Mark Becker’s Filthy New Life Expo | Porn Peddler Gail Thackray, Pervert Mas Sajady, Prostitutes & Alleged Pedophile Symbols

Eyewitness report of Mark Becker behaving in greedy and demonic fashion.

As of 2020, Mark Becker continues to promote the perverted sex cult of Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou at his New Life Expos and in his New Life magazine. Sajady and Zhou promote anti-Semitism; lie pathologically; are avowedly demonic; advocate for sexual perversion, have ties to pedophilia, and post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.  The FBI produced a document about pedophile symbols in 2007.  Becker has continued to post a promotional video of Sajady on  his New Life Expo channel, and appears to be willing to accept any form of perversion to make money.

Becker also promotes pornography pimp Gail Thackray, who made millions selling the copyright to other women’s bodies.

Becker has been warned heavily, yet he continues to promote this perverted agenda. The natural conclusion is that Mark Becker is in agreement with these sordid values.

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An eyewitness reported that Becker admitted to being greedy, and shafted a friend of hers at one of his expos, kicking him out of a corner booth and failing to refund any money.



In response to the video below, Becker made baseless legal threats, which he never followed through on.

Becker also defended perverted con man Mas Sajady, claiming he was “defamed.”



The below video shows Mark Becker and his younger Russian bride striking Baphomet poses. Satan worshipers and the New World Order worship Baphomet, and George Bush Sr. preached about the “New World Order.”  The picture was taken in Peru, which produces a great deal of cocaine.

Mark Becker certainly displays New World Order values:  Striking a Baphomet pose; money before integrity; buying a woman who is economically disadvantaged; promoting an anti-Semitic agenda; promoting demonic agents; promoting a pornography pimp; promoting filthy frauds with ties to pedophilia.

There is suspicion that Mark Becker is a slave to the New World Order.



Mark Becker is still hosting pornography pimp Gail Thackray. Thackray is a porn star, porn peddler, and has ties to pedophilia as well. Thackray makes a living off promoting accused perverts, pedophiles, and rapists:

  • Thackray has backed Larry Flynt: Accused by his daughter of sexual assault, accused of sex trafficking by escaped CIA sex slave Cathy O’Brien; he was caught using a sex slave in one of his magazines; his cartoonist was jailed for child sexual assault.
  • Thackray has backed John of God:  Currently jailed for over 600 accusations of sexual assault; alleged child sex trafficker.
  • Thackray has backed Mas Sajady:  Ties to pedophilia and posts alleged pedophile symbols.
  • Thackray made a sex magazine targeted at pedophiles, and said it was her purpose to “satisfy every perv on the internet.”
  • Thackray not only sold herself to multiple pornography magazines — she made millions selling other women into pornography.  
  • And to this day she holds the copyright to other women’s bodies.

Thackray has been desperate to hide her filthy past.  She has never retracted her support for Sajady. Instead she sent us a fraudulent DMCA takedown request, trying to harass and intimidate whistleblowers.  Thackray and fellow porn star Bridgetta Tomarchio got this video exposing them banned off Youtube.

As of 2019 Becker continues to promote pornography pimp Thackray.  Thackray now claims she is a “minister.”  On Becker’s website, Thackray is pretending that there’s no problem with peddling pornography, and dismisses selling other women’s bodies as “business.”  Thackray clearly has  not left “behind her mistakes of the past.”  Like Sajady, Thackray is a recruiter for the dark agenda. She is yet another predator promoted by Mark Becker.

Becker promoting Thackray in 2019.



Alan Steinfeld also promotes pornography pimp Gail Thackray, as well as the perverted sex cult of Sajady and Zhou, their videos still posted on his Youtube channel.  There is suspicion that Steinfeld is an alleged Sajady affair.

Mark Becker adds to the incestuous mix, continuing to promote Alan Steinfeld along with filthy Thackray.



Mark Becker’s allegiance appears to be to the dark agenda.  Engaging with people like Mark Becker, Gail Thackray, and Alan Steinfeld can put you in contract with the dark agenda. Protect your spiritual contracts here.



This is a statement from Tanster, who went to Becker’s Expo:

Here is the story of another person who apes the androgynous devil named Baphomet. This guy Mark Becker obviously helps Mas Sajady exploit the mentally ill, year after year.

 Mas Sajady has no training to work with sick people. Mas Sajady does not give these sick people their bill of rights as proscribed by the law for alternative practitioners. Mas Sajady has no training, that we know of, to be classified as an alternative practitioner.

I was targeted and seduced myself by Mas Sajady at Mark Becker’s creepy “new age” expo in New York. I believe these expos are dark spiritual traps set for sincere seekers like me.

If a leader of the new age community is happy to potentially harm the public and open himself up to wrongful death lawsuits for just for a little money, what does that tell you about the intentions of the new age community at large?

Mas Sajady may well have a wrongful death lawsuit coming his way as a result of the suicide death of his follower, Matthew Kurtz.

Sajady has been shown to regularly encourage suicide to his obviously mind controlled followers. When I was under Sajady’s influence, I felt like I was hypnotized and under a spell. Like many others, I just so happened to become suicidal while under his influence. I’m telling this story to the public because people need to know about these dark predators who hide their deeds behind a bright cloak of “love and light”.