Mas Sajady — Gay Guru?

Many people have speculated that sleazy sex guru Mas Sajady — who advocates for things like orgies, cheating, and sadomasochism — is also gay.  Sajady has numerous female alleged mistresses. Has he also had male alleged mistresses?  Here are a few suspects …



Will Allen, of Holy Hell fame, continued his association with Sajady after he had been heavily warned about Sajady’s perverse nature.  Will Allen, so proud he had just gotten out of a cult — appears to have happily embedded himself in another, maybe even bedding with the sleazy guru.



Alan Steinfeld has no problem getting intimate with sleazy Sajady in public.  Steinfeld, like Sajady’s other alleged mistresses, continued to promote pervert Sajady long after he had been heavily warned.

Steinfeld appears to be Jewish, and Sajady admires Hitler.  Sajady and his most common alleged mistress Fei Zhou have been sited by numerous people behaving indiscreetly in public while Sajady was married.  Alan Steinfeld no doubt saw this behavior — and couldn’t care less. Zhou apparently hosted orgies on the west coast — what was happening between Steinfeld and Sajady on the east coast?



Shad Groverland, Unity Las Vegas reverend, not only refused to listen to warnings about Sajady — he went to bat for him. Groverland went the censorship route, flagging truthful reviews about his church and Sajady to the Facebook Gestapo, and tried to get a Youtube video pulled with a “privacy” complaint. There is no privacy for your public figure position and choices as a reverend, Shad.  Why would Rev. Shad fight so hard?  Does he have a secret to keep?

Video is also posted on Bitchute:



Then there’s Sajady publicist and promoter David Stone — who also continued affiliation and promotion with Sajady long after being warned. David Stone even violated FCC laws, posting supportive and promotional comments about Sajady and failing to admit he is a promoter.




Pierre Huguet is the so-called former husband if Sajady’s main employee Fei Zhou.  Fei appears to have thrown orgies for her husband, hired strippers, and entertained threesomes for him. (Would you do something like that?)  It’s not hard to picture Pierre shacking up with Sajady, especially since some of these orgies appear to have happened at Sajady’s second house a thousand miles away from his wife.

Pierre getting intimate with topless women at what appears to be an orgy thrown by his “wife” Fei Zhou

Pierre with what appears to be a stripper between his legs.

Threesome theme.

Is Mas Sajady yet another gay guru?  You decide.