Mas Sajady Holds Himself Out as a Sex Expert

In his failed lawsuit to try to take away my free speech, Mas Sajady complained about the ongoing public discussion of his sexual conduct, and that it was published in public records that his wife had filed for divorce.

However, Sajady markets himself as a sex and relationship expert. Therefore, according to precedential law, his sexual conduct is fair for public discussion.

In addition to advocating for perverse sexual practices, here are more ways Sajady holds himself out as a sex and relationship expert.


Mas Sajady Holds Himself Out as a Sex Expert

Mas Sajady Claims to Heal Sexual Trauma

Mas Sajady Advocates for Orgies

Mas Sajady Advocates for Sadomasochism

In this interview with Jill Dahne, March 26, 2017,  Mas Sajady advocates for abusing his partner during sex.

Listen to the excerpt here:

Mas Sajady:  Sometimes you know when you have, I don’t know you if want to call it, dirty sex or whatever, where you get a little say abusive not [inaudible]. But it’s exciting for people, it’s actually healthy for you, you know, because you’re playing out that part. But it’s not abusive. Actually it helps you say experience all aspects of sex or love or —

Jill Dahne:  Yeah that’s called passion —

Mas Sajady:   — or relationships in general.

Mas Sajady and Fei “Fay” Zhou Sell Online Masturbation Sessions

The demonic artwork is courtesy of  his assistant Fei Xuan Zhou.

Here’s a photo posted by Mas Sajady showing himself in intimate contact with Fei Zhou, at a time when he was married.

Photos posted of Sajady in intimate contact with Zhou and his other assistants, Joy Sela and Jane Sibbett, also at a time when he was married.

Mas Sajady Displays What Appears to be Cheater’s Logic

Mas Sajady basically asserts that if you’re married you’re cheating.  One set of statistics show that approximately 30-60% of married people cheat.

From EI Podcast 10, released 12-2-2015:


Mas Sajady:  For example, the high divorce rate, 50% of marriages end up in divorce, 50% cheat on their spouses.

Mas Sajady Claims to be an Expert on One-Night-Stands and on Gurus who Have Sex with their Clients

From Podcast 54:  Summer Lovin, posted 6-7-17.


MS: Sometimes people are addicted to one night stands, right, or say alot of partners because one, they’re insecure and so on like that. I mean there’s alot of reasons why. But the main reason is that they’re not complete. That’s the main reason no matter what all the reasons why they got the point why they’re interested in one night stands and so on like that. Is because they don’t feel complete themselves.


MS: In fact there’s alot of gurus out there that go, “If you have sex with me,” ‘specially you know a gorgeous woman or whatever, “If you have sex with me,” and this happens quite a bit actually you know, “you’re going to be enlightened, you know I can infuse you with all that stuff.” And that’s just bullshit and they’re just basically insecure and it’s a great way to get women.


MS: I’ve probably propagated say alot of people say cheating on their spouses and so on to go into that relationship that really say sets them free.  

Mas Sajady Holds Himself out to be a Relationship Expert

Here are some quotes from Mas Sajady’s podcast 12 “EI and Meaningful Relationships,” posted 12-8-2015.  In this podcast  Sajady claims about meaningful relationships:  “It’s hard to understand” and not many people “understand the concept of what a meaningful relationship is.” These statements make clear that Mas Sajady is holding himself out as a relationship expert.  A few other indicative statements:  “All relationships that you have should never bind you, should never oppress you,” and “You become a better person at a higher level.”

2:55 Mas Sajady:

When you come to it from a spiritual perspective, then all the right conditions are there for you to have a meaningful physical relationship.

3:20 Mas Sajady:

All relationships that you have should never bind you, should never oppress you. They should always be say organic or always growing or always complete, always making you complete.

3:50 Mas Sajady:

I haven’t seen a real organic meaningful relationship in a lot of the clients that I have worked with. I’m sure that there’s people out there that live that way, but very few, small percentage from what I’m seeing.

4:15 Mas Sajady:

In the medihealing I’m going to try to get you say into an arena or another reality where that spiritual relationship, that meaningful relationship actually exists. Once you realize that it can exist, those frequencies exist deep within you and then you bring them into your physical form and then what happens is you start to attract that physical relationship in a physical reality is here.

4:45 Crystal Fambrini:

Do you believe that a lot of people understand the concept of what a meaningful relationship is?

Mas Sajady: No. Not at all. Alot of people follow their heart, and I say never follow your heart.

5:45 Crystal Fambrini:

What is the concept of a meaningful relationship?

5:50 Mas Sajady:

From the spiritual perspective that relationship is allowing that person to grow organically. So that relationship is not bound for what that person does for you at a physical level. And most of the attachments we have, most of the relationships that we bind together with, is that person does something for us, or creates some clarity or something like that. At a spiritual level those relationships are there to do that as well but from a different perspective. You always say grow spiritually or connect higher spiritually. You become a better person at a higher level. It’s very hard to understand, or the nuances are hard to understand, but once you resonate with that individual you truly understand. And I’ve brought a lot of people towards that meaningful spiritual relationship. And again it’s hard to explain, but once they’re in sync with each other they totally understand the concept of what it’s supposed to be.

7:00 Crystal Fambrini:

If you have a meaningful relationship does that mean you are supposed to be in this relationship 24/7?

7:10 Mas Sajady:

You know people who do have say that spiritual meaningful relationship in their physical realm, if they were with that person 24/7, they would never grow tired of that person. They’d never have to take a break from that person. They’d never have to excuse themselves, the awkward moments, the quiet moments, the times when it’s totally quiet there’s no uncomfort feeling. It’s like living with yourself, only from a different perspective.

14:15 Crystal Fambrini: Is it possible or all relationships to be meaningful relationships?

Mas Sajady: Yes.

15:15 Crystal Fambrini:

How do continue to grow a meaningful relationship?

Mas Sajady: The growth comes naturally. That’s the beauty of it. Once you say harmonize with that individual it’s a natural growth pattern. There’s nothing you have to do. Everything is symbiotic. And again, relationships that are meaningful at a spiritual level, they are dynamic. It’s not like one person is the leader all the time, you take turns… So it’s not like one person is the leader, one person’s the follower. So it’s not always like one person’s the leader, one person’s the follower… In that spiritual tendencies, no one’s ahead of, no one’s better than the other individual… In a lot of relationships that’s what happens. There usually one individual that is stronger and they have to drag the other person to continue on with that relationship.