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Facebook has acted to protect the egos of crooked Sajday and Zhou, banning cartoons about them.  Facebook actually shut down a page exposing Sajady and Zhou because of this cartoon.  Here are many more cartoons that are forbidden on Facebook.

Scientists working limitless hours have discovered a mutant strain of the Corona Virus. The mutant strain has been know to spread via sexual relations. It craves orgies, sadomasochism, cheating, and online masturbation sessions.

The mutant virus (2019-nCoV-Sajady) is also known prey upon children.

The virus has been labeled 2019-nCoV-Sajady

Bill Gates, who funded the foundation that patented the original Corona Virus, claims that the mutant virus “escaped from the lab.”

However, an anonymous source said the mutant strain was released on purpose, “as a new, deadly STD.”

When asked for a comment, the mutant virus replied:  “Scchhhllluuuuurrrpp.”

More illustrations here.

Fei Zhou runs Mas Sajady’s agenda, advocating for sadomasochism, orgies, cheating, and even engineering events for him to grope children.  Like Sajady, Zhou lies pathologically, including making numerous fraudulent claims, lying about whistleblowers and plagiarizing.


Lawyer Moshe Horn lied for anti-Semitic Sajady and Zhou. One lie was saying there was a lawsuit when there wasn’t.

At the Willy Wonka Factory.

At the corrupt Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, whose president Gary Perisian has insisted on continuing to promote Sajady and Zhou’s perverted agenda, even giving them a platform to prey upon children — in the sanctuary.

Sajady’s porn star promoters Gail Thackray & Bridgetta Tomarchio.

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I was so impressed a year ago when the false prophet started talking about a trip he was about to take to help people in Peru.

He said he felt connected to Peru implying there was some interesting past life story there he wasn’t telling.

While he was in Peru last June he even charged $30 to his believers so they could meditate AT THE SAME TIME he was claiming to meditate. You’d get to experience the “jungle frequencies”.

He came back from Peru all macho, talking about how only the strong survive in the jungle. Weakness is simply devoured.

When I ended up in his presence during a cruise last October he didn’t have much nice to say and I found it peculiar he kept returning to the twin subjects of Peru and human sacrifice.

I’m ultra squeamish and I tried to block him out while he talked about where they put the skulls and the bodies and the different sorts of people who got murdered. It seemed like the only subject that genuinely interested him. Otherwise he seemed barely capable of tolerating any of us.

Why is this self proclaimed oracle of God so apparently connected to Peru (he even returned two times last fall) which has a pronounced history of human sacrifice and why is he so drawn to such a demonic subject?

Would a man of God be like this?