Was Justine Damond a Death Sacrifice Called in by Black Magic Mas Sajady?

Justine Damond is believed to be yet another death sacrifice linked to demonic guru Mas Sajady.  There are many alleged mysterious deaths connected to Sajady and the church that Justine Damond spoke at, the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. This church is run by corrupt president Gary Perisian, who insists on continuing to promote Mas Sajady.

Mas Sajady and his handler Fei Zhou are running a death cult that seeks to drive people to their deaths.  It is believed Sajady is seeking death sacrifices to pay his debts to the dark side:

  1. Sajady is admittedly demonic
  2. Sajady glorifies death and then encourages suicide to his followers,
  3. Sajady has expressed fascination for human sacrifice,
  4. Sajady has expressed admiration for Hitler,
  5. Sajady has actually admitted he is killing people, saying people “cross over faster” because of him.
  6. There are many deaths of Sajady clients. 

Below is a clip from September 21, 2019, where whistleblower Theresa Nygard confronts Sajady about Justine Damond being one of his black magic death sacrifices. At approximately the 2:55 mark Sajady sneaks up from the left, he is wearing a red shirt. The original Periscope video has a wider angle and you can view Sajady better.

Sajady’s teenage daughter walks in after him, wearing floral pants.  Sajady continues to enslave his children in his death cult.