Student of Hitler – Mas Sajady & Fei Zhou’s Antisemitic Cult

Mas Sajady and his handler and self-described prostitute Fei Zhou are running an anti-Semitic cult:

  • Sajady has said he “studied” Hitler; in that same interview Sajady says the host can “delete this part if you want.”
  • Sajady expressed admiration for Hitler’s “ability to connect”;
  • Sajady cited Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”;
  • Sajady has condoned Hitler’s crimes;
  • Sajady routinely refers to Hitler, and he displays a working knowledge of Hitler’s modus operandi: Hitler’s use of “group consciousness”, how Hitler got people to surrender power to him, Hitler’s mechanism of breaking people down, etc.
  • Sajady has promoted the “New World Order”, which was part of Hitler’s agenda.
  • Worst of all — Sajady and Zhou churn out anti-Semitic clients.

Sajady will claim that he has Jewish friends, and that means he is not anti-Semitic. However, Sajady preys upon Jewish people just as he preys upon others. He manipulates people into accepting and condoning Hitler.

The below videos show Sajady cult members making anti-Semitic comments in conjunction with Sajady events.  They have clearly been influenced by Sajady to deny Hitler’s atrocities.



Mas Sajady is a self-professed student of Hitler

In an interview currently posted on the Knowledge for Men site, Mas Sajady says at the 33:40 mark:

“I studied Adolf Hitler.”

Sajady is a student of Hitler, not a historian. He is not studying Hitler for academic reasons — he’s studying Hitler for his modus operandi: To use Hitler’s diabolical techniquews in his anti-Semitic new age cult that preys upon Jewish people, women, children, vulnerable adults, and others.

In the interview Sajady goes on to extol Hitler’s “strength”, and his “ability to connect.” The fact is Hitler created an enemy he vilified to gain more power and to unite people against. Hitler viciously repressed any opposition. This is what Sajady admires in Hitler.

Note at the end of this interview Sajady tells the host, “You can delete this part.” Too late now Mas Sajady.



MS: And this sounds kind of strange, but umm, I studied Adolf Hitler. Not to say not for his atrocities that he did. But how did he, say, connect to so many people? Right?  If he would have used that strength to transform people in a good way, imagine how powerful, or how say fantastic this world could have been. Right? So that ability to connect. So I studied a little about him.
Host: So looking at it like as his ability to influence, that was a skill he obviously had, his ability to influence others. But obviously what he did with it wasn’t the best to do.

MS: No not at all. Not at all. And again you can delete this part if you want.


Host: What do you think is an underrated characteristic, an underrated characteristic that you believe that everybody should work on?
Mas Sajady: Is being selfish.


In Sajady’s interview posted on the Knowledge for Men site, Sajady cites Hitler’s biography as an “influential book.” Sajady not only states this during the interview, it is posted on the page. Sajady also recommends the biography of alleged pedophile Michael Jackson.

The Knowlege for Men page is archived here:


Mas Sajady Condones Hitler’s Crimes

A former Sajady client recounts Sajady condoning Hitler’s atrocities:  “I’ve also heard him say that all Hitler would have to do to get away with his crimes is awaken at the last minutes and he’d be fine.”


More Anti-Semitic Comments from a Student

The below video plays more statements condoning Hitler’s atrocities. The statements were made entering a cult event.



Mas Sajady Routinely Demonstrates Familiarity with Hitler’s Modus Operandi

Mas Sajady routinely mentions Hitler, displaying his familiarity with Hitler’s modus operandi. Here is one example.

Mas Sajady: A negative mastermind, what you’re thinking of is, say, gang mentality, right, where those individuals who are in a gang they’re forced to do certain things. And even if they’re not in a gang anymore, right, they’re trying to pull away from it, right, they still say are controlled by the gang. This is where the gurus, this where alot of, say, the negative mastermind works. So you know there’s a mastermind in everything that we do. You know group consciousness, right? Look at Hitler. That was group consciousness as well.


Mas Sajady Demonstrates Knowledge of how Hitler Broke People Down

Here is another example of Sajady displaying familiarity with Hitler’s modus operandi.

Mas Sajady: Most people, say, who get sucked, right, into these cults, at an internal level, they’re not, say, strong enough to understand. And by internal I mean at a spiritual level.. You aren’t say strong enough to withstand that separation from anybody else….


Mas Sajady: The army does it all the time. They break you down, they break down all those new individuals that come in. I mean just break them down, some of the stuff that they go through, physically, mentally, emotionally, they just destroy them. Then it’s an efficient way to build them back up they way they want them. Killing Machine. If you look at that pattern and study it, you’ll see that pattern. Hitler used it. You know, ashrams use it. Religions use it. Spiritual movements, you know, because people are moving away from religion, so there’s, say a whole breed of spirituality that’s coming in. And it’s not, it’s not a freeing spirituality really. It really isn’t, it’s just another form of binding you. So that’s what’s, there’s going to be alot of impostors by the way.


Mas Sajady Demonstrates Knowledge of How Hitler Got People to Surrender Power to Him

Not only does Mas Sajady routinely mention various forms of Hitler’s modus operandi — he demonstrates himself using it. Here Mas Sajady recounts Hitler’s playbook in controlling the masses, ticking off trait after trait of mind control and fascist systems. A few minutes later he applies the same techniques to his followers.



Crystal Fambrini: How can you discern between the truth and a lie, whether you are getting sucked into a cult?

Mas Sajady:

  1. “If they always expect things from you.”
  2. “They isolate you from family and loved ones.”
  3. “They’ll make you feel weak and inconsequential.”
  4. “They’ll start telling you … you’re too dumb, cause you don’t know the grandness of what’s out there. You’re too dumb, so we should take care of it for you. Then you just leave, or assign all your powers to us. Hitler’s used it, the US government uses it … Why would anybody give up, you know, their powers? People do it all the time. It’s like it makes it easier. It’s like it’s easier for us to do it because we understand it, we’ve been doing it long enough, blah blah blah. And then you go, Oh okay, you trust them, right?”
  5. “They start undermining your confidence in you. And again for some individuals it might just take a few days. For some it might take longer. They start undermining your confidence so you give up more and more power and control for you.”
  6. “They make you feel secure being in that cult or group, religion, whatever it might be.”
  7. “They start, say, holding onto you and saying don’t listen to anybody outside of us. We are the only one that you should listen to.”
  8. “You start handing over your power. Do only what say because we know what’s right for you, and what’s good for you. Anything, any intentions, or any, say, negativity about what we’re doing, it’s just like, whatever’s coming up for you – that’s the old stuff for you, your old habits, right?”
  9. “They start, well, pulling away your resources that you have physically. So alot of cults you start handing money to them.”


Mas Sajady Then Uses the Same Cult Tactics he Describes: Blame and Isolation

In the notes above, Mas Sajady recounts the isolation tactics used by mind control systems: “They start, say, holding onto you and saying don’t listen to anybody outside of us. We are the only one that you should listen to.”

He also recounts the blame tactics used so the people being mind controlled would blame themselves: “Anything, any intentions, or any, say, negativity about what we’re doing, it’s just like, whatever’s coming up for you – that’s the old stuff for you, your old habits, right?”
Then minutes later he uses the same exact tactics — advising his devotees to isolate themselves from others and blaming them for what his dark system is doing.


Mas Sajady: You go to other healers… Say I work on an work on an individual, right, they start to become enlightened or good things start happening to them, as things wash away they feel stronger and so on. They can’t get an appt with me. So they go another healer or whoever…They come back to me and I go, ‘Oh, you’ve kind of got, kind of slid backwards, some of your old patterns are coming in.’  They go, ‘Yeah I went to another healer.’ …they thought they could help. Again guys, you get alot of people connecting with you, whether they’re healers, psychics, or even just your friends…. they’re not there, say, to really help you. They’re there because they see the brilliance in you and they want to latch onto you… They want to connect with you so they can suck the life out of you… You back to a church group, they’ll suck you in… They’ll make you feel like you shouldn’t be with anybody else.


Sajady Uses Nazi Mind Control Tactic of Intermittent Kindness

Intermittent kindness is a tactic of alternating kindness with cruelty. It bonds someone to you out of their vulnerability, and keeps them under your control. Tanster witnessed Sajady use this tactic with his employee and alleged mistress Fei Xuan Zhou.


Mas Sajady Uses Nazi Tactics of Silencing the Opposition

Like Hitler, Mas Sajady has moved to silence the opposition. Sajady has filed two failed lawsuits against women who are exposing him. Sajady and alleged mistress/handler Fei Zhou sued former client Tanster for exposing him. Their intimidation attempt failed after they never responded to Tanster’s countersuit.

Sajady tried to sue me, even getting a gag order that lasted 6 months. But I defeated Sajady in court, with the judge ruling heavily in my favor. In fact the judge cited a case used by Sajady’s lawyer — in my defense. Here is an excerpt of the judge’s order citing the Polinsky case, which was originally cited by Sajady’s lawyer.

This former Sajady client compares him to Hitler — a weak person who relies on parasiting off others to appear larger than he is.

The Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou’s cult acts alot like Hitler did.

Mas Sajady Worships Hitler’s “New World Order”

Hitler advocated for the New World Order in 1941, and Sajady has recently put out a video promoting the New World Order.  The below video contains his statements.




In addition to his fixation with mass murderer Hitler, Sajady has a fixation with death.  He glorifies death, calling it “beautiful” and “euphoric.”  He has expressed fascination for human sacrifices.  He encourages suicide, he admits his black magic kills people, and there are many deaths surrounding him.
Below are a few more elements of Sajady’s fascination with death. You can read more here:  Death Cult.
Condoning Hitler’s atrocities is one aspect of the Sajady-Zhou death cult, which glorifies death in many ways. Tanster heard Mas Sajady condone someone being shot:

“On the cruise the cult leader was doing a panel discussion. Another lady on the panel had been shot by a serial killer as a child. A lot of people felt sympathy for her but the cult leader took the mic and told the crowd that the serial killer deserved a medal for shooting her because that’s what she needed to awaken. Yeah, everyone was pretty surprised at that.”


Mas Sajady condoned the woman being shot on his “Podcast 75: Post-Election Game Plan”:

Mas Sajady: “I was on a panel on the cruise. It was a panel of near-death individuals. One individual, she got her gifts by somebody shooting her….”

  • Source: “Podcast 75: Post-Election Game Plan”
  • Listen to the excerpt here:
  • Excerpt includes: Mas Sajady’s statements about working with dark sources, souls that sell themselves, souls that are consumed by the dark side, and about the woman being shot.  Mas Sajady company link: (statement at 1:06:05 on the Iteleseminar link)
  • Company version also at Itunes. (Time points are different on this recording.)

Mas Sajady says it was a Good Experience Watching Someone Die

Another version of Sajady’s death fixation can be seen in his taking pleasure in death. A man died in an accident near Sajady, from his description it sounded like he was cliff jumping. Sajady described it as “beautiful.”

“I had individual who died close to, not close to me, but close proximity to me. A tragic situation, but it was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen again because time stands still.”

Former client Tanster remembers Mas talking about this death:

“Back when I listened to the cult leader I remember him saying something about the time he saw someone die doing one of the dangerous things he loved to brag about doing (it may have been bungee jumping). He said it was a good experience watching that guy die because it ‘really put him in the present moment.'” — Tanster

Mas Sajady Expresses Fascination with Human Sacrifice

Sajady has expressed fascination with human sacrifice. Given his fixation with death and his avowed demonic nature — it would be highly likely he’s been to ritual Satanic human sacrifices.

“When I ended up in his presence during a cruise last October he didn’t have much nice to say and I found it peculiar he kept returning to the twin subjects of Peru and human sacrifice.

I’m ultra squeamish and I tried to block him out while he talked about where they put the skulls and the bodies and the different sorts of people who got murdered. It seemed like the only subject that genuinely interested him. Otherwise he seemed barely capable of tolerating any of us.”