Spiritual Rape Allegations of Incubus Mas Sajady: Spiritual Sexual Assault

Many women have come forward saying they have felt spiritually raped and violated by sex guru Mas Sajady.  Women have also come forward about experiencing telepathic love fraud with Mas Sajady.

Mas Sajady is an incubus:  He is a sexual demon that preys upon women via the spiritual dimensions.  His handler Fei “Fay” Zhou promotes his perverted agenda, which targets not only women, but also children.

Their demonic sexual predation is perpetrated through a variety of tactics:

  • Sajady and Zhou focus on sexual subjects and host events like online masturbation sessions as a pretext to gain consent;
  • During his online meditations, Sajady routinely uses sexual language and focuses on the erogenous zones of his primarily female customers;
  • Sajady uses covert hypnosis, where his sexual intent can be implanted to suggestible minds;
  • Sajady approaches women sexually through the spiritual dimensions, in a form of love fraud;
  • In person Sajady gropes women sexually and speaks seductively to hook their sexual energy.

The goal is to con the women into dropping their defenses and giving consent to Sajady.  Then they can be spiritually sexually assaulted, and their energy harvested by Sajady and his demonic system.

What follows are comments about spiritual sexual assault we have received from former Mas Sajady customers.

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Spiritually Raped by Sajady’s Demons:  “I was raped for energy non-stop by his beings during and after the sensual frequency clinic”

This former Sajady customer recounts how she felt spiritually raped by Sajady and his demonic system after one of his online sex clinics.

“He did something on Passion and I pretty much orgasmed.”

“A daddy who raped me for everything I had to give”

Sajady “Hooked into my sexual energy”

A woman who was touched by Sajady at an event said that Sajady hooked into her sexual energy while groping her.  If Sajady is doing this to adult women, what is to stop him from doing it to children, who are unable to verbalize their experience? Sajady has specifically hosted events targeting children — and he has also groped them in a sexual fashion.  Sajady has ties to pedophilia and posts alleged pedophile symbols — he should be nowhere near children.

Here is Sajady groping a young girl at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, courtesy of corrupt church president Gary Perisian

kid Girl white shirt hips grope use.jpg

This video shows Sajady groping another young girl in a sexual fashion at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, and even groaning like he’s sexually aroused.

Video also posted at:

Sajady “Activating my sex chakra and using my energy”

This anonymous comment posted November 4, 2016, describes Sajady spiritually preying upon her sexually.  This is spiritual rape.

“Hi everyone, I am one of the Mas Sajady’s victims too. I’ve been with him for about two years and always felt hypnotized and drawn to him. “I wanted to stop working with him but I could not. I spent lots of money but had no results and felt worse than when I started. I can feel his energy in my field constantly and it’s like he is looking through me. He is activating my sex chakra and using my energy. I am always tired and in pain and became lost and isolated. Everything goes wrong in my life.”

Lynda Austin continues to back Sajady & LHSCs Gary Perisian.

U.K. Customer:  Sajady Sexually Approaching her in Meditation

This woman emailed me, discussing how Sajady sexually approached her in meditation:

“In the meditation, then, it got a bit strange, where it was like he was trying to get a bit sexual with me.”

Sajady’s Energy Sexually Comes at Woman in her 60s

A former customer who called me told me about a friend of hers in her sixties. When this friend was at a Sajady event in Sedona, that night her friend felt Sajady’s energy coming into her room and trying to have sex with her.  When she returned home to California it continued until she was able to stop it. (Below photo is not the same woman.)

Sajady’s Sexual Energy Hooks Witnessed in Client Tanster

Tanster was a Sajady client who also acted as a photographer. Tanster was ensnared by Sajady’s telepathic love fraud, believing Sajady to be his twin flame. By going into his system and coming out and talking about it — her experience has served to help systembust his dark system.

I had done some remote healing on Tanster, and clairvoyantly saw the sexual energy hooks Sajady had in Tanster.  Sajady had implanted her with sexual control devices, to access her sexuality, so he could tap the upper dimensions through her sexuality. This is not real sexuality — it is a fake, manufactured version, intended to take advantage of someone. Mas Sajady taps many women’s souls sexually and uses them, whether they are conscious of it or not. He is attempting to set up a sex slave society.

About an hour later after pulling Tanster away from Sajady, I received a call from her, who I had never met. Tanster said she had felt what had happened as she was pulled away.

Tanster has posted much of her experience on her Facebook page and at her new website www.thetanster.com.

Sajady Having Spiritual Sex with and/or Raping Dead Souls

In 2015 a Sajady customer was feeling her deceased cousin’s presence, so she asked Sajady to check on her cousin.  Sajady’s response suggested that he had spiritual sex with her cousin and/or raped her, saying he “gave her the feeling of physical love.”   Sajady also suggested he found her attractive, and claimed the cousin was “ecstatic”, which suggests orgasm.  But there’s no reason to believe anything Sajady says. He’s a spiritual predator and a pathological liar.

“She misses physical love. So I gave her the feeling of physical love. She’s says she’s ecstatic now. She can move on. And she wasn’t a bad looking woman.” 

Sajady Preys Upon Mid-Section

This former customer recounts how she felt uncomfortable with Sajady going after her mid-section:

“Here’s another thing he would do that would make people vulnerable. He would make you open up your mid-section during the meditations, by guiding us to do that. It didn’t seem right to me, I thought that’s like giving someone access to your soul.”

 – Former customer

In addition to preying upon people’s mid-sections, Sajady also preys upon women’s groins. In one of his free meditations, which target women, he mentions the “groin” area a half dozen times.

“About 2 weeks after letting him work on me I began having menstrual issues.”

As part of his creepy agenda, Sajady pretends he can address women’s issues:  Menstrual issues, menopause, sexual assault.  This former Sajady customer said she never had menstrual issues — until Mas Sajady personally worked on her.

Vaginal Implants

Multiple women have reported experiencing genital or vaginal irritation while on Sajady’s program.  Clarivoyants have reported that these are etheric implants placed in women by Sajady’s system. The implants are designed to create irritation in the woman’s body, so as to inhibit sexual experience.  If the demonic system behind Sajady cannot gain consent to harvest a woman’s sexual energy, then it wants to block her sexual energy entirely.

The implants appear to originate from Nazi technology.  Like Teal Swan, Sajady has paid homage to Hitler, and his entire fraud appears to be little more than another Nazi attempt to enslave humanity.

Sajady “Duplicates”

Mas Sajady claims he has “duplicates” that can “help” people.  However, Sajady is avowedly demonic.  These are just demonic entities that work with him. This person describes her experience with a duplicate of Sajady preying upon her after she communicated with Sajady via Twitter:

“That night I saw an angel that looked like Mas come into my bed and try to get me sexually excited by grabbing my breasts… I woke up and it was actually a demon of sorts that feeds.  When ‘Mas’ appears to you, it is not the true Mas, it’s a demon that uses the image of Mas to feed on women as sexual energy.”

Sajady “Duplicate”:  Energy Entered her Bedroom and Wanted to Rape her

Another former client described a Sajady “duplicate” trying to rape her friend:

“I know my friend had an issue one night with one entering her bedroom and wanting to have sex with her without her permission.”

Sajady “Duplicate”: “Something entering my bedroom … in a sexual way.”

This woman describes Sajady’s duplicate approaching her sexually:

“I did the Mas 21- day program from 2013-2015 off and on. I a few issues with something entering my bedroom at night ( his duplicate) in a sexual way. I only had a few private phone sessions. I attended a one day event near my area and his reading didn’t seem really clear or accurate later. I went on and off the program for another two years thinking there would be change in finances. Things are pretty much the same financially, no increase in income. I realized later they I was being pulled back on his program and didn’t understand why. I lost energy and have less life force after doing his program. My soul light dimmed and I don’t have the interest in anything. I ended up with memory problems and I am in the alternative health field. He did help me with a neck issue. I would say he does not really deliver “the 360 degrees of abundance” he talks about.”      — M.

kid Girl long brown hair pubic grope.jpg
Minor girl being groped by Sajady.

Sajady’s Fake Dreams:  Nazi Dream Technology

In addition to experiencing Sajady’s energy trying to approach or rape them sexually while they were conscious, many Sajady customers have reported having sexual dreams involving Sajady.  Some women haven’t remembered these dreams, but have been told by other psychics that they happened.

How to Tell if You’ve had a Fake Dream

One way to tell if you’ve had a fake dream is first to evaluate if it is contains some type of disturbing content.  It could be sexual, like Sajady customers have describe; it could be indicating disaster or death.  If so, the purpose of the dream could be to manipulate you into giving consent, into gaining a spiritual contract to harm you.  Refuse consent to anything that does not feel right, and also protect your spiritual contracts.

Secondly, fake dreams are created in a different part of the brain from normal dreams. Fake dreams use a conscious part of the brain. So when you awaken, you clearly remember the dream like it was something you did an hour ago.  You are remembering the dream from your conscious mind.  If you think about most of your normal dreams — either you don’t remember them or they are typically very fleeting, not like remembering  something an hour ago.

The Nazis Didn’t Lose — They Went Underground

Fake dream technology is suspected to come from the Nazis.  Whistleblowers have said the Nazis had very advanced technology, and dusted the Whitehouse with UFOs in 1952 to coerce the U.S. into agreement with them.

Sajady has paid homage to Hitler — which is a red flag indicating his loyalty to the Nazis.  It is likely that Sajady’s claimed second near death experience (NDE) was actually the Nazis blackmailing him to be an agent for their agenda, using advanced technology to create the fake NDE.

Former Sajady customer “Maya” says she was that was nearly killed by Sajady’s demonic energy, and had a real NDE.  She says she was shown that the Nazis were behind Sajady’s system during her NDE. You can read her story here.

kid Emme sister look alike 223.jpg
Minor girl.

Fake Dream: “I quit listening after I had a very inappropriate dream about him.”

Fortunately this potential victim left at the first sign something was wrong.

Inception Dream: “Mas appeared, he kissed me and welcomed me in.”

This former client  describes having a fake dream involving Sajady:

“I had the most perfect dream, Mas appeared, he kissed me and welcomed me in. I heard beings which I thought were angels speaking telling me to go with him. They said ‘this is your new boyfriend…’ “

The former client also describes her friend falling into sexual fantasy with Sajady, and her own experience of being made to orgasm while in a dream state by Sajady and/or the demonic system behind him.

Fake Dream:  “I dreamt he wanted  me to have an affair with him.”

Another former Sajady client contacted us, telling us that the night she found the websites exposing Sajady, she had a sexual dream about him, preying upon her.

Sajady Believed to Masturbate during Online Masturbation Clinics

Former clients have spoken of  hearing what sounded like sex noises in the background during Sajady’s “medihealings.”  These clients say they have also clairvoyantly seen that Sajady was masturbating during his online meditations and masturbation clinics. The purpose of this, besides satisfying his own perversions, was to sexually hook into women’s energy to rape their souls.

A public call to Mas Sajady to end his spiritual rape of women.

Apparent Physical Rape While on Sajady’s Program

A Sajady client called in to one of his online call in shows.  This woman appears to have been raped while on his program. This would be no coincidence, given that Sajady is part of a demonic system and allegedly spiritually rapes women. His system sets these horrific assaults up.

The client says she had asked him a few years prior to help — however his “help” appears to have sent her another rape.

November 2017 Global Healing aka Harm


Caller: When it reached a really dangerous point a couple years back, I had asked about these individuals in particular. I think they were kind of dark. I don’t know how to explain it. Dark I think [ inaudible] they changed something Satanic.

MS: I would say, let’s just say their bark is worse than their bite. ‘Kay they’re not really dark dark dark individuals or ruthless individuals. Umm and let’s just say that you basically never get hurt from this pattern. It’s not a pattern of, it’s a pattern of running away, basically, and being fearful. It’s not a pattern of getting stabbed, abused, you know raped, whatever it is by these people. Alright? If you look at the scenario.

Caller: Okay

MS: So again once this pattern again breaks, you’ll see that this situation starts to resolve. If that makes sense to you.

Caller [becoming distressed]: Okay umm I guess I’m just a little confused, cause there was an assault that happened, so now that it’s happening again, like ..

MS: Alright, was it a bad assault? It doesn’t seem…

Caller: I was sedated in my apartment and something was done to me.

MS [sotto voce]: There was something done to you okay.

Caller: I know you had worked on it before.

MS: Oh so I can’t read you. So maybe that’s why. Yeah if I’ve worked on you before maybe that’s why I can’t read that. So I’m not as accurate, so that meaning of that, and I can’t even go back to see if there was something, which is actually good because those files have been deleted. So okay again if I’ve worked on you before maybe that’s why it doesn’t look as bad as it was ‘cause again you’ve healed from that space, if that makes sense to you.

Caller: Yeah, yeah . I’m just very worried it could result the same way this time.

MS: And you haven’t fully recovered.

Caller: I’m just very worried it could result the same way this time.

MS: Ummmmm yeahhhh. Uhh alright. So again I can’t guarantee anything, so just be mindful or be careful. But again as say patterns break ‘kay there’s a crescendo. ‘Kay? So as this crescendo, or kind of like the end of a play you know where everything just comes up right? And breaks apart. So as again this pattern releases umm you might feel it one last time from what I’m seeing it and it’ll break apart. So and I don’t see any abuse or anything like that in the future for you. Again it’s up to the pattern coming up, breaking apart one last time…. However from what I’m seeing there are might be some bad dreams coming through.


And those dreams that Sajady mentions — are likely sent by his dark system as a way of attempting to gain consent from the woman for more assaults to happen.  More info here about protecting your spiritual contracts.

More photos of Sajady groping women and children here.


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