Spiritual Fraud Lynn Woodland Defends Corrupt LHSC President Gary Perisian — Lynn Woodland Reviews

Lynn Woodland leads spiritual events in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  She sells an online “Miracles Course”, and markets herself as “an international teacher and potential human expert with a decades-long career in transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing, and mind-body psychology.”  Woodland has been associated with the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community on and off for many years.

However, it appears that Lynn Woodland is little more than a spiritual fraud.  She lacks discernment, promotes corruption, and is unwilling to do her research and look at the facts. Lynn Woodland was warned about the corruption at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community — yet she continues to endorse LHSC’s crooked church president, Gary Perisian.


Here is a review of LHSC posted on the Google maps page, warning the public about Perisian.  Perisian does things like engineering votes to consolidate power in his hands; counting the collection alone in violation of church policy; continuing to promote perverted scammer couple Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou, who prey upon children in the sanctuary of LHSC.  Sajady and Zhou post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing, have ties to pedophilia, encourage drug use, suicide, and anti-Semitism.



Yet that all appears to be fine with Lynn Woodland, who responded by defending crooked Perisian.  Despite the facts and the warning that there was something amiss, Woodland gave Perisian a blanket endorsement. Lynn Woodland agrees with corruption and is happy to enable it.  Lynn Woodland has an ideology that enables and supports crooks.

It’s not too hard to come to the conclusion that Lynn Woodland is a spiritual fraud.

We welcome retractions, but it appears Lynn Woodland is still happy to endorse fraud and be linked to alleged pedophile symbols.

Spend your money, and those donations that she sucks out of people ,somewhere else.