by the program to make a clear decision. I had been told he was a oracle. He does not have a good understanding for deceased loved ones, most of them are trying to communicate before they leave. That’s actually what she needed. I had lived in that house for five years and paid a reasonable price, I could not find another house for two years. I can’t believe I paid for that session.”

— Former Mas Sajady client


 “Before I met Mas everything was lining up for my own healing. I had perfect amount of money to take care of my children and go to practitioners. If I needed something it appeared. After I started Mas I got sick and distorted and things quit lining up. I thought I had to more work with him, it was actually the opposite. I ended almost homeless and bankrupt from not being able to work anymore. Be careful when considering working with him. He does not bring abundance he brings sickness into someone. I realize how abundant I had always been before Mas after I left.”

— Former Mas Sajady client

“My business has suffered doing the MAS sh-t! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to improve finances/growth and expansion of my business—I’m very talented at what I do, and there is no reason I shouldn’t be wildly successful—way beyond my current circumstances. Thanks!! 

— T., Connecticut



We believe Kamila Kam is Mas Sajady employee Fei Zhou.



We are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit. If you are a dissatisfied client, we would like to talk to you. Let’s get our money back!

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