Fake Christian Lawyer Aaron Hall Endorses Anti-Semitic Satanist Mas Sajady and Prostitute Fei Zhou | Katy Hall Profits

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This will certainly the the crowning accomplishment of the career of lawyer Aaron Hall, Minneapolis, MN.  Hall has chosen to defend anti-Semitic Satanist Mas Sajady in his latest attempt to rape the free speech rights of whistleblowers.

Hall is just one in a long list of lawyers used promiscuously by vapid vetches Sajady and Zhou.

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There was also Moshe Horn, who has since disappeared after he realized how soiled his reputation had immediately become.  Then there was Jux Law; Anthony Bushnell; Adam Felsenstein, a NY real estate lawyer for a defamation lawsuit; and a long list of lawyers from his divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy (where the bankruptcy trustee sued him for lying), etc.

Lawyer Anthony Bushnell.

Sajady’s perverted cult is run by filthy prostitute Fei Zhou, who laughably claimed in the complaint sent to whistleblowers she was Sajady’s “fiance.”  Sajady hasn’t married her yet, and surely never will.

Fei Zhou’s fantasy footnoted in the complaint.

But none of that deters Aaron Hall in his endorsement of their sordid cult.  In fact, below is the document Hall sent to whistleblowers Theresa and Tana, attempting to intimidate them out of their First Amendment rights.  Read the infinitely bogus claims as Hall desperately seeks to endorse the perverted natures of the Sajady-Zhou cult, which also includes promoting drug use, encouraging suicide, lying pathologically, and harassing whistleblowers with frivolous police calls.

Here is the Answer sent by Theresa Nygard, which clearly  illustrates they have no case and this is merely a third baseless lawsuit by Sajady and Zhou.  Accompanying the Answer was a Spoliation Notice, as Sajady certainly  has film coverage of the events he is lying about.