Pippi Doe, Pokey Doe & Protest Highlights: September 2019 at LHSC

This page showcases more highlights from the protest of sexual deviants  Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady and their sex cult, September 2019, at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

  • Once again the perverted sex cult calls the police in the attempt to harass a lawful protester.
  • Parents bring their children to see the two sexual deviants, although many parents have complained that the sexual deviants’ cult has harmed their children.
  • Cult recruiter Alina Janssen manipulates two friends into helping defend the Sajady sex cult. Janssen joins a long line of unethical cult lawbreakers, posting supportive comments on Sajady’s social media without identifying herself as an employee.
  • Sajady cult recruiter alleged prostitute Flerida Todorovski appears, apparently flown in by the bankrupt Sajady organization for no reason other than to help recruit for the sexual deviants’ cult.  Like Fei Zhou, Todorovski has aggressively harassed whistleblowers on social media, attempting to get all information about her support of the Sajady and Zhou cult banned.
  • Notice is given verbally to the cult members and leaders to cease and desist their defamation of the whistleblowers.
  • Thank you to Tanster for her outfitting me for protests!

Pippi Doe Brings her Two Teenage Daughters to See Pervert Sajady

Pippi Doe was one of the cult members who came out when cult called the police on Sunday, September 22, 2019. Pippi has brought her two teenage daughters to be groped by Sajady several times, and has brainwashed her daughters that this pervert is safe.

Here is Pippi Doe being confronted about supporting the Sajady-Zhou cult. She has been confronted at other Sajady and Zhou cult events.

September 20, 2019.

Here is Pippi Doe bringing her children to be groped by Sajady, despite being warned.

September 22, 2019


Here is Pippi Doe being confronted on leaving the Sajady cult event. The video ends before Pippi had her two daughters do a saucy dance, attempting to deny the information they were being told.

September 22, 2019

Pokey Doe Defends Sajady and Brings a Toddler to be Groped by Him

This woman happily defended Sajady as she was leaving and brought a small child to be preyed upon by him.

Juanita Doe:  Weaponized Cult Member

After bringing her children to be groped by Sajady, this woman came out of the church like a hornet, tried to grab my phone, and get in an altercation with me.  It’s not too hard to see who is demonically possessed.

The clip of her conduct is at the end of the below video. The funny thing is that her children were actually looking at me and making eye contact — listening to what I was saying.

Video also posted at:

Alina Janssen Gropes Sajdy

Cult employee Alina Janssen is happy to comfort sex pervert Sajady and even defends him to the police (see above video).

Barbie Doe

Barbie sat in front of the church for much of the day and did her best to help run interference so cult members would not be warned. Here she is comforting pervert Sajady — who has played them all that he is some kind of victim.

Here’s Barbie trying to play Sajady’s victim card to the skeptical police.

Mohamed Doe

This appears to be a relative of Sajady, probably his nephew. Mohamed has supported Sajady’s anti-Semitic agenda and harassed me while protesting, spraying a sound horn at me. You can see the police officer is trying not to laugh.

Flerida “Medium” Todorovski”

Flerida Todorovski acted like an online sex-worker in her video interview with Sajady. However, she went highly assaultive at that interpretation and was very desperate to get any videos about her banned off Youtube. Todorovski used profanity to defend the Sajady cult that day.

Helga and Melbert Doe

These two actively defended Sajady to me. Helga denied Sajady is demonic — she clearly has not done her research, as Sajady has admitted he is.


Kitti Teso & Spencer Eddy Again Bring their Children to Pervert Sajady

Warning them on the way in, which they completely disregard.

Warning them on the way out, again wholly disregarded.

Teso and Eddy brought their children to be groped by Sajady a few months earlier.

They also brought their children in July 2019.

Mother Brings her Child to See Sex Pervert Mas Sajady & Prostitute Fei Zhou

Here is another mother being confronted about bringing her children to a perverted con man.

Police Called Again While Protesting Sexual Deviants Fei Zhou & Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady’s Cult Recruiters Include Prostitute Fei Zhou, Alleged Prostitute Flerida Todorovski, and Alina Janssen, who Prostitutes her Integrity to the Cult

Giving Notice to Mas Sajady, alleged mistress/demonic prostitute Fei Zhou, and Cult Members to Cease and Desist Defamation of Whistleblowers

Giving Notice to Sajady Cult Recruiters Flerida Todorovski and Alina  Janssen to Cease and Desist Defamation of Whistleblowers

Giving Notice to Sajady Cult Servant and LHSC President Gary Perisian Cease and Desist Defamation of Whistleblowers

 Neighbor Complains about Protesting Sexual Deviant’s Cult

Thank You to Tanster!

And thank you to Tanster for outfitting me for my protests! Tanster makes rainbow-inspired art. Rainbows for rainbows’ sake, not for any political purpose. Visit Tanster’s webpage to shop!