Open Letter to Moshe Horn – Lawyer Representing Anti-Semitic Mas Sajady

New age scammer couple Mas Sajady and self-described prostitute Fei Zhou have paid lawyer Moshe Horn to defend their new age scam. This filthy scammer couple must believe he’s their unicorn.

Horn is a partner at the law firm Horn and Van de Kieft in Manhattan, and is also is an adjunct professor for Cardozo Law School. Sajady resides in Chanhassen, Minnesota; Zhou resides in LaJolla, California.

It appears Horn has failed to vet his clients before agreeing to work for them.  Sajady is avowedly demonic. Sajady and Zhou lie pathologically; they advocate for sexual perversion, have ties to pedophilia, and post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.

If that isn’t enough, Sajady is also anti-Semitic:

  • Sajady has said he “studied” Hitler; in that same interview Sajady says the host can “delete this part if you want.”
  • Sajady expressed admiration for Hitler’s “ability to connect”;
  • Sajady has condoned Hitler’s crimes;
  • Sajady cited Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”;
  • Sajady routinely refers to Hitler, and he displays a working knowledge of Hitler’s modus operandi: Hitler’s use of “group consciousness”, how Hitler got people to surrender power to him, Hitler’s mechanism of breaking people down, etc.
  • Worst of all — Sajady and Zhou churn out anti-Semitic clients.

Tweets exposing Horn have had thousands of hits. Furthermore, hard-hitting investigations by our associate Calamity News have uncovered what appears to be the real reason Horn is defending this filthy cult.


Moshe Horn wrote a letter defending Sajady and Zhou’s cult, claiming he had “investigated” Sajady and Zhou’s fraud. But his supposed “investigation” is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to attack the whistleblowers of Sajady’s and Zhou’s cult. It also contains lies, such as saying there was a pending lawsuit against whistleblower Theresa Nygard when there wasn’t.

Here is Theresa Nygard’s Open Letter to Moshe Horn, which questions what is either his blatant incompetence or willful deception. As of press time, this Twitter post has 771 hits.

Video also posted at:


Posts about Moshe Horn’s choice to continue his defense of anti-Semitic Sajady and Zhou have received thousands of hits.

And this Tweet exposing Moshe Horn, who was hosted by Ari Melber, had nearly 3,000 hits in a day, and currently is over 3,000 hits, including 48 media hits. Hopefully someone will warn Ari Melber.

This Tweet questioning attorney Horn’s ethics has nearly 2,000 hits in a few days, including 47 media hits, and is currently over 2,000 hits.

By comparison, Theresa Nygard’s post about Sajady and alleged mistress Zhou lying to the police only has 358 hits as of press time, even though it has been posted more widely and is a much more compelling video. Here’s the video for your amusement.


Our affiliate Calamity News believes it has uncovered the real reason Moshe Horn is defending Mas Sajady, his alleged mistress Fei Zhou, and their anti-Semitic cult.


Apparently scammer couple Sajady and Zhou think Moshe Horn can rescue them from their own perverse fate.

Horn has been contacted several times for comment, but as of this writing, we have not yet received a response.


September 18, 2019

Moshe Horn

Gitlin, Horn, and Van De Kieft LLP

2095 Broadway Suite 407

New York, New York 10023


Dear Mr. Horn:

It has come to my attention that your client Mas Sajady has posted a “Letter of Investigation” which he attributes to you at the following URL:

Is this your statement verbatim?

Did you state on February 19, 2019, “There is a pending civil action brought against Ms. Nygard by Mr. Mas Sajady in the New York Court system”, when there is no such “pending civil action” pending in any Court in this country? Did you run searches through all litigation databases and contact law enforcement agencies to investigate your own claim? If so, did you find the pending countersuit against Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Fei Xuan Zhou in the State Supreme Court of New York?

If you “thoroughly investigated” accusations against Sajady, as you claim, did you do an elementary internet search to discover the March 2017 Star Tribune article which covers the Minnesota Department of Heath’s investigation of Sajady?

Did you research court documents and transcripts, which reveal that Mas Sajady prevaricates routinely? For example, being sued by his bankruptcy trustee for lying, which is also covered in the 2017 City Pages article. Did you find that?

Did you speak to any of the numerous dissatisfied Sajady clients, whose complaints can be easily found by an elementary internet search, and whose complaints can be found on Sajady’s own Facebook pages?

Did you witness the videos where Minneapolis law enforcement officials routinely uphold the right to protest?

Did you look at the websites posted about a class action lawsuit against Sajady, which all clearly state, “We are researching and compiling information for a class action lawsuit”?

Did you find Mas Sajady’s criminal record; that Sajady encourages suicide and has driven at least one client to his death; that Fei Zhou advertises herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute; that Fei Zhou has limitless fake accounts and buys fake likes; that Sajady employees routinely violate FTC law by endorsing Sajady and failing to disclose they are paid agents?

Did you find information revealing that Mas Sajady anti-Semitic: Sajady claims he “studied” Hitler; he cites Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”; he has condoned Hitler’s crimes; he employs Hitler’s tactics, including attempting to silence the oppposition; and worst of all, Mas Sajady generates anti-Semitic clients. Here is a video of anti-Semitic statements made by Sajady’s clients for you to review:

Pervert Mas Sajady & Prostitute Fei Zhou’s Antisemitic Cult

If your investigation has revealed “no factual basis” for the accusations against Sajady – yoru competence as a lawyer is truly in question.

Sincerely Yours,

Theresa A. Nygard