Mas Sajady Allegedly Practices Medicine Without a License

There are many recordings and witnesses to Mas Sajady making medical diagnoses, providing medical advice, as well as advising people to discontinue taking prescribed medications. In the second section of this post we provide transcripts of some of Sajady’s statements.

Sajady is not a licensed physician. These recordings were made on online sessions, across state lines and around the world to any listeners.

These comments from former client Tanster attest to Sajady diagnosing clients:

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office mailed us a letter, advising us to report Sajady. The letter included Minnesota statute defining unlicensed practice of medicine, which includes offering “to prevent or to diagnose, correct, or treat in any manner or by any means, methods, devices, or instrumentalities any disease, illness, pain, wound, fracture, infirmity, deformity or defect of any person”; and the use of “hypnosis for the treatment or relief of any wound, fracture, or bodily injury, infirmity, or disease.”

We reported Sajady, and encountered a great deal of resistance from the Chanhassen police to taking a police report.

“Mas Sajady told me I don’t have MS. I have been diagnosed with MS.”

— Former Healing Mastery client.

Sajady and Zhou specifically target the vulnerable — from children to adults dealing with medical conditions.   Here Sajady appears to be interfering with a doctor’s treatment, practicing medicine, and providing bad advice. This is a  high paying Healing Mastery client, people who pay thousands for mere minutes of his time.

Here is a Sajady client discontinuing medical treatment under Sajady’s guidance.

In her countersuit againt Sajady, Tanster specifically addressed Sajady’s alleged practices of medicine without a l icense.


Some other elements of Sajady and Zhou’s fraud include, but are not limited to:

This video shows some of the evidence of Sajady and Zhou’s fraud, which new age charlatan Flerida “Medium” Todorovski continues to promote.



Below are more examples of Sajady apparently practicing medicine without a license.

February 2016 Online Medihealing
“I think you’ve got a lot of heavy metals, heavy metal poisoning.”
February 2016 Online Medihealing
“Just seems like you’re almost, again I’m not a doctor or anything, but this is just what I see, you’ve got so much yeast in you, so much, you’re almost like borderline diabetic from what I’m seeing, so you really have to, yeah…. Borderline diabetic? Yep. Borderline diabetic, it just seems alot like high blood pressure from what I’m seeing, it just comes from family lineage. You have to change your diet. I would just do a ketogenics type diet, where you just eat fat, then no sugars, no carbs… It will help switch things around. I think you have a family history of heart disease type issues? Yeah. Then it just seems like you’ve got high cholesterol as well. It is just diet based as well.”
February 2016 Online Medihealing
“Your family has head, heart, circulation type issues. Again not a doctor, but the main arteries and so on like that their not as pliable in your family.”
February 2016 Online Medihealing
Caller: “I was feeling really weak and had a lot of issues breathing this morning. I was wondering if you could work on my lungs, just so I could breathe deeper.”
Mas: “It could just be a cold. It’s more than a cold. Yeah.”
Caller: “I have cystic fibrosis actually.”
Mas: “Do you have a, I had a feeling it was more like a flu like symptom, cold flu as well.
Caller: “Okay, okay.”
Mas: “I don’t know if that’s what you’re getting or that’s what you have. You just feel like you’re getting over a flu. Which is actually really nice because it allows you to get a lot of stuff off your chest area from what I’m seeing. Is that accurate for you?”
Caller: “Well I’ve been really tired and I coughed up a lot of blood this morning, which is something that has gotten a lot less since I’ve been working with you, but it was a big episode this morning after doing ‘walking into a new spirit.’ So I didn’t know if that was just a detox or letting go of that frequency, and just it happening again. That was just alarming to me. ”
Mas: “Yeah from what I’m seeing, some people kind of revisit some of the old patterns. Again from what I’m seeing, a lot of junk lifting off your chest physically, and then like a physical detox, but then also at the spirit level, there’s like this say this heaviness that’s always been on your chest, like just a lot of weight that you’ve always been living from or by or with, and that’s finally moved away from you. Does that make sense? Which makes your healing a lot easier, a lot faster. So whatever you’ve been doing will actually take hold and help you heal rapidly. Again I’m not a doctor or anything. But that’s what I see.”
March 2016 Online Medihealing
“You do seem like you have stomach issues.”
“You might have tendencies of like say cancers and so on.”