Mas Sajady Statement

About Mas Sajady’s First Public Statement Addressing Non-Defamatory Campaign

Dear Friends

Our life’s work is dedicated to transformation, freedom and truth. For that purpose, Calamity News has prepared this exclusive news report about Mas Sajady and alleged mistress/handler Fei “Fay” Zhou, whose work for many years has apparently been dedicated to sexual perversion and lying about it. For almost a decade Sajady has traveled the world, seemingly to prey upon women and children. He has lurked in over twenty countries and tainted well over a million people globally with his “dark sources.” There are testimonials from innumerable former clients sharing how he has harmed them and their children.

We are writing this now because for several years, Sajady, Zhou, and those connected to them have been heavily exposed by multiple individuals with sincere intent to reveal the truth. The whistleblowers use truth and journalistic techniques to uncover the deception and to counter blatant acts of cyberterrorism.  Cyberterrorist Sajady employee Kaille Padgett threatened whistleblowers and called them “slave bitches.”

We would like to publicly address truths that affect not only former cult members, the people we love and community that supports us … but also the destructive spiritual assaults Sajady and Zhou commit.  The content of Zhou and Sajady’s slanderous claims against the whistleblowers is heavy and extreme. We publicly denounce all their false and defamatory allegations, and want to openly and directly address the following.

Sajady and Zhou have allegedly attempted to aggressively extort, humiliate and intimidate those whistleblowers, trying to coerce them to publicly denounce the truth.  Their dehumanizing harassments have damaged the lives of many innocent people whom they really don’t care about.  Zhou is alleged to have said, “I am severely damaged, mentally unstable, and have a tendency to blame others.”

Sajady claims to be a “healer”, yet he has a prior criminal record.  Hard to believe for a fabulous guru, but true.  To run their cult, Sajady and Zhou have deliberately cultivated mass hypnotism in their followers and their children, which is very inappropriate. When people do not comply, Sajady and Zhou become venemous and vengeful.

Fei Xuan Zhou is alleged to have said, “I am severely damaged, mentally unstable, and have a tendency to blame others.”

Joining efforts with his demonic staff and Lucifer, Sajady and Zhou have falsified numerous accusations against the people exposing them, allegedly attempted black magic on them, and filled their mind-controlled cult followers’ heads with defamatory fabrications that are continually updated with false and malicious content.

Video also posted at:

Before launching their defamatory campaign, inside sources allege Sajady and Zhou journaled their own life stories of severe abuse and abandonment. Since neither have apparently ever done anything constructive about this alleged abuse, they have become severely distorted with time. They have gravitated instead to preying upon others. As Sajady testified in his lawsuit against Theresa Nygard to take away her free speech, he seeks to lure vulnerable children to his house so he can “help” them.

Sajady and Zhou allegedly sent a letter to a lawyer describing their fantasies of abusing his children, have allegedly been found trespassing on private property taking photos of someone’s living room, insulting the whistleblowers, and spewing profanities inside a local church that hosts his charity events.

Neither Masood Sajady nor Fei Zhou are ones to turn the other cheek or hope that silent gesture of kindness would give others the opportunity to learn and grow. No. Instead they have legally assaulted whistleblowers.  There were too many whistleblowers to sue the all, so they just went after the top two in the attempt to intimidate them and rob them of their constitutional liberties of free speech and freedom of association. Quite anti-American conduct.

Second failed lawsuit.

But it didn’t work.  Both whistleblowers fought them in court. Theresa Nygard won her lawsuit, the other lawsuit against Tanster was won by default.  Fortunately for the cult victims, since then the whistleblowers have grown in their reach and capacity to enlighten those connected to him both personally and professionally.

Sajady and Zhou denied in their court filing to silence Tanster that Sajady has a “close professional relationship with a sexual deviant.”

Denial of being sexual deviants.

However, as you can see from how Fei Zhou presents herself, she is a sexual deviant. She even advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute, and she appears to host orgies.

As for Sajady, he advocates for orgies, cheating and sadomasochism, so he actually is a sexual deviant as well.

Since October 2016, Sajady and Zhou have used ‘Freedom of Speech’ to fabricate blatant defamatory information about any and all whistleblowers. They and apparently everyone on their staff use multiple aliases, in particular Fei Zhou.  Sajady has allegedly slandered a judge and the sheriff’s department that granted him a restraining order — which was obtained by penning dozens of lies by himself, his wife, kids, and police officer Eric Kittelson.  Sajady even blatantly lied when he said that Theresa Nygard sexually assaulted him:

Why does a big macho guy like Masood Sajady need a restraining order for? Is it because he is no match for a small unarmed woman with a big mouth who came to warn the neighbors about him?

Sajady and Zhou also lied that there were two restraining orders. There was only one and it’s expired. Desperate to silence free speech, Sajady attempted to have the HRO modified to take away Theresa Nygard’s First Amendment Rights. Sajady wanted to get Theresa Nygard arrested if he felt embarrassed.  Apparently, Sajady cannot tolerate feeling humiliated by a woman.

But he failed at that too.  Sajady managed to get his free-speech-hating modification passed with Theresa Nygard in absentia.  But she fought it and defeated him.  His unconstitutional anti-free speech, anti-liberty, anti-American attempt to rob her of her free speech — failed. She has the legal right to embarrass him. Here is the Order defeating Sajady. Here is Sajady’s restraining order filing, riddled with limitless lies.

Sajady and Zhou’s goal is to silence all the whistleblowers, and to obstruct their right to free speech. That’s why they would cite an expired restraining order modification that was overturned —  to present the defamatory illusion it was valid. That’s why they would claim there were two HROs not one. And that’s why Sajady and self-described prostitute Zhou would use this restraining order falsely to try to get Theresa Nygard arrested for protesting, when  though there was no cause for arrest. Free speech is not a cause for arrest.

Not only have Sajady and Zhou abused the legal system to harass women, they have been sincerely deluded as to legal principles.

In the attempt to forbid others free speech, Sajady and Zhou call all truth about them “hate speech”, and lie that hate speech is illegal.  Even if the truth about their cult were “hate speech”, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously there is no such thing as hate speech.   And Moore v. Hoff and many other cases found that, “Regardless of the motivation of the messenger, if the information conveyed is true, it is not appropriate for liability to attach.”

As much as this scammer couple wants to forbid “hate speech”, they want to be able to use it themselves:  To attack, abuse and terrorize innocent people without repercussions, to slander and destroy others’ reputations, careers, relationships and families.



The content of the truthful claims that have been made about Sajady and Zhou is heavy and extreme. The fact is:

  • Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou do have ties to pedophilia. For example, the post alleged pedophile symbols; Sajady said, “It’s fascinating how seductive abuse can be”; Sajady suggested abuse could be “healing”; porn star Gail Thackray promoted him, and Thackray made a sex magazine targeted at pedophilia; and Sajady allegedly has dreams of abusing children.
  • The whistleblowers have not manipulated photos of his children or distorted podcast recordings of him and his disturbing tactics, tactics which are not acceptable, even though he has apparently been abused.
  • Sajady’s lying lawyer Moshe Horn has falsified a lawsuit against Theresa Nygard,making the false statement there is a lawsuit against her in New York, when there is no such lawsuit in any jurisdiction. This is a falsified manipulation, created to give the impression that Sajady has not defrauded the public.
  • Theresa Nygard and the many whistleblowers are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit.
  • There is a pending countersuit against Sajady and Zhou by Tanster in the New York State Supreme Court.
  • Sajady is anti-Semitic, avowedly demonic, has apparently had sex with a prostitute, running a sex cult, a death cult, encourages suicide, amongst other filthy facts.  In their filings, Sajady and Zhou conveniently fail to deny having having affairs or being perverts.
  • As far as drug trafficking, you do have to ask:  Why do Sajady and Zhou advocate for drug use, and why would the “husband” of Fei Zhou make a post referring to a cocaine party?

Fei's "husband" Pierre Huguet hasn't updated his Facebook page since 2015 and yet one particular picture has been…

Posted by Tanster on Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We are taking this moment to demand Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou apologize to every individual whom they have slandered and retaliated upon for exposing them, and thank those whistleblowers for withstanding their demonic assaults.

Sajady and Zhou are apparently clearly victims of abuse, still suffering intensely from their painful past. However, this pain does not excuse their actions.

Sajady and Zhou have harmed many many people, so they can continue their death cult, trusting that people lack critical thinking skills to gauge what is true, and to see clearly what they have written to manipulate and control others.  Sajady and Zhou are apparently clearly victims of abuse, still suffering intensely from their painful past. However, this pain does not excuse their actions, and we sincerely hope they will get the help they need to cease harming innocent people with deliberate acts of black magic, financial predation, and cyberterrorism.

Below is a video about Sajady employee Alina Janssen, who continues to help recruit children for this perverted sex cult.

Throughout history, those who have embodied the Light and proclaimed Truth have met with great opposition, as is the case with all the whistleblowers exposing Sajady and Zhou.  We believe in the strength of humanity to overcome and rise above Sajady and Zhou’s demonic forces and embrace the next stage of our conscious evolution.

As a community, we have to be strong and brave and speak up to support each other in the pursuit of Truth. It’s time for everyone to take action so Masood Sajady and Fei Xuan Zhou can no longer continue to prey upon your children and future generations.

If you come across any of the content exposing Sajady and Zhou and it causes you to doubt their integrity, please share that information publicly to warn others.

Please report Sajady and  Zhou’s conduct to the authorities, so they can lo longer harm anyone.

Sincerely Yours,

Whistleblowers on Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou’s Demonic Fraud

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Recently the Whistleblowers of the Sajady-Zhou cult have been contacted by former cult members, asking if there is anything they can do to assist bringing forth the truth of Mas and Fei’s filthy character.

We are gathering factual information to offer the public to help them understand the disgusting situation and minimize the illusion of fear painted by our accusers.

Part of this information will be a list of shady supporters for the cult’s practices: Sadomaschism, orgies, lying, cheating, anti-Semitism, suicide programming, etc. If you feel aligned with the truth and feel inspired to do so, you may offer your support by clicking the link below.



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September 18, 2019

Moshe Horn

Gitlin, Horn, and Van De Kieft LLP

2095 Broadway Suite 407

New York, New York 10023

Dear Mr. Horn:

It has come to my attention that your client Mas Sajady has posted a “Letter of Investigation” which he attributes to you at the following URL:

Is this your statement verbatim?

Did you state on February 19, 2019, “There is a pending civil action brought against Ms. Nygard by Mr. Mas Sajady in the New York Court system”, when there is no such “pending civil action” pending in any Court in this country? Did you run searches through all litigation databases and contact law enforcement agencies to investigate your own claim? If so, did you find the pending countersuit against Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Fei Xuan Zhou in the State Supreme Court of New York?

If you “thoroughly investigated” accusations against Sajady, as you claim, did you do an elementary internet search to discover the March 2017 Star Tribune article which covers the Minnesota Department of Heath’s investigation of Sajady?

Did you research court documents and transcripts, which reveal that Mas Sajady prevaricates routinely? For example, being sued by his bankruptcy trustee for lying, which is also covered in the 2017 City Pages article. Did you find that?

Did you speak to any of the numerous dissatisfied Sajady clients, whose complaints can be easily found by an elementary internet search, and whose complaints can be found on Sajady’s own Facebook pages?

Did you witness the videos where Minneapolis law enforcement officials routinely uphold the right to protest?

Did you look at the websites posted about a class action lawsuit against Sajady, which all clearly state, “We are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit”?

Did you find Mas Sajady’s criminal record; that Sajady encourages suicide and has driven at least one client to his death; that Fei Zhou advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute; that Fei Zhou has limitless fake accounts and buys fake likes; that Sajady employees routinely violate FTC law by endorsing Sajady and failing to disclose they are paid agents?

Did you find information revealing that Mas Sajady anti-Semitic: Sajady claims he “studied” Hitler; he cites Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”; he has condoned Hitler’s crimes; he employs Hitler’s tactics, including attempting to silence the oppposition; and worst of all, Mas Sajady generates anti-Semitic clients. Here is a video of anti-Semitic statements made by Sajady’s clients for you to review:

Pervert Mas Sajady & Prostitute Fei Zhou’s Antisemitic Cult

If your investigation has revealed “no factual basis” for the accusations against Sajady – yoru competence as a lawyer is truly in question.

Sincerely Yours,

Theresa A. Nygard