Was George Floyd a Death Sacrifice Called in by Mas Sajady?

Mas Sajady has been lurking at the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis several times now, posting about it on social media. Sajady pretends he’s there to “help.”  

However, Sajady is avowedly demonic, takes pleasure in death, and even admits his black magic kills people.  There has been a cloud of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding him.

Was George Floyd a death sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady to pay his demons?

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Mas Sajady is an demonic conman, posing as a spiritual leader. Mas Sajady claims he was gifted with magical abilities in 2006. However, his “magic” appears to be little more than black magic, as Sajady has admitted he works with demons, “I have dark sources that help me, they keep me safe.” Sajady has even offered his demons to the public: “They’ll even help you along.”

In 2012 Sajady’s cult picked up self-described prostitute Fei Zhou, who is believed to do witchcraft. In 2018 Flerida Todorovski began recruiting for the cult.

Mas Sajady takes pleasure in gruesome death, calling it “beautiful.”

Mas Sajady has bragged that the black magic he does causes people to “cross over faster.”

Helping someone “cross over faster”, whether they want to or not, is murder. By his own description, Mas Sajady is a murderer.

There has been a cloud of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady, including deaths of family members, clients, relatives of employees, neighbors, strangers and even pets.

Mas Sajady routinely attempts to promote himself via the deaths of others, making posts, podcasts and videos claiming some kind of expertise in their deaths. Is this because he has a hand in their deaths? This includes the deaths of Prince, Justine Damond, George Floyd, and others. These high-profile tragic deaths are among many suspected death sacrifices called in by Mas Sajady in order to pay his demons, you know, the ones who “keep him safe.”

Let’s review the evidence.


Minister Sajady Glorifies Death

Self-proclaimed minister Mas Sajady takes pleasure in death, and praises death to anyone who will listen. For example:

  • In the same sanctuary Justine Damond preached, Mas Sajady praised gruesome death, using terms ”beauty”, “joy”, and “grace.” Justine Damond was shot by the Minneapolis police, and is is believed to be a Sajady death sacrifice.
  • Sajady described an extreme sport death that happened in close proximity to him as “beautiful.” This death is believed to be another death sacrifice.
  • Sajady routinely encourages suicide to the followers of his cult. He has congratulated them for being suicidal, he has told them being suicidal is “a good thing by the way.” Sajady even called death “euphoric” to a suicidal follower.
  • Mas Sajady has expressed fascination with ritual human sacrifice, as recounted an eyewtiness “It seemed like the only subject that genuinely interested him.”
  • Sajady has expressed admiration for mass murderer Hitler and condoned Hitler’s crimes.

In many ways Mas Sajady glorifies death. Is this because he wants to convince people to become death sacrifices for him?


Alleged Mysterious Deaths Surrounding Sajady

There are many alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady. This includes deaths of:

  1. Customers & their loved ones
  2. Employees & their loved ones
  3. Lake Harriet Spiritual Community attendees
  4. Relatives
  5. Neighbors
  6. Strangers and even pets.


1. Deaths Among Customers & Their Loved Ones

In the first category, there are many mysterious deaths among customers of Sajady and their loved ones.

Lets look at the death of Debby Constantino, who hosted the Ghost Adventures show with her husband Mark. On August 8, 2015,  Debby was assaulted and nearly strangled to death by her husband Mark and daughter Raquel. The important point I want to emphasize here is that one week prior to Debby being assaulted, a client of Mas Sajady had asked Sajady to remotely work on Debby, thinking this would help her.

But what Sajady does is drive black magic into every situation, making things worse. And indeed,things got worse.

About six weeks later, Mark Constantino killed Debby and her roommate as part of at three-person murder-suicide.

Also dead is a relative of another Sajady client. Her sister had asked Sajady to work on her remotely. Soon after Jami took her life.

And another death: This man was a vulnerable adult who Sajady drove over the edge with his pro-death ideology. Matthew took his life May 15, 2017.

These are just a few of the many deaths of clients.


2. Deaths Among Employee Kaille Padgett

There have been many deaths of people and pets posted on the Facebook page of Sajady employee, Kaille Padgett, during the time she has worked for him. Padgett has viciously defended the Sajady cult, calling his whistleblowers profantities and threatening them.

I made this video about Padgett, and she was desperate to get this video censored off Youtube.

The video examines the deaths in her midst and asks the question: Were these death sacrifices called in by Sajady?

I made the video in January 2018. This video was a warning to her. Her father died 9 months later. We suspect this is another Mas Sajady death sacrifice.

Padgett may practice witchcraft herself. If you listen to her voice her in this clip she posted about finding mice in her house, she doesn’t exactly sound like a fairy godmother.


3. Deaths Among Attendees of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC)

There are many known deaths connected to the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community since 2009, when Mas Sajady claims he started “healing” people. Sajady has been billed as a “resident speaker” there from around 2014-19, but his dark system has been known to affect people many years before they meet him. Note that the deaths include 2 board members and 2 speakers. One of those speakers was Justine Damond. Her fiance Don Damond was on the board as well.

Atheist church president Gary Perisian has demonstrated a deep commitment to serving the dark agenda by recklessly continuing to promote and defend black magic Sajady.


4. Deaths Among Relatives of Sajady

Five of Sajady’s relatives died during the time period he claims he has had magical powers.


5. Deaths Among Neighbors of Sajady

2015-2019 saw a rash of murders, suicides, and deaths among Mas Sajady’s neighbors. In particular, there were three murder-suicides, including that of a mother who killed her six-year-old son along with herself; a father who killed his wife and three kids then himself; and millionaire Irwin Jacbos, who killed his wife with himself. There was also Prince’s death and a teenager who committed suicide by cop.

Chanhassen is a relatively quiet community, and has never seen so much murder and death

Sajady had anchored his demonic system in his neighborhood. It needed to be uprooted and his neighbors needed to be warned.

That is why I paid a visit to his turf.


6. Deaths Among Strangers

The last category of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady includes strangers. For example, there was a rash of suicides at his kids school in 2015-16, and a rash of suicides at his nephews and nieces school in 2011. This was in Anoka county where Sajady grew up and much of his family still lives. The rash of suicides in Anoka County was covered by the New York Times.

The above video shows maps of Anoka county, and the locations of Sajady family homes. What happens is the demonic system behind Sajady sends out its demonic energy through him like a virus to anyone – family members, friends, strangers. And it would go out from them, without their conscious knowing, to try to extract death and disaster sacrifices. Sajady appears to have no conscience about using his own family to victimize others.

The strangers category also includes police shootings of Philando Castile and George Floyd. And many people have reported deaths of pets while participating on Sajady’s “program.”

That then is a short summary of the many alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Mas Sajady.


Was George Floyd a Death Sacrifice Called in by Sajady?

Mas Sajady has visited the George Floyd memorial four times in the span of a few days.

Sajady pretends he’s there to help people, insinuating himself into the community. But meanwhile he’s making numerous posts to promote himself off the death of George Floyd.

Is this a criminal returning to the scene of a crime?

Sajady takes pleasure in death, admits his black magic kills people, has a cloud of many alleged mysterious deaths surrounding him.

Was George Floyd a death sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady to feed his demons?

Clairvoyants say that that’s what is going on.

I would like to see a statistical analysis of a typical death rate compared to these particular years and areas where we have tracked these deaths.


Is Sajady Calling in More Death Sacrifices?

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Minneapolis has seen shootings skyrocket.. There have been as many shootings in the first three weeks after George Floyd’s death as the previous 5 months:

Although increased violence has occurred in the wake of other riots, in this case, is Mas Sajady dropping by to call in more death and disaster sacrifices to feed his demons?


Divine Protection

You may not be aware, but there is a very nefarious spiritual war going on. The dark agenda has been in control of the planet and made the rules for a long time.

Death sacrifices have never been necessary. But many times, in order for God to have the right to exist on the planet, the dark agenda has demanded death.

However, that is changing with each and every person who incarnates on the planet to help shift the tide.

What you can do to protect yourself and your family is daily connection to your Higher Power.

Secondly, you can protect your Spiritual Contracts.