Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou: Death & Disaster Sacrifices

A cult member who was warned about Sajady and Zhou posted a comment about the death of a child’s father.

There have been numerous alleged mysterious deaths surrounding the Mas Sajady – Fei Zhou death cult. Mas Sajady has admitted that his black magic kills people, saying people “cross over faster” because of him. The below video plays those statements.

This page explains some of the mechanics of how death sacrifices work.



In case you haven’t noticed, there is a war going on between the Light and the dark agenda. The goal of the dark agenda is to kill as many people as possible and/or create disasters, in order to decrease the number of Light soldiers and attempt to sabotage the Divine Plan. Even normal people living normal lives can be soldiers for the Light without realizing it.

Below is a post on the page of Sajady promoter Flerida “Medium” Todorovski, who has been a vicious defender of the Sajady-Zhou cult. Flerida is holding a fundraiser for someone she knows who has experienced disaster.  Those who understand how Sajady preys upon people would attribute this disaster to his predatory demonic system.

In order for the dark agenda to kill or harm someone, it first has to get a spiritual contract to do so. That is an agreement by your soul to die. Sometimes souls working with God choose to be sacrifices, other times they are coerced. (Learn how to protect your spiritual contracts here.)

There are many, many ways deaths can occur:  From wars, to illness, to car accidents, poisoned food, vaccines, air, to deliberate death sacrifices called in by demonic agents like Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou, who have been backed by a large demonic system. Mas Sajady is avowedly demonic, and has said, “I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe.” If these “dark sources” help him, he has to pay them. One form of payment is death and disaster in the lives of others.

The below video plays Sajady’s statements about working with “dark sources.”



Mas Sajady claimed he had a near death experience in 2006. However, the more likely interpretation is that the dark agenda fully enslaved him at this time. The dark agenda knew he was very, very dirty (Sajady and Zhou post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing). The dark agenda knew it could say: “Do what we say or we will turn you in”, and he would comply.

And he did.

So Mas Sajady started a Luciferan-based new-age scam backed by the dark agenda, based upon deception and predation. Sajady voluntarily became a slave in this dark system, and has voluntarily continued to produce death and disaster as payment to the dark agenda. He and Zhou are imbecilic enough to think this is a form of success.

The below video (banned on Youtube) discusses death sacrifices as they relate to his employee Kaille Padgett, who has had posted many deaths on her Facebook page while working for Sajady.  In very bizarre demonstrations of ethical misconduct as a public relations agent, Padgett has called Sajady critics “slave b***s” and threatened them with annihilation.  Neither Padgett nor Sajady have ever apologized or retracted her statements.

For her devout loyalty to a black magic agent, it appears Kaille Padgett has kindly been the recipient of deaths and disaster.  For if you accept hand outs from the dark side, you are giving consent to the dark side — and it will come at some point to extract a price.



Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou’s death cult seeks to drive people to their deaths in whatever way possible. The demonic system backing them can do things such as cause illness, suicidal ideation, accidents, it can coerce a soul into becoming willing to die.

Sajady also outright praises death and suicide. Here are the ways Sajady has praised death:

Sajady rolls out an extensive plan of suicide programming, which includes:

  • Encouraging being suicidal: Such as by telling suicidal clients “congratulations”, being ready to jump off a bridge “is a good thing”, and using the term “honorable suicide”
  • Telling people to imagine their death
  • Denying when a client is suicidal
  • Failing to discourage suicide
  • Failing to recommend professional help
  • Suicidal marketing
  • Knowingly creating suicidal clients.

The Sajady-Zhou death cult is acting out the dark agenda’s plan for humanity; and suicide, death and disaster are the goals of this dark agenda.

Mas Sajady’s fascination with ritual human sacrifice.



The main point of this information is to let you know that there are many ways the dark agenda seeks to prey  upon people. The best way I have found to protect myself and others has been to protect my spiritual contracts. You can be giving consent when you don’t realize it, you can be tricked into giving consent. Just like you can be tricked in the physical world, you can be tricked spiritually.  These are ways I have found to work to protect myself while systembusting evil, and I want the same protections to be available to everyone.