Mas Sajady claims that he is an “oracle”, and that he’s “never wrong. However, many people are reporting that Mas Sajady is not accurate.  This page catalogs statements from Sajady’s customers testifying that he is not accurate.

Sajady says: “I am never wrong.”

“When I questioned Mas about the accuracy of his readings that were wrong, he responded ‘I am never wrong.’  I stopped participating in the group healing after he started using the duplicates to ‘work on us’ in the industrial healing. It just didn’t seem right to me.”

– C., Germany

“He mentioned several times he saw a partner entering my life and even gave time lines. But when I confronted him with the in-accurateness of his statements, he denied them, and said he could not remember saying such things and that he was hardly ever wrong.

— Former Mas Sajady Client, Netherlands

Customer Testimonials Indicating Sajady is Inaccurate

Below is a comment from a woman from the Portland 2017 event, saying Sajady was inaccurate and mistreats vulnerable people.


“He had given me wrong information over.”   –From Mas Sajady Program Review.  


 “His readings were mostly inaccurate.”  —Mas Sajady Program


“All my readings were wrong.”


“I didn’t feel right… Mas sells enough truth to make it seem real. The difference in the way I feel in just 2 days since unplugging from Mas is remarkable. ”   

 From  Demasified: A few things to say about Mas Sajady (and other healers)


Sajady often tells women who confront him that they are Satanic, or have “Satanic DNA.”

“He continued to say weird things that he thought he knew about my life which were absolutely not true. I questioned him and then he changed his tone and his mind and started saying completely different things.”

–Comment from Itunes Podcast “Mas Sajdy: Exponential Fraud?”

The Empath’s Guide

The Empath’s Guide says about Mas Sajady: “Did he have a near death experience: no.”