Tracy Sajady’s Complicity in Mas Sajady’s Fraud

Perhaps Tracy Sajady will strike a new direction in the future, but for years she has enabled her derelict husband, giving in to him rather than doing what was right. She had suspicions of infidelity and other major issues, but didn’t take responsible action for many years.  Instead she chose to stay in her fantasy world and have more children.  Below is a photo from June 2016, Tracy would file for divorce five months later.

Tracy has apparently not objected to Sajady using their children to promote his fraud, while they were married and after. Sajady routinely posts his children in his business marketing, to deceive the public that he is some kind of wholesome father that can be trusted.



Tracy Sajady tagged her husband in the below August 2016 post, but Sajady failed to respond; instead changing his profile name from Masood Sajady to Mas Sajady in the attempt to avoid the post altogether.



In 2014 Tracy Sajady bought the pandering of her husband’s alleged mistress Jane Sibbett.  Alleged mistress Fei Zhou helped Sajady con  his wife for years as well.

Sajady paraded most, if not all ,of his alleged affairs right under Tracy’s nose.  This 2014 post by Jane Sibbett appears to be referring to his alleged harem at the time of Jane, Tracy, Fei, and Sonya Sheik.

Tracy Sajady had professional photos taken in August 2011.  This was at a time when Sajady mysteriously plunked down $400,000 in cash to buy a house, when two years earlier he walked away from a million-dollar mortgage, telling a judge he was bankrupt, and was sued by his bankruptcy trustee for lying.

In the photos, Sajady’s teenage daughter strikes sex-kitten type poses.  And Mas Sajady’s body language in the below photo is telling:  He is backed away from his wife, his midsection arched away from hers, and it looks like he’s thinking: “I’d rather be at an orgy.”



In 2010 when she was pregnant with twins in a difficult pregnancy — Sajady made her go out and get a job to get health benefits.  And she did. The below excerpt from Tracy’s blog talks about her difficult pregnancy and moving to Chicago to get health benefits. (Archived here.)

Meanwhile unemployed Sajady stayed home and did nothing to bring in an income, instead claiming to be bankrupt. He was so bankrupt he stowed away over 400K from alleged mortgage fraud, and bought a house with it 2 years later.



Tracy bore a surrogate child for Sajady’s sister, which was covered in the City Pages. Apparently his idea of repaying her kindness was to run around with numerous alleged mistresses.

City Pages Article:  Pregnant Pause 

City Pages Article:  Reporter’s Notebook – Surrogacy



Here’s Tracy Sajady posting a supportive comment about Sajady’s “Jesus necklace” tchotchke in 2011.



In 2009 when the Sajadys were being foreclosed on, Tracy Sajady signed an affidavit saying she had never been served. However, the lender produced an Affidavit of Service signed 6 months earlier, saying he had served Tracy Sajady.

The judge basically called Tracy Sajady a liar, saying:

“The court found from the bench that the affidavit of the process server was more credible than the affidavit of Tracy Sajady.”

It appears that Tracy Sajady simply does what Mas Sajady tells her to do without thinking. If Tracy Sajady hadn’t always just done what her husband told her to without thinking, she wouldn’t be in the position she is today.

Below is the server’s affidavit.  



When I went to warn the neighbors about Mas Sajady, Sajady threw a fit and ended up filing a restraining order on me.  Apparently a small, unarmed woman is quite a threat to a big macho guy like Mas Sajady.  Not only did dirty cop Eric Kittelson and Sajady lie in the attached police report — so did Tracy Sajady. It appears that Tracy Sajady has lied once again at her husband’s instruction.

Tracy Sajady signed a restraining order application littered with lies. The most notorious lie she signed in agreement with was Sajady’s statement that I had “sexually assaulted” him.

Tracy Sajady also violated the restraining order application she signed.

In May 2017 after the the first hearing contesting Sajady’s gag order — Tracy Sajady approached me out in the parking lot. She drove up to me and a friend as we were leaving, driving a large black Cadillac SUV.  Tracy Sajady had signed a restraining order saying I couldn’t go near her — and now she was outright violating it.  I was with a friend, and Tracy tried to wave the friend away with a sense of pompousness. However, I wasn’t going to talk to her without a witness.

Tracy said, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” So she supported our speaking out. But then why did she put her name on a restraining order that was used to bar my free speech?  Why hadn’t she taken her name off it?  Mas Sajady may have instructed her do sign it, but Tracy Sajady of her own free will signed it. She is an adult responsible for her actions.

With my friend still standing beside me, I told Tracy Sajady I felt the children needed to be protected from Mas Sajady. And Tracy responded:  “Well he’s their father.” As though that entitled him to have unfettered access to do whatever he wanted to them because “he’s their father.”

For years Tracy Sajady has enabled her derelict husband, giving in to him rather than doing what was right, and this appears to have been no different:  Tracy Sajady lied to a police officer and apparently signed a restraining order at her husband’s instruction; and she has knowingly let a pervert with ties to pedophilia, a sex pervert, a pathological liar, an alleged cheater who she divorced — have access to her children.

Tracy Sajady has truly failed her own children by not protecting them around a pervert and a prostitute.

It’s not too hard to see who a restraining order is truly needed for.



Apparently Mas Sajady’s claims to be a miracle worker haven’t helped those closest to him.  A month after finalizing their divorce,  Tracy Sajady expressed a litany of health complaints:

– On 12 prescription drugs
– Neuropathy
– Fibromyalgia
– Bedridden with pain
– Brain fog
– Depression
– Chronic migraines
– Sleeping 16 hours a day/

Tracy was profiting off Mas Sajady’s black magic — and it appears she paid for it in the end. I bet Sajady also shafted her financially through their divorce.