Fei Zhou Markets herself as a “Concubine” aka Prostitute in Chinese

Sajady cult employee Fei Zhou is one of Sajady’s alleged mistresses.  Zhou is instrumental in running Sajady’s scam.

Fei Xuan Zhou sells herself as a concubine aka prostitute on her website, which has a dominatrix title www.youbehave.com.  (Zhou later changed the domain name to “In darkness and light.”)

Like Mas Sajady, Fei Zhou is notorious for manipulating and conning others to do her bidding.  Church president Gary Perisian hotly denied the below pictures were of Fei Zhou, and accused whistleblowers of lying.  However, in addition to the fact that the pictures look like Zhou, they were posted by Zhou’s supposed ex-husband, and the first picture below has a comment that says, “I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF FEI.”

Gary Perisian does appear to be Fei Zhou’s “slave b*****.”  The term “slave b*****” is believed to originate from Sajady himself.  Sajady and Zhou’s employee Kaille Padgett used the term publicly, referring to whistleblowers of their scam as “slave b*****.”  Sajady and Zhou have never condemned her comments.

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If you translate the Chinese figures to the left of Zhou you find they actually mean “concubine.”


Top Character – 轩

  • This character is above those circled in blue. It means Xuan in Chinese, which Fei Zhou’s middle name. The version Zhou uses is the traditional way to write the character.


Bottom Characters – 嫔妃 or 嫔妾 or 妃子

  • The characters circled in blue mean FeiZi in Chinese, which means concubine in ancient China.

So Fei Zhou has combined these symbols to create: Xuan FeiZi, Xuan Concubine, a pun on her name, Fei Xuan Zhou.



However, marketing herself as a prostitute doesn’t stop Zhou from denying to the police she’s as prostitute. This was at a September 2019 event of Sajady’s at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community where they called the police to complain about a protester.

Here is the entire 8 minute clip of Zhou and Sajady complaining to the police.

And prostitute Fei Zhou is preying upon children with pervert Mas Sajady, thanks to crooked church president Gary Perisian.  Public be warned.

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