Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Request from Gail Thackray and Bridgetta Tomarchio, via Marty Jenkins at Wadjet PR

Filthy porn stars Gail Thackray and Bridgetta Tomarchio sent me a fraudulent DMCA takedown request in 2018, through Marty Jenkins at Wadjet PR (filthy name for a company).  Here is page 3 of their imbecilic document.  You can view the entire document they sent me here.

Their takedown request was little more than intimidation and harassment of a whistleblower, as they were desperately attempting to hide their past, pretending to have reinvented themselves as “spiritual.”  They threatened criminal liabilities — for free speech.

These porn stars want all the free speech they can get to promote their filth. But they want to abolish free speech for anyone exposing their fraud.   This video goes over some of the details.

VIDEO:  Porn Stars Gail Thackray & Bridgetta Tomarchio Want Me Arrested for Exposing Them

Here is the email that was forwarded to me, which originated from Marty Jenkins.  You can see Bridgetta Tomarchio’s name is in the email at the bottom. Bridgetta Tomarchio was in on this.

Their takedown request looked like the sloppy production of a 12 year old:

  • They sent a MS Word document (the document at the link has been converted to PDF).
  • It was unsigned by Thackray.
  • It appeared to come from a sleazy lawyer who operated out of a PO Box.
  • It had my address wrong.
  • It listed two websites that had nothing about any porn stars on them.
  • It listed a third website that wasn’t mine.
  • They sent it to the company that hosts the MLS real estate listings (they didn’t even get it to my real estate company, which had nothing to do with their specious accusations).
  • They lied that I had published child porn:  That appears to be a classic lie that Thackray uses over and over again to try to intimidate people exposing her.
  • They demanded I take down “content both photographic and textual related to Gail Thackray” — forbidding free speech about her filthy behavior.
  • They called critical opinions of Thackray “defamatory” and “cyberstalking.”
  • They wrongly threatened me with criminal liabilities.
  • They lied that I had infringed on Thackray’s copyright: You have a foreigner to the US abusing free speech in the desperate attempt to forbid all critics from saying anything about her. Thackray knows there is a principal called Fair Use which permits use of copyrighted materials without the copyright holders permission.

Gail Thackray is an abysmal fraud who wants to intimidate whistleblowers, and Bridgetta Tomarchio is unintelligent enough to follow right along with her.

Gail Thackray has made a living off promoting accused perverts, pedophiles, and rapists, including Larry Flynt, John of God, and most recently Mas Sajady. And she wants to continue to do so without any accountability. She really is a crook. More information here.

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