Warning! Salon Zen Promotes Con Man Mas Sajady!

Salon Zen was warned about Mas Sajady, but they continued to host him.

Salon Zen was warned about Mas Sajady, but they continued to host him.  Most expo hosts are more driven by money than integrity. They are happy to jeopardize their customers as long as they make money. You must do your own research and protect yourself spiritually.

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Many promoters have made a decision to discontinue their association with Sajady.  But Salon Zen still promoted him despite being warned.

The Salon Zen expo organizers lack discretion and the willingness to heed warnings in who they are promoting to the public.

Sajady has no longer appeared there recently. However, expo organizers have not warned the public about him, retracted their promotion of him, or done anything to help any customers affected by Sajady and Zhou’s black magic.

Mas Sajady is worse than just being a sleazy scammer. Mas Sajady admires Hitler, encourages suicide, works with demons, lies, is surrounded by pedophilia.   Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei “Fay” Zhou even post alleged pedophile symbols.

Sajady is a relationship failure who was divorced by his wife amid allegations of numerous affairs.  Sajady also appears to be under investigation. Sajady and Zhou have aggressively gone after whistlelblowers, suing them to take away their free speech in two failed lawsuits.

We have heard from many former clients. They have told us about a multitude of complaints due to Mas Sajady’s black magic, including:

Protect yourself! Mas Sajady is a committed liar and does not work with God or the Light. He is a false prophet working for the dark side.  Mas Sajady lies to everyone he can to get ahold of their money and soul!

Please visit the above links for more information.

We are researching information for a class action lawsuit against Mas Sajady. If you are a dissatisfied client, we would like to speak with you.

Thank you.

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Sajady is no fabulous guru with miraculous powers. In fact the video below shows documented proof that his life is a mess.

This video plays Mas Sajady’s statements regarding his black magic:  Mas Sajady Admits He Works with Dark Sources, also known as Demons.

Mas Sajady also has porn stars promoting him, information about this is discussed in this video:  Porn Stars Gail Thackray & Bridgetta Tomarchio Peddle Mas Sajady, Hitler Student